Okay folks we’ve flipped it. But now let’s blow it out of the water. We know our President isn’t going to concede, because this isn’t just about who is going to be the President for the next 4 years. This is about exposing the corruption that has infiltrated our elections.
Biden himself said it.

Biden: We Have Put Together The Most Extensive And Inclusive Voter Fraud Organization In The History Of American Politics

Joe Biden even told his voters “I don’t need you to get me elected.”

Even long time democrat families like De Blasio’s daughter talk about how Biden was able to steal the election. Freud would have a field day.

“Joe Biden was able to steal…steal no, was able to win,”
Like it or not, we are on the battlefield. Dems have been fighting and attacking for 4 years already. But we have not yet picked up arms to defend our country against them. We have followed the contract we have with of our Constitution.
We abide by the laws and subject ourself to them because of the protections guaranteed by our Constitution. But the Constitution becomes just a piece of paper without the legislative branch making laws that adhere to it.....
...without the executive branch enforcing the laws and upholding the Constitution, and without the judicial branch ensuring that the laws passed meet constitutional muster and that the Constitution is followed. They all work independently but are be held together as well.
Elections are the keystone that holds all other pieces of country together. We elect our leaders to the Legislative and Executive branches and together they appoint the Judicial branch.

What happens when the process by which we elect our leaders is broken and we don’t trust it?
When the keystone is broken the structure crumbles. If we do not trust the process for electing our leaders, our leaders then become untrustworthy. The three equal branches are out of whack and chaos ensues as the government is unstable.
How long then before we no longer voluntarily subject ourselves to the governmental control. We did so before because in doing so our rights and freedoms were protected. But why subject yourselves to arbitrary rules when you have no guarantees to your rights and freedoms.
I said before the 2016 election that I did not know if our country would survive another election. With all the election integrity issues we were all ready experiencing I asked what happens when the majority of the people do not trust/accept the outcome of the election?
Well we are about to find out. Our country crumbles without elections people can trust and accept. When they can trust the election process, they know that they can change it in 4 years. They accept it win or lose because that’s part of the contract in the Constitution.
But with election processes that cannot be trusted, it won’t matter because you have no true voice in the process . If the process is rigged waiting 4 years to participate in another rigged process seems pointless and moronic.
Look at what we say when a 3rd world dictator wins their “fair election” cough cough choke choke. No - we aren’t a third world dictatorship. Our elections just look like theirs.
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23 Oct 18
@BackroomPolitic dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6…. Another caravan is headed towards us. And that’s not a Honduras flag they are carrying either.
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12 Aug 18

Mr. Perry posted a series of clips from #Charlottsville.

I’m reposting them in a series to present them in an unrolled thread for easier progression viewing.

This is the first.

Still not much activity from any “white nationalist”.

Doesn’t say much about who Big John is other than he’s a local.
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7 Jul 18
@realDonaldTrump @RyanAFournier @LisaMei62 @PoliticalShort @BreitbartNews @dbongino @AP @ScottPresler @LauraLoomer @KTHopkins #fakenews

Check out @cnn and their latest outright lie.

They took a picture of the Thames from a Jan @DailyMailUK article and claim it’s Kentucky.
They’ve updated their story now. They removed the picture saying they misidentified it. How do you misidentify a picture from another country and another hemisphere? It’s not even another river in Kentucky.
Did their reporter visit the site, take a pic and get it mixed up with a picture from the DailyMail by accident and then label it Kentucky or did they just goggle for a picture of a plastic strewn shore? Please help me understand by what process it could have been mislabeled.
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14 Jun 18
What is obvious is things were still being covered up then.

What is still being kept from us? This wasn’t just redacted, which would indicate that at least there was something there. This was a manipulation which completely removed a any indication that a response existed.
Why should you be concerned about this? Because you are being manipulated and the truth is being hidden. You would have no way of even knowing it was missing. I have retrieved text messages from a phone before. All the information is retrieved and ordered by the threads.
I have also redacted sections of privileged information in discovery. It doesn’t hide the fact that something was there. It merely says that information is being withheld unless a judge or someone says it must be provided.
It can be misleading, like when they redacted “lures”
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2 Feb 18
The Democrats have established their platform and they are working it. It may not seem like much but we all know hate is a powerful motivator. So we cannot become complacent. We must get down to business and ready for midterms. “What do we need to do you say?” Glad you asked. 1
2 Ready your #2018Election network by adding #MAGA voters. Mad Dog has this wonderful #TrumpTrain already up and running. Keep retweeting (RT) it weekly. Check under the RTs and follow those folks. #Followback (FB) people who have followed you.
3 Don’t get hung up if someone hasn’t followed you back. It could be they have simply missed you (speaking from experience). They could be stuck at the twitter bottleneck. There are a number of innocent reasons. Your time is more valuable. #2018Elections
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31 Jan 18
There is one BIG glaring difference Jerry, @SenFeinstein chose to unilaterally leak the classified transcript, without the legal authority to do so. This memo is not being leaked. It went through the process to be legally declassified. #ReleaseThe Memo
Ask yourself who else do you know who unilaterally leaked classified information they themselves were charged with protecting? Most recently there was Reality Winner who was arrested and is currently facing prosecution for releasing classified documents.

#ReleaseThe Memo
Isn’t that what Snowdan is wanted for and is currently hiding in Russia for?

Oh yes and there was Chelsea Manning who was prosecuted and found guilty of releasing classified material as well.

#ReleaseThe Memo
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