@PhilGreaves01 @AlisonBlunt 1 / : I can explain it a bit: You can take a PDB file from the RCSB database (rcsb.org) or a sequence from GISAID, for example the Spike Protein, and load it into a 3D-Viewer, some 3D-Viewers are quiet sophisticated (pymol.org/2/).
@PhilGreaves01 @AlisonBlunt 2 / : I used Molecular Maya, took the 6VSB-entry of the Spike Protein and started to "fill gaps", there're gaps in the sequence, you can recognize them when there are many straight "cartoon lines" in the structure, therefore information is missing. rcsb.org/structure/6VSB
@PhilGreaves01 @AlisonBlunt 3 /: Here you can see how the software Molecular Maya (clarafi.com) is comparing all other S-Protein entries with all other entries at the RCSB database (f. e. entry 6VXX) & is filling the gaps with the help of those "cryo shocked samples".
@PhilGreaves01 @AlisonBlunt 4 /: Every cryo shocked PDB-entry / snapshot sample loses information, therefor this function is very convenient to get a more complete picture of the structure XY. Therefor the program creates suitable "peptides", these are strains of sequences that could fit into the structure.
@PhilGreaves01 @AlisonBlunt 5 /: such calculations are quiet time consuming, but after having filled all the gaps of the S-Protein 6VSB entry, I supposedely get a more "complete picture" of the theoretical computer model, and I can align it with the original entry to see how much more "complete" the info is
@PhilGreaves01 @AlisonBlunt 6 /: Here you can see, I am alligning my custom "gaps filled"-6VSB-remix with the original upload and I can see clearly more information at the ends of the spikes. . In other words, "the sequence is more complete". Notice the less "straight cartoon lines".
@PhilGreaves01 @AlisonBlunt 7 /: So therefor, I have theoretically a more complete picture of the structure, with more sequencing info, but nevertheless, it is the opposite of "isolation", the complete "opposite", it is a computer model experiment, and nothing more, it has been never validated nor isolated.
@PhilGreaves01 @AlisonBlunt 8 /: Here you can find the "more complete" PDB file of the structure, notice the rise in MB-size. drive.google.com/drive/folders/…
@PhilGreaves01 @AlisonBlunt 9 / : Same goes for "mutations". Another "cryo shocked" sample showed a difference at spot XY, f.e. at "Site 614, there is a change from D to G", the supposedly much "more infectious" D614G variant in the phylogenetic tree. Question: Do you think such a tiny change is relevant?
@PhilGreaves01 @AlisonBlunt 10 /: Here you can see how I am modeling the "mutation" as "experimental and theoretical computer model" simulation.
@PhilGreaves01 @AlisonBlunt 11 /: And again, nothing was "isolated", it's sequencing magic, that's it. That is the tipping point: It is a computer model simulation, and out of these custom PDB files you can convert your theoretical models to synthetic ones.
@PhilGreaves01 @AlisonBlunt 12/: Summary: Drosten did the same in January, he received the Wuhan sequences, "gaps filles", "aligned" the shit out of it, sent it back to Hong Kong, Roché for testing, it tested somehow positive (no wonder, it s based on SARS-COV). He did it with Python-custom container. End.
@PhilGreaves01 @AlisonBlunt Eurosurveillance is admitting in July again, and still up to date, no real virus isolates from patients are available, they are theoretical / synthetic models. Really End.

• • •

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2 Dec
@enamabula @TravelLightP1 1 /: Timeline: Dr. Peter Borger & Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kämmerer had sent out requests to Eurosurveillance to reveal the review process-protocol. I think Ulrike and @CoronaAusschuss did it 2 months ago, and Peter asked for it 1 month ago. On 18th November Peter got a response back...
@enamabula @TravelLightP1 @CoronaAusschuss 2 / : They answered after weeks of waiting time (compared to 24h review process of Corman-Drosten et al.) on 2 pages: They can't reveal the actual review process protocol, it is confidential (Q: How would you check the validity of a review process w/out protocol transparency?)
@enamabula @TravelLightP1 @CoronaAusschuss 3 / : Then we formed our consortium, conducted the research for the review report + retraction letter and submitted to Eurosurveillance via their online-portal on 27th November 2020. Simultaneously we decided to let it be a public extern review process with transparency (webpage)
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Now the shills will be on fire and the disinfo-machinery is gearing up. They'll try to dilute him and quickly spam those proper procedures as not valid for #virology. They are slaves of their #NextGenerationSequencing fantasy world.
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