A #Portugal Court just ruled it ILLEGAL to do Quarantine or #Lockdowns on a #COVID19 PCR test bec' the results are INVALID.
-can NOT Detect a Live Virus
-can NOT Detect an infection
-a Positive DOES NOT mean you are infected nor were, nor will be.
-#COVID19 PCR test amplification cycles to boost up the amount of detectable molecules of "the virus" are supposed to be set to 25. Even #Fauci has been on TV saying "anything over 25 is INVALID as it will pick up practically anything after that" #CDC set them to 40!! CRIMINAL
-A PCR test also is ONLY picking up FRAGMENTS, MOLECULES. Do you know what a molecule is? NOT A VIRUS. It's only part of one, OR something else
-This can be Neucleotides, as Fauci said as well & not the virus, setting off false positives. No one talks about Nucleotides tho 🤦‍♂️
-A PCR test ALSO has HUMAN DNA in the 11 primers. 1 is HUMAN DNA. So its IMPOSSIBLE to not get false positives. There will NEVER be "No cases" as they are LYING that we need to get to. This is DELIBERATE & CRIMINAL.
-a PCR test, since it detects MOLECULES, NOT a virus, can NOT possibly be detecting A VIRUS. If it's a molecule, it's a FRAGMENT. Therefore the virus would have to be DEAD, in PIECES, in order for it to be detected. So, you have NO WAY to detect a virus with a PCR.
-EVEN IF the molecules it picked up were part of a virus at some point, which is DEAD now, to have this in your nose IS PERFECTLY NORMAL. You breathe all kinds of pollution & dust & bacteria & SH*T into your nose & NONE of it infects you with anything. a MOLECULE can't infect
-There is no guarantee that it's a virus-piece-molecule.
-A piece can NOT harm you IN ANY WAY nor infect you, EVER
-A piece in your nose does NOT mean you are nor were nor will be infected
-A piece might be human DNA or Nucleotides or other things.
-This testing is a FRAUD.

• • •

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24 Nov
Let me share some frustrating things about being a Breakthrough CleanEnergy Tech Startup Founder & Innovator. For instance the endless throngs of mental Zombies we have to deal with... oh God.

Typical: Guy hits me up snarling in Egomaniacal attack
he continues.... "I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU DO, ITS A SCAM I JUST KNOW IT!" ...... and of course the innovator is wondering why the hell God cursed our earth with people like this.... 😑😑😑🤦‍♂️

yeah, so BORING these kinds of people. Totally BORING.
Obviously never met an innovator in his life. Never met a mechanic, never met an electrician, never met an inventor, hates Nikola Tesla, has zero manners, doesn't believe technology exists as he types on the newest model of it that's already been obsoleted 50 different ways..
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24 Nov
#Breaking #BreakingNews
#Dominion #EricCoomer EXPLAINS HOW TO ALTER VOTES IN THER SYSTEM& CHANGE Votes to #VoterFraud & FRAUD #Audits
-He ALSO said to staff “Don’t worry about the #election #Trump’s not gonna win I made f**king sure of that!”
-VP of US Engineering
-We handle everything REMOTELY doing ADJUDICATION
-The network drops everything to a CENTRAL DROP LOCATION where MULTIPLE TEAMS of ppl CHANGE votes based on "Voter Intent" (or other things!)
-A tool for AUDITS
-"Risk limiting audits" (yeah, limiting the risk to #Dominion)
-They are selling this to the Candidates & officials, showing them A. how they can FRAUD an election & B. How Domination can both #VoterFraud the #election (where NO ONE is looking, nor will EVER have access)
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24 Nov
#Breaking #BreakingNews
#ESAndS Who's done over 77,000 #Elections installed REMOTE PC ACCESS on devices allowing FULL CONTROL to CHANGE #VoterFraud for 12 YEARS AT LEAST. RAN FROM Congress When asked!
-Admitted to Congress that the company installed remote-access software on election-management systems it sold
-#ESAndS LIED to reporters & "FactFraudsters" Leftist "FactCheckers" Like Snopes
-They claimed that none of the salespeople knew about this, it was kept secret from
-They Avoided (Like Criminals Do) questions by reporters & news & magazine & tech outlets
-The company told Congress it stopped installing pcAnywhere on systems in December 2007, LYING TO CONGRESS & then CONTINUING ANYWAY through AT LEAST 2012, for a 12 YEARS PERIOD
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24 Nov
I have just solved the design for a new #Elections system way more efficient than current, which can be done remotely, safe from man in middle attacks, zero paper, zero mailing, with Voter verification who they voted for, 100% transparency but also provides privacy Image
-Okay I've got it, THE SOLUTION.
-I know this works also as I have already designed a similar solution for Institutional Level Bank-Grade security for international remote transactions. It's not something running, it's a design, but it's complete & will work & I can teach it.
-If I teach it to Top Computer Engineers they will know immediately that it will work also based on my design parameters
-There are examples like this already running in PARTIAL form, & when we put these PARTS together, they will work in concert in this full system for success
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23 Nov
YAYY!!! Lets all play #SuperMarioVotes with #EdwardSolomon! He shows in detail on a simple spreadsheet (Like I did & many others) how they EASILY FRAUD the elections & races & why they are distributing votes across different counties & how they are running it centrally. BOING! 🍄
Centrally when they are running the elections, this shows how they regularly access the counts, add votes across precincts based on a pre-desired end vote tally (why Edison led the ending totals by an ENTIRE DAY) & they fill in over time. It's all calculated beforehand!
So obviously how they run the management of this is very easy. I could do it all day & probably better than they can. (Oh I'm SURE 100% on this one!!!)
Pre-run elections (they have 2 years to practice for #America & do this all over the world so it's VERY well practiced 4 them
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23 Nov
US #Elections commission enjoys playing #SuperMarioVotes too! Why? "Because NONE of their staff are computer engineers & all of our hired technical staff were very busy. We hired a lawyer & he went back to his home town to make his money & the rest is history. Our Manager? Gone!"
-No Managers
-No Executive Director
-No Computer Engineers.
-No Technical support staff.
-High School Students masquerading as "Electronics Support Specialists" w' youtube videos how to hack the machines & brainwashed to Nevertrump, Antifa & Blm Far-Left Wing Radical Extremism
-Missing USB control Devices
-No Supervision
-Blocking out the watchers
-Zero access to the machines by independents nor investigators
-No source code with the government, EVER, in 20 YEARS of these machines, a first for all IT&IP in National history
-Hackable via phones.
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