This is what the great spin doctor Edward Bernays called,

"The conscious, intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses"

Journalists will argue, this is "news".

I would argue this is an issue deliberately manufactured by the PM & his comm's team.
Let's have a look at the amount of "news" dedicated to a trip Scott Morrison did not need to take during a time 2 batches of horror news for the govt were released.

There's more fluff dedicated to our isolation martyr PM than the news the punters have all forgotten about.
You see, this is highly sophisticated stuff. The PM's huge comms team don't all sit around writing media releases.

They work off the data and focus groups and information they buy in.

It tells them which way Scott Morrison needs to pivot, what story he needs to sell this week
The data/information they buy in will have told them Scott Morrison needs to work on certain areas of his image or reinforce others

That will then be married with the government's internal agenda and public opinion generally.

- Morrison needs to do something about China

. . .
- Morrison needs to shore up our strategic alliances
- Morrison needs to promote Mathias Cormann with the OECD
- Morrison needs to play upon his image as the Covid leader
- Morrison has some negative focus that he isn't "hard working" enough
-Morrison should reinforce Mr Ordinary
- the Morrison govt has 2 bad news items to dump; Robodebt & war crimes reports.

And what better way to do all of the above than to take a heroically unnecessary trip to Japan.

Why he can even lobby for Mathias with the Japanese as a member of the 1 in 4 OECD selection panel.
Scott Morrison does not answer to the news - he creates the news.

Last night on @60Mins, on his instagram pages, all the saturation media coverage should tell you everything you need to know: this issue was manufactured by Scott Morrison's office to meet all of their objectives.

• • •

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1 Dec
And the power word of the month boys & girls is:


The Morrison govt comms team weave it into messaging the way you use a fluro highlighter with text. You still skim over it, but the highlighting of the word sinks in.

Watch for it featuring in Morrison's pressers.

. ImageImageImageImage
And there you have it kids.

This little piece of simplistic guff cost you the Australian taxpayer about $500,000.

Not sure what's more insulting - that Morrison doesn't employ enough people already to have thought of this or that you paid 1,060 weekly aged pensions for it.

. Image
Regular watchers of the Game of Mates will note the firm given the, um "selected tender", is Resolve Strategic founded by former Crosby Textor man, Jim Reed.

Funny that a government that believes so strongly in a free marketplace runs such a closed shop.

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30 Nov
Watch Scott Morrison seize upon the patriotic+xenophobic opportunities in that China tweet.

Yes, yes it's all awful but he will take it & run with it like a media hungry opportunist who can't believe his luck

Expect a lot of ott chest-thumping from Morrison in the days ahead.
. Image
Aaaaand, here we go.

Even one of the Liberal's resident Timlets has his Chinese made boxer shorts in a twist.

Morrison's comms team can't believe their luck.

. Image
Could we also just take a moment to admire the fact this is a FOUR FLAG display of patriotic outrage.

Once Morrison is out of #15daysofquarantineaftervisitingJapan we can expect a 7 to 9 flag rating of outrage.

Morrison's set decorators best get ready.
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29 Nov
Scott Morrison's endless boasting about his #15daysofquarantineaftervisitingJapan (thought up by his comms team to martyr him) has been coincidentally picked up by @60Mins in a lovely little organised marketing tie-in

Look here: Ch 9 haven't even bothered to change the wording
In his cosy little soft-ball-of-knitting chat that aims to do nothing more than provide #bullshitandspin opps for Scott Morrison, we see young @tomsteinfort hit the leader of our country with a dynamic, between the eyes shot.

Are JenAndTheGirls™️ bringing him Tim Tams?
In this next, lethal hit by young gun @tomsteinfort, we see Morrison framed as the "Father Of The Nation" (something his comms team work very hard at getting into voter's sub-conscious).

So the Premiers are cast as kiddies, Morrison is gifted with the mature, responsible role.
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28 Nov
Look, I'm not too sure about this.

And correct me if I'm wrong . . .

. . . but I think Scott Morrison would like Australians to know - and it's only a hint now you realise - but I think he wants us to know . . .

. . . that he's having to spend 15 days in quarantine after returning from Japan.

Just a guess.


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24 Nov

(presented without comment)
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18 Nov
Want to see some #bullshitandspin?

Good old Scotty flew to Melbourne and as luck would have it, happened to find himself at The Malvern Hotel.

Of course being the shy retiring types, the hotel plugged the PM's visit on their socials.

Who doesn't when the PM randomly drops in? Image
And not just randomly dropped in dear reader, but also happened to have local Lib MP Katie Allen with him. Which is handy because Ms Allen is a doctor and the PM was due to speak about . . .


So it's just as well Ms Allen randomly posted the photo as well. Image
And what a lucky pair of owners the Malvern Hotel has.

Because before you knew it, where should the photos of Scotty's random, every day, just walking past visit end up?

On the Melbourne evening news.

Channel 9 news of course.

Lucky Scott Morrison randomly picked that pub. Image
Read 14 tweets

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