Okay, so some people are wondering why there's so much noise ranging from frustration to outrage coming from the larger POC community reference #TCE, the latest book from the team at #DnD. And to get into that, we have to go back in time a bit.
When #DnD5e dropped in 2014, things were optimistic. POC representation in art was through the roof, and while there was still some problematic #DnD baggage following the new edition, it was what most would consider "a good start".
The problem was that the effort sputtered there. #SCAG was released in 2015 and aside from making Gold Dwarves definitively Black again and maintaining the art representation, didn't offer significant coverage of even the POC coded areas near the area.
But, many of us were still positive. Two steps forward and one step back is still a net foot forward. Then, in 2017, Wizards dropped #ToA, the first, and to date only, #DnD5e adventure set in a non-European coded area. It was a mess. Fallout came fast.
In a broad interview, the issues were laid bare. In deeper investigation, it was revealed that not only were there no Black or other POC involved in the writing and creating of ToA, but that detailing the region's history, culture, and so on was deemed unimportant.
Fast forward to 2020. In the three years since #ToA, and especially in the first half of 2020, the team at #DnD had been making moves that seemed to be in step with correcting the course of the game to be more inclusive and less reliant on stereotypes and problematic narratives.
This culminated with Jeremy Crawford discussing the topic on Twitter, promising that they would be addressing it in a supplement to be released this year. At this point, many were cautiously optimistic.
The key word being "cautiously". #DnD had made some moves, but it had also taken three years to have some of the problematic language removed from ToA. Then, a bomb was dropped, and this "future supplement" became a prove it point.
So skip forward to now. Tasha's Cauldron of Everything has been released, and the section that was supposed to get it all going was a damp squib. Not just that, but a near slap in the face to people who continue holding out hope that #DnD can address its problems.
The implication from earlier in the year was a significant movement was going to be happening. That while it was likely to be "optional" rules, it would at least be substantive in nature. Instead, there was a simplistic homebrewing guide that did little to address anything.
So that's why there's noise. That's why there's fury. It's not a flash in the pan or surprise. It's the culmination of years of promises, implied and explicit, that once again have come up short on delivery. And more than previous missteps, it has left people with the profound...
...feeling that #DnD does not care to seriously address its issues.


• • •

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29 Nov
Okay, here's a #DnD epiphany I just had.

We're used to saying that "D&D has no win state". The idea being that it's a game where there are no victory conditions. But this isn't true. There used to be a "win" state, but it was looked over as an inconvenience as time passed.
That "win" state wasn't "winning the game" like we think in a wargame or boardgame. It was in the followers and strongholds that used to be the norm. You see, #DnD has always been built on a colonial model. The players venture into a "wilderness", clear it of "monsters", then...
...they set up strongholds. They attracted followers. They colonized the area and ultimately settled down as the new lords and ladies of whatever. Then they became the patrons of the next generation of adventurers. I think the game was intended to be a generational affair.
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29 Nov
Straight up, the post-war period from 1945 to about 1975 or so is a period of *wild* ideas and designs for everything from aircraft to tanks to cars. Not all of them went past prototype, but damn the ideas were wild.
And it needs to be said: technology back then was way more advanced than a lot of people assume it was. So much was top secret or restricted because of the Cold War that people don't really grasp how far things jumped between about 1946 and 1986. It was HUGE.
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28 Nov
This. Constructs, the undead, demons and devils, beasts (non-sapient monsters)... There's lots and lots of options. #DnD #TTRPG
There's also rivals, unscrupulous competitors, dangerous cults, and so on and so forth that can... wait for it... be from other intelligent species in the game, be killed, and not paint the whole species as being self propelled pop-up targets for adventurers to attack.
It's almost like if you gave them as much attention and nuance as is given to humans in the game, more options open up!


Oh wait, lots of us. And we've been making noise about it for years.
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26 Nov
Okay! My planned series of posts about generic #TTRPG and #WorldBuilding with them is shaping up nicely. I've got hardcopies of FATE Core & Accelerated with Condensed on the way, Cortex Prime, Savage Worlds SWADE, and a pdf of Open Legend. Just waiting on Genesys!
The plan is to do an opening post, then explore each system in its turn. I'm sticking to newer systems that are more active for it. I'm looking forward to it, even though it's going to be a lot of reading.
At this point, an unashamed support post! I'm not sponsored or a big enough presence to get review copies from most publishers, so if you can support POCGamer, it's most appreciated. #TTRPG
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8 Aug
Yeah... I love WH40k and have sunk way too many $$$ into the hobby, but yeah. It's not a satire. It might have been, sort of, if you looked at it in the right light, back in the early Rogue Trader days, it might have been a Dredd like commentary. But not anymore.
The game fell into the trap of justifying its fascist components, and ceased any real commentary, satirizing, or criticism. Ciaphus Cain comes close, but the rest just reinforces it all.

I think it comes from the jumbled creation process the game universe went through.
Basically, IMHO, RT era WH40k was Dune meets AD2000 (like, all of it; Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Nemesis the Warlock, ABC Warriors, and Rogue Trooper all have big influences on the setting and its early and current esthetics).

But unlike its inspirational material, it...
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25 Jul
So, this came out. And while I know some of the people interviewed in it, I'm not sharing the link. Why? Because as an article it has no value in addressing the systemic issues at Wizards or in their #DnD product. It's largely fluff that ultimately a puff piece for D&D. An example of a not so great article.
The very real issues are barely scratched, and have been covered elsewhere far more comprehensively. And the overall tone is upbeat and positive, which only detracts from the urgency of the issues at hand. It's less than a month on now, and people are already acting like...
... Wizards turned over a new leaf; instead of recognizing that their last two releases Theros and IDRF are just more of the Eurocentric stuff that we have been making noise about for the last few years, to no avail apparently. And articles like this just aid them in this.
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