Message 11/22/2020
1. Driving to the ocean I didn’t have to think to tune into the angels when I saw a torrential downfall of rain drops. These raindrops were medium blue in color and were falling rapidly to earth. I heard this image represents cleansing and purifying frequencies that are now being
2.concentrated in our energy fields in order to prepare for the light event that will result in our liberation. All will be ready at this time I hear. The second image I see is a white diamond that begins to spin very quickly in the shape of a circle. This represent the energy of
3. cellular programming that is currently erasing our memory of the darkness, removing shadow energy from the operating manual of humanity. We are being reprogrammed in the light as darkness is essentially kicked off the planet. The third image I am shown is of a male
4. angel who is concentrating his view on a large off white circular structure that is made of stone/marble. I asked for clarification as to what he was engaged in doing as I saw him watch this object move slowly in a straight line. I heard this represented the motion of
5. the dematerialization of humanity. This angel was in charge of charting and assisting in the movement of humanity along their spiritual progression. He watches as humanity decloaks
their fragmented energy fields and emerge into their light bodies. As I arrive close to shore
6. I see an image of Sitting Bull. He is present in spirit to oversee the progression of balance being brought to the natural world as humanity remembers the sacredness of life on earth. He symbolically offers a peace pipe as he too is part of a confederation of star nations
7. to help change the energy of earth to a planet of peace. Sitting by the ocean I feel sadness being lifted off of earth. This energy, attributed to the ways of the darkness, must be removed before light is restored in its full glory. Tuning into the energy I hear,“ Ah yes, we
8. are here with you hovering above the sky watching, waiting for the liberation of humanity to the light. We are here measuring closely the frequency of the collective and it is nearly breaking our calibration recorders! We are in awe of your progress. This is a very emotional
9. process for us to watch! It is like a parent watching a child take their first step and the next thing they know their child is off to college. This is how we feel. We have watched you grow spiritually and know you are ready to graduate to your next level of progression, this
10. is so good! We will still be available 365 24/7, but as you will see you will be requiring less of our assistance as your light will be so bright. Then the fun of exploration can begin! We see there are still many who are by their own accord wrapped in the drama of the world.
11.We ask those of you reading these messages continue to be role models to the ones who are struggling. Stand firm in your spiritual integrity, your truth of knowing you are a divine child of light. With your free will consciousness, if you choose, be a beacon of light and love
12. to others. Do not judge. Do not criticize. Stand with a great energy of love like the master Christ. Emanate this love and light to others who are suffering. If you are able, turn the other cheek to their negativity. This does not mean to be a doormat and allow others to be
13. unkind to you. It means whenever possible do not engage in low vibrational exchanges, be the rock on the shore and stand in your spiritual integrity. Be the lighthouse that is there illuminating the path of righteousness in times of turbulence.
14. Yet amidst the turbulence, we see the hearts of humanity blossoming like a field of roses blooming in the desert. We suggest it may be good for you to surround yourself with the energy of roses, rose oil, rose quartz, or the flowers themselves. Roses vibrate at the energy
15. of love. Fill yourself with love, Fill yourself with kindness as you are a perfect blossom from the heart of the Creator. Know your worth and your great value to humanity by simply being here as part of the liberation of planet earth. So many feel they are not contributing
16. and feel they wish to do more. We say yes you are contributing just by being here. If you wish to do more we ask that you work on raising your frequency by learning to love the self and be kind to the self, you see? Too many of you spend too much time finding faults
17. within yourself and others. Look for goodness. Look for the crowned jewel of the Creator in yourself and others. Learn to live from your heart. This is the answer to the all of the troubles in the world; the heart energy, the pulse of creation that flows through each human
18. through the earth and through the universe. Extend kindness, love, joy and peace to yourself and to others. Learn to focus on these things and your life will be filled with love and happiness. In this way you are lifting the vibration of your life and the planet, you see?
19. You will be doing more good and contributing in more ways than you can imagine. Your acts do not have to be broadcast publically to do good. There are so many who work behind the scenes without their names or faces ever being shown who are literally moving mountains
20. on earth to bring the light in. You, by standing in your spiritual integrity, & resonating love & light into planet earth, are transforming the world in the process. We are so proud of our human family as you progress forward in your ascension in miraculously wonderful ways.
21. We are here in the sky above sending you so much love in frequencies and blessings, blessings, blessings. We bid you and your family well on this blessed day, The Pleiadians”

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1. As I drove to the ocean on yet another beautiful November day I tuned into the angels.I then saw a powerful flash of light from the center of the universe that radiated outward like the ripples from an earthquake.These ripples of light traveled out towards the earth. The light
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1. Driving to the ocean I asked for messages that will help to uplift those who read them and then I tuned into the angels. The first image I was immediately shown was of a giant red heart in the sky. The angels tell me this heart represents the universal heartbeat or rhythm.
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