Right, you know what? I can't stay silent on this. So here you all go, a long thread about #StarTrek fandom's racism and Anti Blackness. "Enjoy" /1
#StarTrekDiscovery #StarTrekLowerDecks #StarTrekEnterprise #StarTrekDS9 #StarTrekTNG #StarTrekENT #StarTrekVoyager
The last 24h or so have held up a mirror to the Star Trek fandom and it has shown the ugly, racist and Anti Black face it has when confronted with its members bigotry in even the mildest way. /2
A Black woman dared to point out how podcasters with a platform in the fandom prioritized white voices and ignored the voices of especially Black women, but in general all Black and brown people. /3
At the same time a white Trekkie used a slur about Burnham in a blog entry and was rightfully called out for it by Black fans.
The result was as predictable as it was racist and very typical of fandom when confronted with its bigotry. /4
Black fans in general and especially the Black woman who mildly stated which voices Trek fandom prioritizes, which is white voices and a few token fans of color who are generally completely uncritical of both franchise (in regards to race) and the fandom in general. /5
The white pod caster who was used as an example originally, very predictably "tried to reach out" only to shortly (as in hours) later "block the Black woman because his mental health is being damaged". /6
Never mind what racism in and out of fandom is doing to the mental health of Black women. That's clearly not his concern, because he's fine with her getting attacked and is doing nothing to stop his stans in their racist assault. /7
Because after this display of white fragility he did a white flounce and left, having used his whiteness to its hilt and knowing full well what kind of attack she'd be subjected to. Seriously, no one who has been online these past 6-12 months can claim to be ignorant of that. /8
It was hard even before, but now you're just lying if you claim you don't. /9
The racist blogger put out a fauxpology that white fans immediately accepted and they're now attacking all fans of color or any ally who dare call out how bs that apology was all the while demanding that Black fans forgive him for his racist words. /10
So yeah, these past day or two have really highlighted that white Star Trek fandom is not only not a group of people who will in any way help build a Federation or a Starfleet, because Trek fandom is incapable of working to undo their its own bigotry when confronted with it. /11
Rather it'll attack any fan of color who dare point out that it is. The Trek fandom isn't a welcoming space if you're not white. It isn't an accepting space unless you're uncritically supportive of whiteness and constantly center white people and white feelings. /12
And Trek fandom has a very special and vicious hate of Black women who dare speak out about the Anti Blackness and misogynoir in this fandom. /13
Now I know that if this gets any kind of attention I'll likely get some hate, but I know that it will be a fraction of what a Black woman faces for daring to mildly point out that maybe for once white people shouldn't be at the center. /14
And what you'll all do with the knowledge that Star Trek fandom is a racist, Anti Black and deeply misogynoiristic place, that will attack a Black woman for daring to not be 100% supportive and forgiving of white people? /15
Well, if the last 2 days is an indicator all you'll all do is get mad and throw tantrums. If that's not you? Then maybe do something constructive with it instead and support Black women in this fandom. /16
And @ all those bitchy racists going for a kind, warm, lovely Black woman right now? Come at me. I dare you. /17
Addition 30/11-2020, ca 9:30pm. The white male podcaster mentioned above is now trying to rein in his followers. /18

• • •

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30 Nov
How you prevent it? ell, lets see. Maybe googling slurs and pejoratives about Black people and spending a few minuets reading would be a good place to start.
Like educating yourself is a thing and it's not like there isn't an enormous amount of free available for anyone with an internet connection. This isn't the 1980s, we're no longer hampered in our ability to educate ourselves from what we can access from the local library. /2
We have all of Tim Byrners-Lee's internet and all the information available there.

PS. The slur he used is even listed in the damn wiki article over common slurs and pejoratives for Black people, but he apparently couldn't even be bothered looking up reading that little. /3
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