So a few key states are supposed to be certifying their results today. Trump is leaning hard on the GOP members to not certify the results, which drive the conclusions to state courts or delay them so Congress ends up choosing the President by state delegation.
As always, we need to be clear about what’s happening. Joe Biden won six million more votes than Donald Trump. He won 306 Electoral college votes from the states vs 232 for Trump. There is no evidence of voter fraud.
And yet Trump and the Republican Party are working incredibly hard to deny reality, lie through their teeth and find a way to force themselves to stay in power. It is no more and no less than an attempted coup.
Trump’s attempted coup will almost certainly fail, but that ‘almost’ is doing a hell of a lot of work and represents an terrifying outcome in which any pretense that the US was a functioning democracy, republic or governed by the rule of law would be swept away.
If you’re in any of these states - can I strongly recommend you contact your elected representatives, particularly if they’re Republican - especially if *you’re* Republican and let them know you’re not okay about this.

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26 Nov
If you want to know what the Trump administration has been about, then read this list of ‘midnight regulations’ that they’re trying to implement in their final days in office. I’ll post a few of them below.…
The Trump administration is expected to move forward plans to make families of noncitizen immigrants ineligible for subsidized housing. Image
The Trump administration is expected to move forward plans to increase the speed at which chickens may be slaughtered by putting workers at higher risk of amputations. Image
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24 Nov
I may be in a minority here, but I don’t think there’s *any* way to do an investigation of the Trump administration’s abuses that is coordinated or organized in any way from a Biden appointee.
Do I think his administration needs or requires investigation. Absolutely. Without question. Yes. Do I think he did appalling things. Absolutely. Without question. Yes. But if a Biden appointed AG starts it, it will *always* be viewed as a partisan attack ...
... and it will necessarily increase the sense that the AG and the Federal government is a tool that you can use to attack your political enemies.
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24 Nov
Right-wing media is now absolutely completely consumed by anti-voting machine hysteria. I have to tell you, I’m okay with this! If their anxiety results in more thorough audit trails and a determination to keep these machines updated and with paper verification, it’s good!
It is, as always, basically impossible to search Google for any subject that’s currently in the news and be able to find any historical record, but tech professionals, civil rights organizations and democrats have been raising concerns about abuse for years...
... stating that it’s important to have clear auditability, the ability for people voting to be able to check their votes on paper slips before they submit them (the benefit here being that it’s faster to machine-count machine-created ballots) ...
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28 Oct
I feel like Pete Buttigieg would have better hair if he spent maybe $40 on a haircut. $16 feels like he’s worried people are going to call him gay if he uses moisturizer.
Like, get over it dude. It’s okay for men to groom nowadays (says the man who hasn’t gone to a hairdresser since February and does it all at home with a hedge trimmer).
That the first person to like this was @monteiro makes me genuinely concerned that I’ve been too rude.
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21 Sep
Current opinion: absolutely *nothing* will stop this country drifting into fascism and chaos medium term unless we find a way to bring primarily poor, racist, scared, angry white people back into the reality-based community.
I can only think that means a heavy investment in education, clear regulation of social media, and ideally the reinstitution of Reagan-era broadcast news rules. But quite a lot of that stuff would be highly unpopular.
This brings me back to an earlier conversation which is that the role of news media has to shift a bit now to not simply be a reporter of what’s being said and who’s doing what, but to be a continual bulwark of defense of truth, always centering that goal above any other.
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14 Sep
@IngrahamAngle Did anyone actually read the law? Literally *all it does* is make things treat LGBT people and straight people the same way. That’s it.
@IngrahamAngle California law allows judges in *certain circumstances* to not put people on sex offender registries if - say - they’re really similar ages but either side of the age of consent. For example it’s a seventeen year old boy and an eighteen year old girl.
@IngrahamAngle But at the moment that only applies to vaginal penetrative intercourse and so cannot apply to same sex couples. Literally *ALL THIS LAW DOES* is make it so the judge can decide not to put people on a sex offender register if they’re same sex.
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