9. Richard Lloyd Parry narrates his deep & perceptive essay on Japan, Japanese royal family, & the greatly admirable previous Emperor Akihito & his efforts to make the monarchy & Japanese society more sensitive to harm done in his father's name. [mp3] sphinx.acast.com/londonreviewpo… Image
10. An excellent long conversation with Stephen Kotkin on the occasion of the 100th birth anniversary of the great Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, conservative, anti-Communist, and a terrifying moral presence. files.libertyfund.org/econtalk/y2019… ImageImage
11. Excellently fun & insightful conversation w/ Pratap Bhanu Mehta who talks to two Pakistanis who probe what does it mean to be Indian, what is the Indian project, where does it fall short -- a great many interesting & open questions discussed.
feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/2452922… [.mp3] Image
12. Anne Applebaum speaks on the Holodomor -- when in 1932-33, nearly four million Ukrainians died of starvation, having been deliberately deprived of food by Stalin & USSR. The weaponization of hunger for political end goals. archive.org/details/anne-a… [a whole list here] Image
13. The great Mike Davis -- other than Perry Anderson, few fill me w/ awe on how widely they have read & written about as he -- on the changing shape of American politics and the rise of new forces: lumpen billionaires + disaffected working class.
sphinx.acast.com/londonreviewpo… Image
14. I don't know anything abt birds and so this was fascinating. Wenfei Tong on "Bird Love".
Some birds have a reciprocal promiscuity payoff & raise many offsprings, while others have long-term monogamy strategy. Why? Where does this calculus come from? traffic.megaphone.fm/LIT9629897263.… Image
15. From Epiros in northern Greece near Albania | An Epirotic Odyssey: [.mp3]
feedproxy.google.com/~r/smarty_pant… Musicologist Christopher King goes on an odyssey to uncover Europe’s oldest surviving folk music, and spins us some rare 78s.
Many fascinating music segments. Image
16. What is it to dream? mpegmedia.abc.net.au/rn/podcast/201…
Jennifer Windt on her efforts to develop a framework on dreams, where do dreams live relative to concepts as perception, hallucination, & imagination.

I have tried to record dreams in 2020, but I oftn forget. A diary of dreams! Image
Ferdinand Mount's excellent lecture on debates surrounding the British Raj, from its rapacious origins in the Elizabethan Court to Shashi Tharoor's 'An Era of Darkness' which acts as a beachhead that lends shape to various assessments. [mp3]
sphinx.acast.com/londonreviewpo… ImageImage
18. via a story of Cholesterol & Linoleic Acid, Malcolm Gladwell on a son's obligation to his father. This podcast moved me greatly. It made me think about that ancient question: how to keep alive the ideals of one's parents after their death.
leopard.megaphone.fm/PPY7869295725.… [audio] Image
19. You ask your husband if he's having an affair. He says no. You believe him. Inconsistencies in his story, you explain away. Your default is truth. Till one day, a trigger gives old evidence new meaning.
Gladwell on Cuba's long serving spy in America. leopard.megaphone.fm/CAD5718383969.… Image
20. One Nation Under Goethe

Till I read Walter Kaufmann, who woehsips Goethe [& disparages Kant, Hegel, Heidegger, & Jung] I didn't realize how pivotal Goethe was to German identity. The new Safranski bio only convinces me more so.

Neil MacGregor -->
open.live.bbc.co.uk/mediaselector/… Image
21. How to study history of Capitalism?

Sven Beckert on how 'cotton' was born & became a constant global struggle b/w slaves & planters, merchants & statesmen, workers & factory owners -- creating new inequalities aggravated by technology & colonialism. radioopensource.org/?powerpress_pi… Image
22. Everybody (well, a few "everybody") speaks about Weber's 'Protestant Ethic' & Capitalism -- but what is it really?

Peter Ghosh et al help cut through the fog that has accreted over a century or more...
open.live.bbc.co.uk/mediaselector/… Image

On Panini’s Grammar, Peter Adamson & Jonardon Ganeri offer a quick survey that still makes me wonder at the extraordinary ambitions, and success, of his Ashtadhyayi.

How to write code that governs the writing of future code. hopwag2.podbean.com/mf/feed/h8nwrp… Image
24. Ashis Nandy: "New India is those who embarrass you by scratching their backs with forks, sitting in Parliament. That’s the New India, and you don’t like to recognize them because they’re new to power, new to the urbanity to which you are accustomed."
media.blubrry.com/radioopensourc… Image

Mo Yan on his novels, writing strong women and avoiding censorship in China. One part poet, one part butcher ~ all life is interesting, nothing is sacrosanct except perhaps the earth shaking destiny of the Chinese present. buzzsprout.com/1371667/557170… Image

Ken Liu on Chinese science fiction, as a writer, a translator of 2 volumes of The Three-Body Problem, & the place of Chinese science fiction in its literary universe.

