Britain has been under Emergency Law since Mar 2020

The last time I lived under an Emergency Law was 2001 in Egypt under Hosni Mubarak

He introduced it in 1981 & then renewed it every 2 years for an entire 30 years

In 2011 he was overthrown in a revolution

It never ends well.
If now under Emergency Law lockdown is not a good time to probe the limits of state power, then there never is. Having lived under a surveillance state, in its jails & through the War on Terror, I’m rather sensitised to maintaining a healthy boundary between citizens & the state
And please do not impose your own insecurities onto my tweets above. I am not making the point you wish I was making, just so that you can refute it.

I am merely asking whether it’s time for more public debate around the boundaries of state power & our social contract
Oh..and don’t be so bloody daft!

Of course Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak never told his people that he was absolutely screwing them

It was obviously sold to the people *every single time* as being in their public interest & national security, via his obliging & sycophantic media class
Ahem... are you getting scared yet? 🤔…

• • •

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26 Nov
Okay, this thread appears to me to summarise concisely what former Federal Prosecutor @SidneyPowell1 has alleged in her US election case, filed yesterday at courts in Georgia.

Please note: it states that some evidence is still provisionally ‘sealed’
Farmed bots trolling me for reporting, will start shifting their goalposts now, from:

“Just shut up”, to

“there’s no evidence”, to

“evidence is weak”, to

... a realisation: “maybe he was right to let the law decide. But so what, people will remember our attacks on him anyway”
For law hobbyists, do also keep in mind that Georgia is in the 11th Circuit.

That means that on appeal, ultimately Supreme Court Justice Thomas Clarence would preside in this case, just as is probably the case with this other @LLinWood case below:
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25 Nov

For those still interested in what news used to be defined as:

Since the now suspended Pennsylvania vote certification (by order of a judge) a public hearing into alleged voter fraud has now commenced at the PA State Senate.

President Trump is about to attend.
These hearings include the PA State legislature receiving expert testimony on mathematical voter modelling as evidence of irregular voting spikes (alleged electronic stuffing of the ballot), such as the below:
The full hearing can be watched here:

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25 Nov
Ex Federal Prosecutor @SidneyPowell1 appears to confirm ‘release the Kraken’ refers to a DoD cyber-warfare programme that caught voting company Dominion

She’ll file her case today for “the American people”, not Trump

We’ll soon find out

Trump’s cases are filed by @RudyGiuliani
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22 Nov
Lockdowns are the enemy:

“the government's stark 'Protect the NHS' warning may have actually cost lives..many with life-threatening conditions & cancers didn't seek help..the messaging, which was later withdrawn, saw hospital admissions plummet by 90%”…
“Hospital bed occupancy for the beginning of this month was actually lower than the five-year average for November...”
“The number of people in ICU beds is also currently lower than normal for this time of year, with approximately 70 per cent currently full, compared to 80 per cent in previous years.”
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19 Nov
If you’re not watching this live right now, I suggest that you do.

It’s news.
Former Federal Prosecutor @SidneyPowell1 is on now making world-impacting allegations about anti-democracy dictators & is alleging very serious (treason-level) US election fraud
This woman is on fire 🔥
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18 Nov
“PPE supplies, £18b of public money was awarded, £10.5b of it without any competition, in more than 8600 contracts by the end of July, with 86% awarded department & its..bodies. To suck up these contracts, shell companies appeared from nowhere”…
“a Spanish businessman called Gabriel González Andersson was paid £21m for assisting an American jewellery designer with no experience of supplying PPE..won contracts..worth about £250m, enough for 8 months of supply but at almost double the market rate per item”
“My advice? (The PM) should read this report several times, hopefully flushed red with shame & reflect on the Tory tradition of caring about fostering healthy institutions, including the civil service”
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