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22 Nov, 70 tweets, 18 min read
💥💥The Election was Stolen💥💥

But it's being taken back
Trump has won. Anyone who says otherwise is denying reality. Here's the details. Why is this relevant?…
Why didn't Hillary challenge the vote in 2016? If there was any impropriety in the election in 2016, she could have won? Couldn't she?
No. Future proves past. If Hillary Clinton had challenged the election in 2016, cheating would have been revealed. The Democrats' cheating would have been revealed. They've been cheating all along. They swallowed the loss to prevent the people from turning on them.
All the while preparing to steal the next election. Using the media to all but destroy Trump's reputation.…
If Trump had lost, why the continued Media attacks on Trump?…
Trump knew they would rig the voting machines. They had done it before. But how did he know? The question of all questions.
The evidence was overwhelming. No one can deny the attempt to steal the election. Those that deny it will fall. The truth cannot be stopped. It has been unleashed.
Dominion voting machines were rigged for Joe Biden.

See for yourself. There's no seeming end to the evidence.…
How do we know this?
Sidney Powell says the Voting Theft was Watched in Real Time. It was the perfect trap.…
What is a SCIF and why is it relevant?…
How do you gather evidence? We have it all. Don't you understand yet? The Democrats were caught committing insurrection.…
The election steal was tracked in great detail.…
A Demonstration of voting machine vulnerabilities
Worse, there is a CIA Connection to the voting theft. Read and watch for yourself. There is far more than this. A mountain of evidence. That would be treason.…
The CIA is not allowed to operate within the US. But that has not stopped them in the past.…
It explains why some states were using voting systems from a Canadian based company. Which of course has it's headquarters inside the US. They have to look legit, after all.…
Why does a supposedly secure and unbiased voting machine company have ties to the Clinton Foundation. You could hardly call this impartial, if these allegations are true. And a former Pelosi staffer? Sounds like dirty politics.…
As if that wasn't bad enough, George Soros himself is connected to the voting theft. You don't really think the super rich and powerful got that way by being benevolent? Rich people have a way of covering their true motives.…
All too often, they are NOT what they portray. Why do you think Public Relation companies even exist? They wouldn't need to if the person's motives were pure.
He knows exactly how to manipulate people's emotions to do his bidding. If you follow Soros in any way, you are puppets on a string. This is a thoroughly evil man. What's the easiest way to control people? Cloak your evil in false goodness.…
All the chaos you've seen in America is the DIRECT result of this evil monster.…
And therein lies the truth behind all the attacks on Trump. One man stands between Soros's insane vision of destruction and us. Donald Trump…
If you think this is just about Democrats, you are mistaken. It's the whole dirty, corrupt system. The Bush family has connections to voting machine companies. No politicians or former politicians should have any involvement with the voting process.…
What is Operation Scorecard, and what role did it play in this election?…
It was a CIA operation? On American soil?…
Was CIA Director Haspel involved in all this? Does Trump it all? Sidney Powell is privy to all of the information, so apparently. Her voice is relevant here.…
Many votes were flagged as suspicious by outside sources as well.…
When there is THIS much evidence of voter fraud, it indicates a massive scale. We've probably only seen a fraction yet.…
Is there a Hillary Clinton connection to rigged voting? Why is this relevant? We will be getting to that part in the near future.
Are Democrats trying to destroy ballots to prevent the truth from coming out? Why else would they do this? Already too late. Nothing can stop what's coming.
And are there links to China and this voting fraud? Certainly Dominion is a company outside the US. Foreign Interference? You decide. I've already reached my conclusion as to how this ends.
All evidence is that this vote was rigged. The End. The Establishment is finished.
Everything else is just theatrics. More to come.
And now I will present the relevant Qdrops, in the order they were presented to me. So you can read what they have to say about the election. Was this the same source Trump got his information from?
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24 Nov
(Battle plan)

As a follow up to my last topic PREPARE PATRIOTS, This is perhaps THE MOST important message of all. If you are going to get through what's coming, you will need EACH OTHER more than ever. Here's what I've managed to gather. Image
Donald Trump has won this election. Furthermore so really big and damaging information is about to come out about the Democrats and the establishment. They will do anything to stop it. Censorship will only increase. Image
Anything to convince people that Trump lost. It's when you accept their lies, that they will become reality. Never do that. Remember is big corporations who own most of the media. The corruption runs deeper than many realize. Image
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23 Nov

The Storm is upon you whether you know it or not
The question is whether you are ready or not
Given what I see in Twitter posts, many of you are not
This gets far worse before it gets better

You didn't REALLY think the enemy wasn't going to fight back? Image
Just because Trump won the Election, and has the power to end this, doesn't mean he should. Or will. When he is gone in four years, you would just return to your enslavement. Or in time, find new masters to serve. What is really accomplished then? Image
Yes, that Oprah said it. Why? She knows you won't listen. That's the whole point of all of this. Q told us. People say Q is nonsense. Or too hard to understand. This below seems pretty clear to me, and it's repeated a lot. Image
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21 Nov
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 ✨A Message to all of Humanity✨
👉A Rigged System

Many of you know this election was rigged. Many do not. But the news unlocks the map.
And the correct picture emerges. Do you truly believe Joe Biden is going to win? Open your

@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 But you don't need to be told the truth. Part of you already knows that. Whether you deny it or not.
All the evidence needed to destroy the media and establishment's narrative exists.
If you truly want freedom, don't believe the media.
Have faith in Humanity. Let me show you.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 There's a funny thing about belief. You create what you believe. It motivates your actions. The two are not separate at all. If you want to create a better world, Make It Happen.
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20 Nov
✨Q Proof #2✨
💥Silent Running💥

Q says it will be necessary to prove I am speaking the truth about all this. To that effect proof has been provided to me.
Who could have provided this sort of proof. Well there's only three possibilities since the proof is given after my...
...reply. It concerns Q's instructions on how to obtain that proof. It involves a reply to a Potus Tweet and a corresponding military tweet. The miltary tweet must be within 60 minutes of Potus's tweet to eliminate any coincidence, but allow for enough variety in the numbers.
Think a 60 minute clock so that the numbers can line up with the timestamps on the Q posts. Q thinks it's important to keep the proofs together. Well, you know what it's like trying to find old tweets.
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18 Nov

Continuing from where we left off yesterday,
this part in the series directly relates to providing
evidence that voter fraud is occurring.
Yesterday we covered the rampant fraud and corruption
that occurs in our own government. How widespread
it is and how that could translate into a system capable
of orchestrating voter fraud.

The Qdrops are not what every thought they were. They aren't necessary a magical predictor of events, not in the way people were using them. It's an instruction manual. The instructions are carefully hidden throughout the drops. A map, so to speak. But more on that later.
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17 Nov
✨Voter Fraud✨

What do the Qdrops have to say about voter fraud?
That is one of the clearer topics in the drops. They indicate there would be voter fraud. But why? And if the voter fraud was known about, why was in not exposed? Image
The truth is, it is being exposed. Right now. For all the see. But the media is doing everything in it's power to keep you from seeing it. You see, the media is complicit in the fraud. The only way the establishment wins is if you believe their lies and stop fighting. Image
The Qdrops indicate there was only one way to stop the theft of the election by the establishment. Since the intelligence agencies were corrupted, there was only one intelligence agency that could be used. Military Intelligence. The corruption in DC is too deep to clean. Image
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