This thread is addressed to people in Georgia who are thinking of not voting in the January runoff because you’re convinced the presidential race was rigged. That you were rooked. #thread #GASenRunoff
I’m not going to tell you that you were wrong. The integrity and security of elections in Georgia rests with the Georgia legislature and the voters who elect it. You’re responsible citizens, and these are your matters to settle.
I’m not going to tell you to vote the way I want you to vote. Again, you’re citizens, and that choice is yours. But… (there’s always a “but”, isn’t there?)
I want you to consider the consequences of a Warnock/Ossoff win. What follows are, in my opinion, the “you can bet on it” consequences.
The Democrats will have 50 seats in the Senate. With Vice President Kamala Harris breaking ties, that will make Chuck Schumer de facto (and maybe de jure) Majority Leader. Be afraid, very afraid. Remember, the Democrats are disciplined. They can hold their caucuses together.
With 51 votes, they will end the filibuster, meaning the Senate operates like the House and any bad idea just needs a simple majority to pass. And progressives are a fountain of bad ideas.
With 51 votes, they will not only end the Trump-era tax cuts, they will massively increase taxes. They need the money to fund the programs that make people dependent on them, to create clients.
With 51 votes, they will ram through an immigration “reform” that not only grants amnesty, but provides a path to citizenship (and voting). They assume, not without reason, these will mostly be Democrat votes.
(And, really, when this bill starts being talked about, what kind of rush to do you think we’ll see for the border?)
With 51 votes, they can pack the Supreme Court; it’s a simple matter of statute, I believe. Thrilled with the new conservative majority? Wait until President Biden nominates four more progressive justices.
With 51 votes and no filibuster -this is my favorite- they can add two new states: D.C. and Puerto Rico, both almost guaranteed to return Democrat senators. Suddenly the Senate goes from 50-50 to 54-50, edge Democrats. A long-term, dominating edge.
With 51 (or 54) votes, even if unable to approve the Paris Accord as a treaty, they can still pass legislation implementing it and AOC’s Green New Deal. Kiss off economic growth and prosperity.
Legislation that assaults freedom of speech. Laws that enshrine Critical Race Theory and progressive racial discrimination. Restrictions on gun rights and freedom of religion. Unrestricted abortion. All this and so much more becomes likely with 51 votes.
Now, you might think Democrats would never do this knowing they’d get killed in the next election. Forget it. They. Are. Disciplined. Remember Obamacare? If they held together for that, they will hold together for these. I guarantee it.
You might think Joe Manchin will stop the worst ideas. No. Manchin will only vote against the Democrats when he thinks it’s safe and his vote doesn’t matter. And do you really want to rely on a Democrat?
So, your vote is your vote, and if you believe the election is hopelessly corrupted, nothing I’ve written will convince you. But, if you’re at all unsure, all I ask is that you consider the consequences. This is Georgia’s election, but we all have to live with the results. #end

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1 Nov 20
I’m angry. I just came from my local grocers, where I found boards on the windows. It wasn’t because of earthquake or accident. They put them up because they’re scared of election-night riots if Trump wins.

This. Should. Not. Be. Not in America, damn it. #thread
They’re worried #BLM radicals and #ANTIFA and the fools who tag along will decide to “fight Fascism” by burning buildings, breaking windows, stealing stuff, and terrorizing neighborhoods.

Because nothing says “social justice” like ripping off TVs or snagging some free steaks.
But #BLM and #ANTIFA will riot no matter what, because these “trained Marxists” and anarchists will do it to show Joe who’s boss, if he wins. These junior-league brownshirts reject the entire system and want to tear it down – including Joe.
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2 Feb 20
1. I was adamantly never Trump prior to the election. You can check my timeline for proof. And I left the Republican party when he won the nomination. Still haven't rejoined. And I maintain an ingrained distrust of populism. However, something happened on 11/8/2016 #thread
2. Trump won. And so I did what I did when Obama won: give him a chance & see what happens. In the 3.5 years since, he’s been much better than I feared policy-wise. Not on everything, but on enough.
3. I don’t like the way he behaves; I wish to God he had more self-control and wasn’t such a barroom loudmouth. But, for all that, he’s better than the alternatives. They’re downright frightening.
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