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Some Thoughts on Trump and Trumpism, and the Way Forward, From a Conservative Who Always Detested Him

Some of my Twitter followers have stuck around with me since my first Twitter account, years ago.

You may recall that my Twitter handle in those days was @b_ofrights .

Trump was the reason I actually jumped on Twitter in the first place.

I had been calling out and confronting Russian trolls on Disqus. The Disqus administrators were generally not too skilled at determining who the trolls were, it turns out.

Those were interesting times.

I would have direct conversations with the trolls and, quite often,

they wouldn't hide what they were.

It was fascinating, talking directly with Russian trolls. One of them even taught me how to get around Disqus' profanity filters by transliterating Cyrillic characters with similar-looking roman characters.

By 2015, I had a pretty decent understanding of Trump's Russian mob connections and I began publishing articles about that and the patterns of information warfare I was witnessing, on my website.

You might recall this one:


After Trump was elected (I voted for Evan McMullen), I continued the fight, often going after the most destructive personalities in the Information War...phony opposition.

So let's take a step back for a second...

We succeeded, after four years of Trump, in voting him out.

That was a success.

But my perspective on how successful we have been in countering information warfare are not nearly as rosy.

Going back to the topic of phony opposition, many or most of these characters continued to rise in prominence in the media,

and continue to do so today.

Indeed, Trump became their meal ticket.

The mainstream media, in their partisan coverage of Trump, be it Fox or MSNBC or CNN, etc, never really embraced the core concepts necessary to understand the machinations of information warfare...

Specifically, the media never embraced the idea that our enemies seek to divide and conquer by way of playing both sides against each other, by manipulating provocateurs on both sides of the political spectrum.

Indeed, had the media understood this dynamic, which a Twitter friend of mine years ago coined "Gaming Horseshoe Theory", we would be much further along in combatting information warfare.

My own life underwent a sort of metamorphosis.

Early on, in my obsession to understand and analyze disinformation and the tactics of information warfare, I found that I had to divorce myself from my own very partisan inclinations.

The primary goal of this information war has been to drive a wedge between Americans...to create off the charts polarization.

This is where I feel I have failed the most.
For those of you who've followed me through the years, a handful of you have experienced that moment...

You know what I'm talking about if you've experienced it...the moment when you saw the pattern of the far left and far right working together...the moment when it clicked and you saw the ugliness of "Gamed Horseshoe Theory".

I really wish the media had experienced this awakening.

Instead, what ensued is that opposition to Trump became a wholly partisan endeavor.

Here we are, in 2020.

We have defeated Trump. But I am worried for the future.

I am concerned, because the road ahead is filled with phony opposition and political polarization.

And I feel like we have learned very little about where we are and how we got here.

Because of phony opposition, such as Greg Palast and his super-secret Mike Farb account (eyeroll), and others, people chased their tails looking for voter fraud to explain Trump's rise to the presidency.

What people missed was a rising tide of discontent and a general disconnect from their fellow Americans.

How did Trump get elected?

"Only a racist would vote for Trump"

"Trump voters are wife-beaters and pedophiles"


When we look at the 2020 elections, objectively, I think we generally all agree that the so-called "Blue Wave" never really came.

In fact, in Congress, Dems actually lost ground.

Even though he lost, Trump actually gained African American and Hispanic voters.

A handful of experts...most of all, @20committee , warned us about this from the beginning.

The issue was never Trump, per se, but a growing tide of discontent in Middle America, increasingly ignored by the "cultural elite".

Speaking as a conservative who doesn't like Trump, I still speak to dozens of Trump voters.

Most of them are just average Americans. They're not waving around Confederate flags.

They're concerned about their 401ks.

Or they're worried about their neighborhoods getting burnt down, because they live near AppState, and there have been a few demonstrations here, although so far calmly conducted.

Both sides have been made out to be monsters.

That's how we got played.

That's why each side hates each other so much.

The point is...both sides have a reason for believing what they believe.

We need to get to a point where we can listen to each other again.

So why am I so worried, now that Trump is out?

1) I am worried because the Justice Democrats are going to do their best to take over the Democratic party.

If they do, the divide will only grow. I don't even want to think about where that road leads.

2) I am worried because I suspect that the Democratic party establishment will interpret the results as confirmation of their current overall appeal, and not as a referendum on Trump.

3) I am worried that Democrats will remain angry at their counterparts on the right, who subjected them to four years of Trump, which will not allow Democrats to shift their campaign strategies as needed, in 2022 and 2024.

4) I am worried that phony opposition, such as Sarah Kendzior, Malcolm Nance, Naveed Jamali, and a handful of others, will continue to infect the minds of policymakers, only contributing to the problems we already have.

And here's the part no one wants to hear...

Trump may be gone, but Trumpism (or at least the Populist Nationalism that it represents) is here to stay.

The DOJ is not going to shut down the GOP.

GOP will recycle Trumpism in 2022 and 2024, just without Trump...because it's a winner.

So the left will need to adjust their strategy, understanding that the race politics of the Justice Dems falls right into the GOP's hands.

Finally, now that Trump will be leaving office soon and Biden assuming office, there will be very little incentive to clean out the subversive riff-raff, who have already begun inserting themselves into Biden's administration.


Only right-wingers will write about the subversive scumbags in the administration, so it will be ignored.

Anyway, the only way to resolve these issues is to somehow get a dialogue back, between left and right.



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