Quotes from Lin Wood's interview with Judge Jeanine.

Lin Wood: "The Secretary of State's agreement with the Democratic Party in March of this year was not approved by, was not made by, the state legislature. That violates the laws applicable to a Federal election in a state."
Lin Wood: "It can't be done. The election in Georgia was unlawful. They're going to have to have a do-over, not for the presidency--that can be decided by the Electoral College, selected by the legislature. But there's going to have to be a new down-ballot vote in January."
Lin Wood: " We're going to have a legal election [for down-ballot, not POTUS] before this election cycle is over. We haven't had one in Georgia yet."
JJ: "Will that, Lin, ever get to the United States Supreme Court?"

Lin Wood: "Yes, in fact, the judge in my case denied a motion for temporary injunction with respect to the recount. We're going to be filing a notice of appeal on Monday to the 11th Circuit."
Lin Wood: " The recount [in GA] was unlawful because it was based on an unlawful vote on November the 3rd. So the issue in my case, is going to find its way to the 11th Circuit. I notice of appeal on Monday."
Lin Wood: "So we're going to get the Supreme Court at some point in the next, I believe, several days to address this issue via the 11th Circuit. So we've got the legal mechanism in place."
Lin Wood: "But let me say this Judge Jeanine, this election is not going to be decided by the courts necessarily. It's not going to be decided by the legislators necessarily. Everybody's got a role to play. This election is going to be decided by We the People."
Lin Wood: "We the People voted probably in the neighborhood of 80 million votes for Donald Trump, probably in the neighborhood of 410 electoral votes. We the People are going to take action, and..."
Lin Wood: "We the People are going to make sure that the President that we elected is sworn in on January 20th. That's going to be Donald J. Trump."
Lin Wood: "The bottom line is...what you're hearing from the mainstream media is a lie. When they tell you, as you mentioned, that somehow Donald Trump's trying to steal the election. That's a lie. The reverse is true. They're trying to steal the election. They've been caught."
Lin Wood: "They're not going to get away with it. The people in this country are not going to tolerate it. Joe Biden will never be President of the United States. Never."
JJ: "AOC...slammed [Kyle Rittenhouse's] release on a $2 million bond saying that it is about 'the protection of white supremacy baked deep in our carceral system,' and that it's about 'law and disorder, a double standard because he's white.' What is your response to that, Lin?"
Lin Wood: "Pardon my language. The hell with AOC. She's a liar. She's the one that's the racist. She's the one trying to destroy our country. She's not gonna get away with it either. Kyle Rittenhouse went there to help people."
Lin Wood: "He [Kyle Rittenhouse] was viciously attacked, and he exercised his inherent right of self defense. We the People got him out of jail. We the People raised $2 million in cash to free that boy. He was a political prisoner."
Lin Wood: "AOC thinks she's going to use him to somehow create more trouble in this country. [Political] trouble is coming AOC's way. Stay tuned.... I don't advocate, I would never be a party to, violence. I believe, though, that there is civil disobedience."
Lin Wood: "The devil came to Georgia on November the [3rd], Judge Jeanine. The devil is getting ready to get run out of Georgia. Stay tuned this week. The devil is going to be on the run in Georgia."
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17 Nov 20
Here is a transcript of some things that attorney L. Lin Wood said on the John Fredericks Show yesterday.

Wood: "The lawsuit filed was against the Secretary of State and other appropriate defendants. And it stems out of a March 2020 consent settlement that..." /1
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This thread will transcribe many of Trump attorney L. Lin Wood's comments in the interview below. Quotation marks will indicate that Mr. Wood is speaking.

"When all is known I am 100% confident that Donald Trump will be President of the United States for four more years." /1
Wood: "And I’m just as confident that Joe Biden and the people like him that have been trying to steal this election, committing crimes for years, they’re all going to jail." /2
Wood: "This was a well planned—almost for two decades—attack to overthrow our government. Was it well done in the sense of trying to hide the fraud? Sure. But it was too massive." /3
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