People seem confused by the lawsuit filed in Georgia. It isn't that difficult to understand when explained plainly. I want to try and do that for you here.
Important: Some judges take their oaths to execute law as written very seriously. They execute that duty with integrity.
All conspiracies and assumptions about Judge Batten aside, he appears to understand not only what is at stake, but how meticulous this all must be. He was correct to reverse the original decision based on jurisdiction. With the understanding that the plaintiffs did not name...
election officials being brought in as parties, for the purposes of discovery (gathering evidence), the question of possession and authority comes into play. Election authority comes down to counties. Those counties technically have possession of the evidence. In order to...
rule on judgement against them, for the purpose of discovery, they would have to be named in the lawsuit. In essence, the judge has no authority over these county officials, because they aren't specifically named. By law that is his duty. Don't be mad. He actually paved the way. Image
By citing Jacobson v Florida Secretary of State he showed us the flaw in the suit AND showed us how to implement change for future lawsuits to include EVERY OFFICIAL TOP TO BOTTOM who is involved in the elections. This should also include Dominion officials that are in each state Image
The best part of this latest order is the fact that Judge Batten actually backed the Defendants into a corner. In a brilliant display of lawfare, @SidneyPowell1's team presented that in order to alleviate any concerns about Intellectual Property security, the defendants could...
bring in their experts to participate in any video recorded inspections and these inspections would be provided ONLY to the court for security. They have no choice but to certify the evidence. It is their system, being inspected by Sidney Powell's team, supervised by Dominion. Image
Judge Batten forced the defendants to show cause why these forensic examinations should NOT happen and is requiring an evidentiary brief by Wednesday. They must prove there is a FACTUAL reason for NOT completing these supervised and recorded inspections. Image
Still not through with the genius of this order. Judge Batten did ENJOIN and RESTRAIN the alterations of any voting machines in Cobb, Gwinnett, and Cherokees counties. People are going to ask; "What about the update they did on the machines?"
Short answer: We can't help that.
The long answer is, it doesn't matter. Forensic examination is going to show the alterations. Digital footprints are almost impossible to hide from the right Digital Soldier. Sidney has the best. Not only that, remember 52 USC 20701. All election records are required to be...
maintained for a minimum of 22 months. Any records altered or deleted, there will be evidence, will make people subject to criminal charges. That is a whole different thread though. Familiarize yourselves with title 52. It is rather simple to understand.
The final nail in the coffin is my very favorite and will be the coup de grace. Judge Batten, that glorious son of a gun, required the contract between Dominion and The State of Georgia be introduced into evidence. This is significant, because it will name all those involved...
in the rushed deal in spite of obvious opposition from both lawmakers and voters. I beleive$107 million was the total at the end. Those are Georgian taxpayer dollars and Georgians are entitled to know how every penny was spent. This part of relief could be considered precedential
I say precedential, because this could set further precedent on the transparency of government deal making and allow for expanded scrutiny of vendor contracts. The who, what, where, when, and why approach to government accountability. All of this should be public domain.
In closing, please don't allow yourselves to be discouraged by the ebb and flow of the storm. The waves will come and they will go. Cheer on and pray for @SidneyPowell1 and @LLinWood and all of the exceptional Patriots on their legal team.
Fear not Patriots. Put your focus on God Image
Just remember folks, you are not alone. Do not allow yourself to fall into despair. There is an army of Patriots fighting for you, even if you can't see them.
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @SidneyPowell1 @LLinWood @intheMatrixxx @cblcrshr @RichardGrenell @RudyGiuliani and more.
Here is an easy to read version. God Bless the Patriots and ThanQ for all of your support and effort. Your prayers are heard and we are truly blessed.

• • •

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14 Jan
I am just going to say this for the record.

There is a shadow over Joe Biden. Brutus walks behind him with a dagger in wait. Kamala is the insurgent. Biden was only a vessel.

Unprecedented 2nd amendment attack coming. Incoming admin gets "FF" and no extra credit.
Do not attend and do not create a problem. Do not be judas. One has a choice between allowing things to play out or manipulating the outcome through critical thinking.

Antifa, BLM, Proud Boys, etc...
Same same.
Insurgency in every way.
In every place.
Mirrors can be cursed.
Prayer is going to keep your clear headed. Cool heads prevail. Stay calm amd pray.

Does something stink?
Can you smell it?
Nothing is making sense.
Nothing is adding up.
Is truth stranger than fiction?
The curtain call for the Grande Finale is upon us.
Confused? Scared?
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18 Dec 20
Oh yeah! SUUUUUUUUUPER excited to get the vaccine!
Guys, it is just meant as a little humor. I am aware that the nurse is ok. I saw rhe same thing you did.
Let's not forget to find the humor in things while we deal with all this serious stuff. I will try and be more diligent with the emojis to give context.
Well, this is what happens when you dig. It looks like my joke had a dark side. The reality is that she feinted AFTER taking the vaccine. 17 minutes after.
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17 Dec 20
There have been days during this information war when I have felt defeated. I felt broken down and tired. There were days when I didn't even want to go to the battlefield. There were days that I turned and walked off of the battlefield There have been days when I couldn't sleep.
With all of the attacks I summoned by being a soldier in this Information War, I called it all upon myself. It has been overwhelming at times. I have ridden this roller coaster for 5 years along with the rest you. I have watched every lever of power pulled against We The People.
It has been a more difficult road, because even those that SHOULD be listening to us are falling for the stories being told by the very media they KNOW is lying to them. We have worked tirelessly to share the TRUTH with the world. Especially our countrymen; our fellow Americans.
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15 Dec 20
@SidneyPowell1 may be referring to Landmark Fraud Case US vs Throckmorton.
In this case the Hon. Justice Miller wrote in Paragraph 22 of his opinion, the following statement.
"The maxim that fraud vitiates every proceeding, must be taken, like other general maxims, to apply..
...cases where proof of fraud is admissable. But where the same matter has been actually tried, or so in issue that it might have been tried, it is not again admissable; the party is estopped to set up such fraud, because the judgment is the highest evidence, and cannot be...
The former section of this statement is what I believe @SidneyPowell1 is referring to. Because the entire proceeding was fraudulently executed and in Contradiction to the Constitutional protections afforded We The People, the entire proceeding is vitiated.
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12 Dec 20
If you really believe that something nefarious happened in SCOTUS with Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Coney-Barrett, you have NOT been paying attention.
Ask yourself; How do you get your enemy to expend ammo? How do you eliminate twisted narratives? How do you show BALANCE in SCOTUS.
The lawfare path reveals only if our judges actually respect the boundaries of law. People think any court can just take any case for any reason. Not true. The Supreme Court has a solemn and important duty. People barely understand their own founding docs and wanna scream
At SCOTUS because "they don't care about the Constitution!" Well how do you know if you don't actually know what your constitution says? In fact, the court ruled appropriately, in my opinion. You have to understand not just the Constitution and our other founding documents, but
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12 Dec 20
Time to stock up again friends! As much as possible this time. Things are about to get very interesting. Talk of Dictatorship and Oligarchy are inbound. I believe Executive Order 13848 is very soon to be invoked. Life comes at you fast. Don't be a splatter on the windshield.
The SCOTUS ruled not to hear the case. This is a bummer. I don't know exactly how to read the decision, but I will not say it wasn't expected. There is so mich more at play here
Imagine a world where every single election was overseen or ruled on by SCOTUS. I don't like that.
There is only one way to end this insurrection. You can not peacefully root out communism. You cannot negotiate with it. You can not relent in your fight against it. This is how we got here. Our very own apathy and busyness brought us here. We forgot our sacred and solemn duty.
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