Watching Journey of an African Colony on @netflix and whew... quite a reminder that even as their cousins were wiping out the indigenous and enslaving Africans in the Americas, European empires were carving up Africa and trading the unstolen African indigenous like playing cards.
This quote from one of the co-conspirators from 1890 is something else...
For context, around the time of that quote, the descendants of the stolen Africans in the U.S. were battling domestic terrorism designed to roll back the Civil War, Plessy vs Ferguson established Jim Crow, and the “new immigrants” were engaged in labor strikes in American cities.
But Africa remained, to the European colonial empires, good only for plundering its resources, land and human bodies. No different from their attitudes toward the Americas, Australia, India and Malaysia, etc. History is shocking and often dispiriting, but so informative.
Oh! And there was also a depression. And keep in mind this was pre-Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps... or child labor laws ... so people were just left to their own devices (the conservative ideal at work!)
Also learning about this villain here: Frederick Lugard, whose name is scattered all over Nigeria in street names and public buildings, and who brought death, underdevelopment and segregation to the put-together country Great Britain claimed to own.…
Apparently his wife came up with the name “Nigeria,” which shares the same Latin root as “Negro” and the word we emphemise as “the N word.” My father’s country and “Rhodesia” eventually unburdened themselves of those names. Perhaps Nigeria will too one day? Any insider thoughts!

• • •

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23 Nov
Black voters have always been considered Public Enemy Number One for the white nationalist right, no matter which political party it has used as its host body. This was true from the moment this country was founded, rooted in the notion that no Black person was fit to vote.
It's no surprise at all that the white nationalist Republican president, just like the old Dixiecrats did, is looking to specifically exclude Black votes as de-facto "fraudulent" in order to steal an election, plow over our multi-racial democracy and salt the earth to keep power.
But here's the thing: we see y'all. We see you in Georgia, where the same @KLoeffler who's trying to befoul the name of @ReverendWarnock will be scooting up to the door of Ebenezer Baptist Church on MLK Day asking to speak, if she wins on January 5th.…
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21 Nov
A really important point by @emptywheel is that Trump apologists are using the fact that people noticed, probed and objected to the Kremlin’s interference in the 2016 election and Trump’s ongoing furtherance of Putin’s agenda as an excuse for why he needn’t accept Biden’s win.
They ignore the fact that despite these core challenges to Trump’s legitimacy, he was immediately accepted by the Democratic Party — whose candidate won 3 million more votes — as president. It’s no one’s fault but Trump’s that he got himself impeached.
Trump got impeached because he has a penchant for criminal, corrupt, thuggish behavior ... which is also why 80 million wise voters said “Hell no” to collapsing our democracy with four more years of mass death, cruelty, racism, planet and alliance destruction and autocracy.
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21 Nov
The baseline corruption of the two Republican Georgia Senators makes the fact that it's even a close race that much more shocking. But then again, people re-elected @LindseyGrahamSC and @senatemajldr McConnell and that Iowa lady who doesn't even know the price of corn.
And yet... it just boggles the mind that this stuff is just out here, and some folks are still like yeah, put them back in to prevent Biden and Harris from giving people healthcare and so Democrats don't pass a covid stimulus bill...…
You'd think virus profiteering would be bottom-line disqualifying, even in the deep south...…
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20 Nov
As tiny cracks begin to form in the Republican wall of silent obedience to Trump...
By the way, I give Republicans zero credit for simply, belatedly admitting that Trump should accept he lost the election and stop trying to destroy our democracy. That's the absolute bare minimum performance of citizenship and freaking math. And by the way, where's Mitch?
Mitt is from Utah. The scrapings of a skinned knee could get elected Senator there as long as they're Republican. He's super rich, and not in the "damn, I owe how much and the IRS knows my addy?" sense that Trump is. Trump can't touch him. That it took him this long is the story.
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19 Nov
The sickness is not just in Trump. It runs throughout the party... here’s Vice President Mike Pence downplaying the reporting of the rampant death and hospitalization rates in this country as “crying wolf...”…
The sickness is shared... no one who even entertains Trumpism is safe from it... not even a once-legendary neurosurgeon...…
People on Twitter are nicknaming coronavirus the “Trump virus.” But that term could also be applied to what’s afflicting the Republican Party writ large; this craving for authoritarianism and minority rule, monarchical subservience and wild lust for conspiracy theories & gurus.
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18 Nov
It's striking that the people bellowing the loudest about masks taking away their freedom are those affluent enough to do midday shopping runs to the mall or eat out at restaurants. The selfishness, lack of concern for frontline workers and "me, me, me!" of it all is galling.
And since wearing a mask is less to keep you from GETTING covid and more to stop you SPREADING it, these people twisting "my body, my choice" into a slogan for their selfishness are in essence declaring a God-given right to sicken other people, possibly to death. That's enraging.
They are aggressively declaring their right to make you sick. Or to make exhausted doctors, nurses and orderlies tend to them at the risk of their own lives when they, through their own carelessness, get sick. That to them is true freedom. Unbloodybelievable.
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