The missing Scottish Referendum of 2021

Every day we hear Nationalists and their politicians go on about another referendum in 2021

It’s not happening. It’s never going to be happening and Sturgeon knows it’s not going to be happening

Why not?

Well. That’s easy

For one thing, the SNP simply cannot call a referendum. Sure, they can hold a non binding referendum, but even that would be subject to legal challenge

They simply can’t have a legal referendum because legally, they don’t have the power to call one

That power resides in WM

and only WM. Referendums are reserved and a Section 30 order is needed in order to have one

Boris Johnson is not going to allow one. He’s already said so and stated that the referendum in 2014 must be respected. Not only because it was the biggest turnout in British History

but because it was a once in a generation/lifetime vote with a clear result. These are Salmond and Sturgeons words. Plus, they also signed the Edinburgh Agreement which committed both parties to respecting the result

So. What happens if the SNP win a majority next year?

Nothing happens. An election can’t overturn the largest mandate in British History

The SNP say that the Tories have no moral right to refuse another referendum if the SNP win a convincing victory in the election

I’m afraid they do. They Tories also put it in their manifesto

last year that they will refuse another Scottish referendum

The SNP then say that this attitude will increase support for Scottish independence. That makes no difference

There simply will not be another vote in this Parliament. The Tories have absolutely nothing to lose by

refusing another referendum. The SNP are stuck. There’s nothing they can do and the catastrophe of Covid has yet to show up in the economy

The best strategy is to copy what the Spanish Gov did

Refuse, refuse and refuse again. The SNP will implode once their grievance

machine grinds to a halt. Once the carrot is removed the people will have no choice but to pay attention to public services and the economy

Even the patron saint of the SNP (The Holy Mother of Perpetual Grievance) won’t be able to help them

It’s over

Get used to it

• • •

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21 Nov

Although this is over 4 years old it should terrify every single person in Scotland


Nicola Sturgeon has decided, that for her, her teenage dream of destroying the British state is more important than just about anything in her life Image

And many Scots also agree with her

If you look to Africa you will find Poverty, corruption and third world countries. The reason why most of Africa is still poor is because they do not have developed advanced economy

Without a developed advanced economy you simply cannot

have good health care, good education or decent welfare. All of these come from having a good economy. We all look to the Scandinavian countries and admire their systems. Their excellent health, education and welfare systems. They only have these because their economy
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(- Follow the Money! -)

A Forensic walk through who receives Fiscal Grants in the UK and who pays for them......

In every country in the world every citizen either receives from the state or contributes to the state

This also applies to regions within countries. In Germany, for instance, most people and regions will receive fiscal grants, and these will be paid for by the richest parts of Germany



The same happens in the UK. Only three regions of the UK run fiscal surpluses (they create more wealth than they spend). They are

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Lying in the Workplace

Everyone who works has told lies in the workplace. You might have covered up for a colleague or lied about why you were late

Everyone does it, but these lies have little consequence

However, lying about the big things does

If you lied to your boss

about how much work you did for a client could get you sacked

Lying to your board of directors about the financial state of your company could get you sacked and possibly investigated by the police

Lying about the future prospects of the division you lead could get you


Lying about your pupils in your school could get you sacked

In virtually every walk of like you can get sacked for lying in the workplace, with one exception


Politics appears to be the only profession where you can easily get away with lying
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17 Oct

I’ve been publishing datasets for 5 years now

Not one single mainstream Scottish politician has even retweeted them

Not one!

They show the horrific state of our finances

I don’t give a fuck if we vote Indy. I’ll be living in England by then

Countries get the

Politicians they deserve. If Scotland wants a country run by sexual deviants, Liars, Thieves, Criminals, Anti Semites etc etc then that’s what it will get

I won’t be bothered in the least because by then I’ll be living in England and will do what I can to inform the English

just how much Scotland, Wales and NI have ripped them off and constantly complain than the English don’t subsidise them enough

According to the Regional ONS report England has given the rUK around £425bn over the last 21 years

Not only did England have to borrow this
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15 Oct

Indy Scotland. This is how it goes

Scotland becomes independent in a referendum. 62% to 38%

Even before the referendum property prices have fallen and the financial industry has started to relocate to England. Wealthier Scots with liquid assets have moved them to England

The emotion pull of Independence has proved too much for the unionists. The young vote for it in their droves. Nicola Sturgeon has said that Scotland will be a model for other societies. Welcoming, inclusive and outward looking

But clouds are on the horizon

The Tories

have stated time and time again that Scotland’s finances are in a perilous state but the SNP say it’s just propaganda

The SNP say that they will use the pound and no one can stop them

Within a few weeks of the vote, the reality bites. Since Scotland will become
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23 Aug

This video is pretty shocking. Here we have Sturgeon lying through her teeth to @afneil and unfortunately he missed it

Sturgeon tell Andrew Neil that Scotland has sent some £300bn to the treasury in oil revenues. That’s simply not true

She’s not only deliberately lying but she’s also putting out a number without telling anyone what it means

For a start, Scotland’s oil revenues since 1980 were £162bn so where does the £300bn come from?

She’s using the real value of oil (after inflation) instead of the

cash value of oil, but where does she get this data from?

Turns out that she got it from GERS and Historic GERS. The accounts that the Nationalists say isn’t accurate which makes it odd that she would quote it

It also turns out that she got her number wrong. As of 2018/19
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