At some point u have to ask yourself a question.

Who's side are u on?

The man who says he's a woman bcs he watched sissy bor p0rn? Or the African Feminist?

The pple sending JKR p0rn on a children's thread or JKR?

Lesbians? Or the men demanding sex & attraction from lesbians?
Are u on the side of the pple protesting outside a woman's shelter? Harrassing it's occupants? Nailing a rat to the door?

Or the women inside?

Are u on the side of young girls who need sex segregation in primary school?

Or the grown men who want to pLaY wItH tHeIr gEnDeR
Who's side are u on?

The men calling black women men? Calling us ugly black beasts with front holes?

Or black women?

• • •

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22 Nov
I didn't wanna use this example but.

... Remember that film 'The Help'? Remember the main source of conflict?

Black Maids being dehumanised and forced to use seperate outside bathrooms instead of the inside ones?

Why did the yt women do that? Bcs they where afraid of BW?
Why did Hilly do that? Why did she insist that the black women they employed use seperate bathrooms than their white employers?

Were these yt women genuinely afraid that the same women they employed to raise their children, largely unsupervised, would abuse them in the bathroom?
Did they think that these black women.

Same women who cooked and prepared their food. Cared for their elderly (Hilly's mother) and took care of their children.

Would do violent and or abusive things to them, the white women, in a place like the bathroom?
Read 4 tweets
22 Nov
Famous black women and girls in cornrows.

Lookong cute, sweet, feminine and delicate. A thread.
Adut Aketch and Rihanna.
Normani and Keke Palmer.
Read 6 tweets
21 Nov
Black girls wearing glasses.

A thread.
I know that wearing glasses is not a fashion statement, and the pple that do but don't have eye problems are pretentious.
But goddamn. The black girls with vision issues LOOK SO GOOD! (pun intended)
Read 5 tweets
20 Nov
If Zimbabwe really does decide to lower the age of marraige from 16 yrs (which is already unacceptable by the way) to 12 yrs old, it's going to be 12 year old GIRLS sent to marry ADULT MEN.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that boys will still be allowed their childhood.
While 12 yr old girls will have all the responsibilities of wife hood thrust apon them. Raped routinely by their "husbands" and birth their babies, boys will be learning their Times table & the difference between a verb and a noun.

Boys will keep their innocence. Girls will not.
And that right there is sex based oppression.

Young girls are going to be oppressed. Abused. Sexually exploited. Robbed of their education and bodily autonomy. By the ADULT MEN they will be forced to marry all while boys are playing football during lunch breaks.
Read 5 tweets
19 Nov
I don't really take "trans rights" seriously is bcs they don't seem to take themselves seriously.

They claim we're their oppressors & yet they fully expect us the "oppressors" to become their saviours.

Their "work" begins & ends with them speaking. Where do else do u see that?
Think abt it like this. What other rights movements and orgs speak and do nothing to improve their own situations?

Speaking is only abt 10% of the job.

Feminists believe in free sanitary items for all women & girls but do they JUST speak in it and do nothing else?
No. They create organisations to help solve this problem in whatever way they can.

They host fundraisers raising awareness abt the situation and money to buy sanitary pads for those of us who simply can't afford.

We teach and talk abt feminine hygiene.

It's not all talk.
Read 8 tweets
18 Nov
Yes Miles Morales had the "exaggerated swagger" of a black teen

It's why I love him.

I love the little things that make him so DIFFERENT from Peter

I love the cool & urban poses he makes when he jumps off a building or swings from his webs

The style of movement is so distinct
Remember the show "avatar the last Airbender" on nickelodeon?

Remember how the different styles of bending where based off real martial arts styles?

How the long flowy movements of the waterbending style where based off Tai chi.

How smoothly they'd glide thru their movements?
How in contrast the earth benders would fist their hands, stomp the ground and stand in firm poses?

It was that style of movement that showed u the difference in movement and style between benders.

The "cool" and just "Black" way Miles move reminds me of that.
Read 5 tweets

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