1\ As we've been watching the hearings on election fraud in these contested states, I keep thinking about the phrase "The military is the only way."

There are several related drops, but D36 stands out to me. Everything is so corrupt, there is no other way than the military. Image
2\ If the military is the only way, tho, why bother with lawsuits and fights with the MSM? Why not just invoke the Insurrection Act and take down these traitors?

Because the people won't accept it. They must first see it for themselves.
3\ Before Nov 3rd, most people still believed the elections were mostly fair and honest. Minor attempts at fraud existed, sure, but nothing like widespread national vote rigging.

That fairytale has since been thoroughly and completely shattered these last several weeks.
4\ This mass blackpilling of people concerning our elections reminds me of another drop we saw a lot of during the riots and violence just a couple short months ago: D4461.

Did you think "you must show them" was only about the riots? Image
5\ We all had to be shown just how thoroughly corrupt our elections had become and just how deep that corruption had spread.

We all know there is corruption in D.C., but we also had to see the corruption at the state and local levels too. Even Republicans were in on it.
6\ Evidence was collected and lawsuits were filed, only for us to run into yet another level of corruption: the courts.

Anons already know the level of corruption in these courts with activist judges running cover for the [DS]. But most others still needed to see it.
7\ We've seen flagrantly asinine rulings from these judges, and obviously biased refusals to even consider the evidence in some cases.

Here and there a normal judge appears, but they are almost always overruled by corrupted higher courts.
8\ All along this time, we've also been witnessing yet another level of corruption in the mainstream media (MSM). The full on suppression and refusal to cover any of these lawsuits fairly and accurately to keep the info from the people is criminal.

Even Fox News has thrown in.
9\ And joining their more traditional MSM brethren, are the Big Tech tyrants, who happily label anything speaking honestly and factually as 'disputed'.

They're also quite happy in outright suspending or banning accounts that get a little too close to the truth.
10\ In an effort to combat these corrupt and fraudulent acts, we reach out to our corrupted DOJ and FBI for assistance in restraining these bad actors, and are responded to with silence.

It's as if these agencies are also in on the fraud and do not want to get involved.
11\ Every step of the way, we are met with fierce opposition and resistance. Integrity has no bearing and truth does not matter.

We are like Sisyphus, forever pushing the same infinitely heavy boulder up the same insurmountable hill.
12\ We hold hearings with republican reps and senators from state legislatures presenting the evidence we've collected of widespread fraud.

Afterward, they're fully engaged, but there's only so many of them and the remaining legislature doesn't want the fight.
13\ Unfortunately, the state legislatures will most likely fail at their attempts to reclaim the electoral power. But this is known and expected.

Why pursue it then, along with these hearings?

Because WTP and these legislatures need to know the truth being kept from them.
14\ The Trump legal team, along with Sidney Powell and the white hats all know that these legal issues will end up in front of SCOTUS. They are using this time now in the lower courts to build their cases and spread the information (as much of it as they can) far and wide.
15\ The MAGA legal team needs to have the people and the state legislatures on board when the real hammer drops after SCOTUS rules in favor of Trump.

Do you think Soros, et al. and the [DS] will simply accept a SCOTUS ruling that awards Trump his rightfully earned second term?
16\ The [DS] and the Soros bunch, along with the MSM, will cry bloody murder when the SCOTUS ruling drops. They will not accept it.

They will blame ACB and refuse to concede. The riots will start again. The fires, the looting, the violence. The WH will be surrounded.
17\ The [DS] will have their ghoulish black bloc brigades thoroughly convinced the election was stolen by Trump and that they need to remove him by force.

Tensions will rise until the hoards overrun the WH grounds and attempt to remove the POTUS, who will be absent.
18\ It is around this time we will get the message via Twitter: "My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us." and the Insurrection Act will be finally invoked.

The military and federalized NG will restore order to the streets, and will conduct all investigations into the fraud.
19\ What evidence do you think they'll use to conduct these investigations? Possibly all the evidence being collected now and being displayed for all to see in these hearings? Would they add more of their own evidence?

