Yeah, this bit below is why I do not take seriously the claims by the Republican political punditry class that they truly care about election fraud. The hand wave here is a middle finger. And, yes, I read the whole article.
Either election fraud matters or it does not. And the tone of the discussion about it matters deeply. That op ed was a primal screech about how horrible Trump is. That's fine. It is beyond fair to note the court losses. I am utterly agnostic on all the Dominion stuff.
But what is contemptible, and I am stating this with the exact same degree of contempt that article has for Trump and that tuned to the finest degree, is to throw in there the in passing oh sure there were issues yeah we should look at those. Oh please. Give it up.
It is obvious that was thrown in there to be able to claim sure we addressed the obvious concerns. It is the classic formulation that everything that comes before a but is not really meant. It reduces legitimate questions about voter fraud to a toss away sentence.
No, I do not believe NRO that it is NRO's editorial position that there are significant issues with mail in ballots and the vote counting system. Why? Because I read what is written and I have a better than third grade comprehension of argument structure. That is a toss away.
That is a throat clearing toss away of matters of deep and fundamental importance. If NRO meant it about the importance of those issues, it is matter of a few moments work to structure the argument that Trump's actions and legal strategy is diminishing those claims.
The use of make no mistake serves to make clear that what is of primary importance is Trump, not potentially fundamental flaws with voting. You'll have to forgive me for taking NRO at its own words here as to what it finds of primary importance and reacting thereto. How dare I.
What is maddening about all of this is that this is not even remotely a binary position. You can be gravely concerned about the election fraud and think that how Trump is acting is abominable. There is no contradiction. Those are separate issues and can be addressed separately.
That is what is sticking in my craw about nearly all of the commentary on the Right about all of this. It is entirely Trump focused. The issues of mail in ballot security, chain of custody of flash drives, and allowing observers to actually observe have nothing to do with Trump.
Many of the issues with election fraud are older than I am and I am no longer young. As I previously ranted, the current situation is only about Trump and Biden by accident. They happened to be the inflection point. But that point was always coming. Always.
Am I overreacting to a simple to tossed off statement? No, because the tossing off is the problem. Does anyone reading that truly think that come December 15, 2020, the editors of NRO will release a scathing editorial on the flaws of the US election system? Do you really?
I think we all know the answer to that. So, tl;dr, I do not have any issue with a scathing editorial on Trump's claims of election fraud. Nor do I have any issues with an article pointing out the current state of the legal cases. That is all fair game, agree or not.
But I take great umbrage at yet more hand waving away of election fraud by those who will try to point to such hand waving as proof that why indeed we addressed the issue see right there. No. You didn't. You made mouth noises that didn't even try to sound convincing.
One more thing. If it is NRO's editorial position that Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood, and Sidney Powell are no longer reputable GOP lawyers, then state so directly. They are putting decades earned reputations on the line. If NRO thinks they have burned those reputations down, say so.
Again, to be clear, my issue with the editorial is the continuing diminution of the seriousness of voter fraud. The Orange Man Bad stuff? Okay fine, case is laid out and accept or deny as you will. But stop claiming you think something is important when it is clear you don't.
And grow up with the Mean Girl passive aggressive wink wink nudge nudge about Giuliani, Wood, and Powell. Say they are no longer legitimate lawyers or don't. We know who you mean. This isn't junior high. Stop acting like it.

• • •

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18 Nov
So. About these flash drives that apparently are used all over the country for votes and I'm just going to set all of that aside. I have the following questions:
1. How are the drives sourced?
2. Are the drives completely reformatted prior to be used for election purposes?
3. How are the drives marked to identify the precinct for which the drive was used?
4. What human being is given custody of the drive initially?
5. What human being is given custody at the precinct?
6. Is only one person allowed to use the drive? If not, how many users are there
7. Is an audit trail kept of every single human being who had touched the drive?
8. How is the data transferred accomplished?
9. What training are the people using the drive given on the data transfer process?
10. What program is used for the data transfer?
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10 Nov
There's been a lot of discussion about why MLB tv ratings were down this year with most of the discussion focused on get woke, go broke. While that is certainly a part of it, I think that the herd of elephants trumpeting loudly and trampling about is being very pointedly ignored.
The Astros cheated and the only consequence to the players involved was that they won a World Series. That's it. Yes, yes, there were some punishments here and there but for the players themselves? Not a single damn thing. The lesson there? Cheating is worth it, big time.
The Astros kept that World Series even though it is indisputable that they cheated throughout the season. Why? *handwring handwring* Well, there's no proof it caused them to win the Series and we can't just go back and take it away and the integrity of the game!
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9 Nov
I see the new hotness on the "Right" is that meh voter fraud happens every election whatchugonnado? I don't know, maybe, just spit balling here, at any time over the past 60 years any of y'all being so blase about this could have STOPPED IT YOU PATHETIC COWARDS!
You know what else you could have done, you spineless pieces of ambergris? You could have demanded that those engaging in it must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. You could have thrown your support to clearing out voter roles. You could have aided True The Vote.
Another thing you could have done? Is defending, with vigor mirroring the apathy with which you are shrugging eh it happens, those who said voter fraud is real. Funny, I don't remember seeing a single solitary one of you True Conservative Defenders Of The Base doing so.
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9 Nov
I shall now tell a story that summarizes my response to this let us all come together in unity that is said every time a Democrat wins. I don't come across particularly well in this story, but, well, I'm not a particularly nice or good person no matter how hard my parents tried.
I attended a very small high school. How small? There were under 100 people and the school was grades 7-12. There were 13 people in my graduating class. By the by, out of those 13, 12 went to college. Of the 12 that went to college, 9 of us have graduate degrees.
The most successful one of us? The guy who barely graduated and who went off to be a plumber and who started his own plumbing business and who was a millionaire by early 30's and employs like 75 people now but that's another story.
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5 Nov
In which I peeve everyone because I'm awesome like that. I've stopped reading whatever is going on. I don't care about the lawsuits. I don't care about the vote totals and oh these were found and tee hee hee look at our adorable volunteers forgetting to hit upload omg so cute!
No matter who wins, the result is tainted. I won't believe it if Trump wins. I won't believe it if Biden wins. I won't believe it because all of this is unbelievable. And inevitable. Systems stress to failure and the system has failed. We're talking this level of failure.
This has been decades in the making. Decades. Sure, let's start with Nixon and JFK and 1960 and WV because we have to start somewhere but it's not like vote counting shenanigans are anything new. The jokes about voting in Chicago are Borscht Belt era old.
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28 Oct
Let's chat about this BUT BUT BUT BIDEN AND DECENCY AND THHHHHHEEEEE CCCCHIIIIILLLDDDDRRRRRREEEENNNN and whatever amount of contempt you think I have for this idiotic mouth braying you have no idea. And I'm not even talking about Biden's hair sniffing ways.
Here's what the decency DECENCY wine guzzling gossip mongering deacon's wives nice contingent means by decency: no one ever says anything that's not passive aggressive bitchy and we all pretend that there's just one way, one upper middle class way, of doing things.
Don't you dare point out anything that will upset anyone in any way. Don't you DARE say something that responds to the aggressive part of the passive aggressive. Don't you even contemplate pondering thinking about confronting someone who is an utter bitch to you. How DARE you!
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