And many recommendations. chtbl.com/track/47257E/p… Image

If you love cricket, particularly Indian cricket, Ram Guha's melancholic love letter to a game that was a subtle beauty once, loved by writers and common folk, but has now transformed to a cynical dowager who will put on a spectacle, only if you pay. traffic.libsyn.com/seenunseen/E20… Image

Who was Edmund Burke? Or, how could one oppose the French Revolution while still publicly legislate against the East India Company. David Bromwich, who reads America more carefully than almost any body else I know, on Burke as a moral psychologist. feeds.acast.com/public/streams… Image

Alive at India’s Dead Ends: A Lecture by Shri Gopalkrishna Gandhi

< During Rama's coronation, a woman drops a pot she was carrying.

“Thatham thatham tham
Thathatham thatham thahaha”

That has to be one of the earliest onomatopoeia in Sanskrit...>

archive.org/embed/mm-intro… Image

Maria Heim on Buddhaghosa, a 5thC Pali Buddhist scholar, who contributed to what we call Theravada Buddhism today; on intention (cetana) as the basis of moral psychology unlike Western ethics that focus on individual choices and decisions. traffic.megaphone.fm/LIT4409285155.… Image
31. The histories of American abolitionism were interracial, transnational, & tied to the development of democracy.
A fascinating talk on Manisha Sinha's important book on the long struggle of abolitionists who, as I learnt, wrote & wrote & wrote...
traffic.libsyn.com/secure/benfran… Image

If you, like me, are fascinated by China's train systems, here David Feng talks abt Chinese trains & subways, its history & evolution -- frm Imperial Peking Railway to Sun Yat Sen to the Maglev running from Shanghai Pudong to Longyang Road Station. chtbl.com/track/65FD73/t… Image

• • •

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More from @KS1729

28 Feb
Kind of surreal to take a photo of the singularly inspiring Bhagat Singh -- a revolutionary voice in 1920s India, who was hung by the British in 1931, at the age of 24 -- run it through the Heritage AI algorithm, and see him reanimated.
Swami Vivekananda probably would have laughed at such algorithmic efforts to reanimate photos, but as a great believer in the powers of science to improve material aspects of human lives, he would have probably wanted to understand the details of how it all works.
It was hard to find a quality photo of Lokmanya Tilak, but this worked. Tilak urgently deserve a new reappraisal as one of the founding fathers of the modern Indian mind. A reformist & revivalist of traditions, a believer in the power of mass media before most Indians could read.
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13 Jan
Podcasts for 2021 -- a running thread:

[For a similar thread on 2020 -- see here: ]
1. If you love cricket or have admired the writings of C. L. R. James -- a wonderful first of a three part series abt his life.

Derek Walcott on CLR James: "sentences of a great prose writer contain light, natural light...the feeling of approaching dusk." cbc.mc.tritondigital.com/CBC_IDEAS_P/me…
2. On the extraordinary & violent rise Chinese intelligence and counterintel capacities under Mao (& Zhou en Lai) to the present when State Security divisions try to hoover up CPU/GPUs for supercomputers on American export control lists.


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3 Jan
For 2021, a new thread of sentences, I have found of interest/provocative/moving
Read freely, quote happily, attribute with caution. For a similar thread from 2018-20, see below:

“I’d never say this in public – I still love beautiful books and believe in them.” -Jacques Derrida
“I have sometimes been troubled by a doubt whether what is true in one case may not be true in all. Then, when I have reached that point, I am driven to retreat, for fear of tumbling into a bottomless pit of nonsense.”

– Socrates (Plato, Parmenides)
“I perceive that in Germany as well as in Italy there is a great struggle about what they call Classical and Romantic, terms which were not subjects of Classification in England – at least when I left it four or five years ago.”

— Byron, 14 August 1820
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13 Dec 20
Farewell John le Carre, thank you for all the extraordinary books and the immortal George Smiley. It was no doubt very hard work, but you made it look so effortless, made it all so human.

[proofs of 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy']
Read 20 tweets
22 Oct 20
if you know Malappuram in Kerala & the dynamics of its Islamist politics, 'Halal Love Story' on Amazon Prime is very interesting & good -- about two guys (from Jama'at e Islami) who set out to make a film. Image
it speaks to a deep truth: even the orthodox enjoy cinema.

how then can they go about participating in a modern art that has its own grammar of presentation & aesthetic which doesn't efface the moral ambitions of their self-consciously fashioned antimodern views?
understandably, the filmmakers argue -- religion is not the opium of the masses. cinema is.

all this is done in a light, spoofy sort of way.

plus, good to see Malabari Malayalam spoken on the screen without caricature.
Read 4 tweets
8 Oct 20
Louise Gluck: on the myths of originality versus, that ‘lesser thing’, uniqueness....
Earthworm — Louise Gluck
Read 7 tweets

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