Treason will be declared and perp walks will begin.
20\ If you don't think POTUS has these authorities under the Insurrection Act, I'd refer you to D11, where the authority is directly implied. Image
21\ So we're just waiting on the SCOTUS rulings and the invocation of the Insurrection Act. That's what all this is leading up to.

POTUS and white hats had to show the people the truth and that all options to correct the fraud had been expended before invoking the Act, however.
22\ So what does this mean for we Patriots right now? Do we sit back and do nothing? No. We stand and we fight! We continue protesting and shouting and calling our reps to support each other. We share the truth of the evidence far and wide. We push back against the MSM narrative.
23\ We must let our supportive reps know that we stand with them, and we must let other Patriots know they are not alone.

Do not hang your head when the "losses" come for we knew they would. They must to prove the necessity of the actions to be taken later.
24\ Stand tall, Patriot, knowing your voice will be heard.

Stand tall, Patriot, knowing the truth will be shown.

Stand tall, Patriot, knowing the corruption is nearing its end.

This is not another 4-year election.

No war. No civil unrest. Clean and swift.

God wins.

• • •

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More from @SonsOfMontesQ

3 Feb
Fascinating read. Trump & _17 wouldn't keep known [DS] actors so close without reason. They knew exactly who these people were and how they would react to the _ele_ction. They knew legal efforts would fail. And they wanted the world to see it all. 📽 🍿
They wanted the world to see just what the [DS] is and what they have planned for us. WTP (not just anons) needed to see this. We needed to be taken to the precipice so we all could see our true enemy for who they really are. Only then will the will to change be found.
They could've stopped all of this. They could've stopped Dominion, the 3AM vote drops, and the fake ballots. But they didn't. Why? They did it in 2016 just enough to allow Trump to win, so why not do it again on a bigger scale? Because it had to be this way. Think about it.
Read 10 tweets
12 Jan
I told you they'd blame anons. The War Room now blaming _17 followers for the War Room's strategies failing miserably. Blaming Lin and Sidney because their old analog tactics did nothing in a new digital war. Lin and Sidney didn't create the corruption. And neither did anons.
You make your own decision, but I'm no longer watching Bannon's War Room. I'm getting nothing from it anymore. They keep blaming everyone else & rehashing the same evidence pretending we'll get a fair hearing if we just evidence harder. And they say WE'RE living in fantasy 🙄
There's a reason Bannon was let go from the Trump admin early on. Now you know why. He's very effective at organizing and distributing information, but when it comes to strategy in the real world outside of the media bubble, he's severely lacking.
Read 4 tweets
6 Dec 20
The rally tonight was brilliant. Did you catch what was happening?

Essentially, Trump laid down a million tons of pressure on the Senators, the Gov, the SoS, the Minion, and anyone else involved in the fraud.

But, he's also given them a choice.

Let me explain.
Trump comes out and immediately starts praising the Senators and talking about the "socialists taking over the country if we don't elect them", yadda yadda yadda...

He repeats all the same talking points the GOP has been flooding the media with these last weeks.
But if you think about it, these talking points are moot. Trump is playing the game.

Do you really think the good guys would allow the fate of the country and WTP to rest on the outcome of runoff election for 2 feckless, spineless, corrupt GOP RINO Senators?

Not at all.
Read 9 tweets
25 Nov 20
1\x Many have already been wondering this, but could Sidney Powell be the real 'Durham'?

Let's look at some sauce 🥫👀

Many already know that Sidney was born in Durham, NC. Could her birthplace be her codename? Image
2\x I ask if her birthplace is her codename because searching for the word Durham in 17's posts shows that the full name John Durham is never actually typed out by 17.

The full name will show in links and pics, but it's never typed out in full. It's always just Durham. Image
3\x Are they pointing everyone to John Durham while secretly communicating to Sidney through a codename?

Reports are stating John Durham isn't doing much. What if they're true? DOJ moles would report it making [DS] think they're in the clear for vote fraud.
Read 8 tweets

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