Wow. The Trump campaign has issued a statement saying that Sidney Powell is not associated with them.

This comes after she’s been alleging some incredibly nonsensical stuff over the past week.

But...the campaign had Powell on stage at their press conference earlier this week!
2. Just three days ago, the official GOP twitter account was tweeting out videos of Sidney Powell at the press conference.

Now they’re saying she’s not involved in the campaign and doesn’t represent the president.
3. On November 14, the president tweeted that Sidney Powell was part of his legal along with Rudy Giuliani and others.
4. In the past few days, any Republican or conservative commentator who offered even the mildest criticism of Sidney Powell was attacked by diehard Trump fans.

What will those fans say now?
5. General Flynn says Sidney Powell has been locked out of her Twitter account for 12 hours. It does look like Twitter took down one of her tweets (not sure what it said).

Also, there was no massive deliberate election fraud.
6. NEW

Statement from Sidney Powell sent to CBS News...and yes, she put those hashtags in the statement.

And again, there is no evidence for what she alleges because the evidence does not exist.

via @kathrynw5

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22 Nov
So I’ve posted TikToks from this woman before...she rescued a beaver and is rehabilitating him for eventual reintegration into the wild

But he can’t stop being a beaver, so he keeps trying to build a dam in her house using her furniture and other items.
2. He’ll try to build a dam out of anything. So adorable and fascinating.
3. Not to worry, Beave gets dam building practice outdoors as well.

Watch this with the sound on to hear some of his foster mom's commentary.

Fascinating stuff.
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19 Nov
One thing I'd like to see changed in the next gen is referring to elected officials by their titles. As if they're more important than us

Mr. President? Nope, it's Donald or Joe

Speaker Pelosi? Nope, it's Nancy.

Leader McConnell? Nope, it's Mitch.

These fuckers work for us.
You don't show respect for an office by calling a human being by an honorific title. You show respect for the office by voting in elected officials who care about people.
So many people have been brainwashed into this respect for office nonsense and it just leads to people treating these politicians with kid gloves.
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12 Nov
1. I'm so glad @MarenMorris mentioned Linda Martell in her speech

She is the country music pioneer you've never heard of

She made history as the first Black woman to perform at Grand Ole Opry...she received a standing ovation

Sadly, she was driven out of the business by racism
2. This is one of my favorite Linda Martell songs. It's called "Color Him Father."

I just love this song.
3. In 2014, a Swedish TV show found Linda Martell in South Carolina where she now lives.

After leaving country music over 30 years ago, she eventually ended up becoming a school bus driver.

Here she is in 2014 singing "Color Him Father"
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29 Oct
1. When Leon Black admitted he paid millions to Jeffrey Epstein for tax advice I was dubious...why would a billionaire who can hire the best advisors in the world need to rely on Jeffrey Epstein.

I asked several billionaires what they thought of this...
2. All three brought up the same thing...they suspected that Epstein had offered Leon Black a tax avoidance scheme he could participate in or a tax shelter (perhaps related to the Virgin Islands) that he could utilize.
3. All three told me they are regularly approached with such opportunities and on occasion they've made use of these schemes/shelters offered to them by outsiders. In exchange they pay a commission which is based on the amount of tax they save.
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24 Oct
1. Let's talk about @CoryBooker...

Yesterday, I reached out to his office with a simple question, was LA Mayor @ericgarcetti, who is facing a growing scandal after covering up his top aide's misconduct, going to be a guest at Booker's event on Monday?…
2. In my communication with @CoryBooker's aides, I didn't even mention the scandal around LA Mayor was just a simple yes or no question. I had received an invite from a source and wanted to be sure it was still on.…
3. Few hours went by & I checked in with @CoryBooker's aide repeatedly. Not a hard question. It's a yes or no. Not hard to find out. Shouldn't take hours.

I even called the fundraiser for the event and she picked up! She could have told Booker's aide.…
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24 Oct
1. Exclusive: My second story about LA Mayor @ericgarcetti and his top aide Rick Jacobs

Six sources told me that Garcetti and his wife Amy Wakeland have repeatedly ignored warnings over the past six years that Jacobs' conduct would lead to their downfall…
2. Mayor @ericgarcetti said this to an advisor in 2018: “I can’t believe Rick worked at City Hall for three years and we didn’t get sued.”

The advisor was stunned that Garcetti was acknowledging that Jacobs' conduct was a major issue.…
3. Jacobs regularly engaged in sexual harassment and assault; displayed abusive behavior toward colleagues and underlings; and had questionable ethics.

The Mayor of LA @ericgarcetti and his wife Amy Wakeland were aware of this and they did nothing.…
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