The hill I'm dying on here is the extremely reasonable "do not conclude things you don't know yet" hill. It's a common one to die on, as it turns out.
I suppose I could also be dying on the "omg, y'all, millions of people firmly believe this election was stolen and if we don't take that shit seriously and do something about it other than pretend they're all stupid and crazy, we'll pay for it" hill too. That's a good one, tho.
I think fondly back to the times this year when people told me not to die on the hills where Covid was popularly assessed to have ended Wokeness and also where Amy Cooper got her life ruined over an awkward encounter in Central Park, which really wasn't bad enough for that.
My favorite hill I wasn't supposed to die on was "Wokeness ain't going away because of Covid; it'll get worse." I died really hard on that hill. Much make fun of. Very blue check.

Now, racism is a public health emergency, of course, and Wokeness is burning down cities. Fun!
I also died on the "there's definitely something wrong in the gender studies and related academic literature" hill.

I think I died on the "the Libertarian Party will go Woke in 2020" hill too.
I'm looking forward to seeing if I'm going to die on the "Biden is not going to be a moderate who constrains the Woke very well" hill. Maybe I already died on it. It's the resurrections that are the fun part, though.

• • •

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24 Nov
There's a "research" paper about this from 2010 by Annie Potts called something like "The Essence of the Hard-on." @peterboghossian and I never stopped laughing. We haven't even slowed down. (@HPluckrose tutted loudly and often)
Maybe it's from 2000. It's been a while. 😂😂☠️☠️☠️
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23 Nov
I'm to understand that for @SamHarrisOrg to consider Biden a threat on par with Trump, he'd have to tweet support for a conspiracy theory. Black Lives Matter is demonstrably a conspiracy theory, called liberationism, built on a tower of transparent lies.…
Here's a relevant example, though a fair percentage of everything he's said or tweeted about "systemic racism," "racial equity," and "racial justice" also qualifies.
In that clip, Biden explicitly connects Covid-19 to systemic racism. This is a conspiracy theory. It is a conspiracy theory that has led our schools of public health and many public officials to declare "systemic racism" a "public health threat" demanding immediate action.
Read 6 tweets
22 Nov
To clarify: I do not know if there was widespread voter fraud, and neither do you. There may have been, and that may yet be seen (in time or too late). There may have been and that may never be seen (it could have been hidden well, or Trump's team may lack the required evidence).
The more thoroughly and seriously this issue is investigated, the more confidence we can have about the issue. The ambiguity is immensely damaging in and of itself, thus warranting an investigation.

It's not complicated.
To spell it out even more simply, some possibilities:

1) No fraud (good)

2) A little fraud (bad but kinda irrelevant)
2a) Provable little fraud (should be found anyway and fixed)
2b) They got away with it (bad)
Read 6 tweets
22 Nov
A message to all people who think like this: If something is true, it will stand up to scrutiny. If it doesn't, and there is no proof to support a POV, an intelligent person realizes they must change their mind. OJ was innocent, and there is no proof of a double murder. Think
I'm not saying there was widespread election fraud. I'm saying that no one is under any obligation to believe it, given the circumstances, until an extremely thorough and deep investigation that probably won't happen is conducted. You're making your own damn beds.
Literally the second the counting stopped in several key states at once late into election night (the morning after, technically), a very thorough investigation became demanded to vet this election. Whether you like it or not, that's how it is, and rhetoric can't change it.
Read 7 tweets
18 Nov
"Protection from retaliation" is a hilarious addition to a list that starts with "accountability."
I said years and years ago: the basic premise of (critical) identity politics is "notice my identity when it's to my advantage; ignore it when it's not." It's just concocting and leveraging double standards out of whining about power dynamics from the past.
The correct thing here is that there really should be (real) accountability and transparency, and nobody should feel like they're subjected to unreasonable censure or reprisal, but the Woke interpret these things in the most ridiculous and self-serving manner possible.
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16 Nov
When I talk about the Great Reset, which I actually do less than I should, using links directly to its materials, and in a generally circumspect way, I'm called a conspiracy theorist. It's not a conspiracy theory, though it may well be a conspiracy.
Most people think conspiracies are impossible because eventually someone will leak that they're happening. Large groups can't keep them secret. The Great Reset has never been secret, though, nor have the plans it's meant to enable. People just don't believe that they're real.
I'm with you. I don't want to believe the world might be this different than the way I had assumed it was, but it seems to be the case that it is. Nevertheless, don't listen to cranks on the internet about it (like me, maybe). Go look into it for yourself. It's easy to find.
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