The @nicd_sa is sticking to its narrative of asymptomatic transmission as a major driver, mask mandate effectiveness and deadly second waves. None of this is epidemiologically sound. 1/7…
Even fraudster Fauci knew this, before he and his ilk went mad: 2/7
The @WHO admitted the same in a moment of honesty that was comically brief: 3/7
And then there's this awkward reality: 4/7
On second waves, there are multiple misrepresentations going on, from fraudulent casedemics as in the UK ... 5/7…
... to the straight-up ruse of superimposing first waves from different locations. All of this is underpinned by the now embarrassing assumption of universal susceptibility, which entails denial of basic immunology. 6/7
Such ineptitude led to the @nicd_sa promoting lockdown, and by doubling down on these false narratives they are providing air cover for government to continue with its harmful measures. 7/7

• • •

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7 Dec
When a handful of scientists were ejected from South Africa's Ministerial Advisory Committee, we were hopeful that they would speak out against the malarkey. Instead, the "Scientists Collective" are inflaming it, as @PanData19 describes here: 1/10…
The condescending tone and overdose of misinformation in the article we reference tells us a lot about how South Africa came to adopt such a catastrophic response to a virus that presents no significant threat to the vast majority of its population: 2/10…
The SC have been right in pointing out that South Africa's lockdown had clearly not been responsible for the long wait for its winter outbreak, cautioned against overhyping second waves and spoken against immunity passports and travel quarantine. This is sound. 3/10
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6 Dec
The embedded thread is not getting the traction it deserves. This is probably owing to its technical nature. Its importance cannot be overstated. Instead of retweeting the header, this time I retweet one of its bombshells: 1/6
@robinmonotti's main point is that the @WHO's testing guidelines were modified to promote significant false positives, even pointedly dropping the measures designed to avoid them, as illustrated in a reply to the thread: 2/6
Months ago, I'd heard a story that labs were testing with one primer, but ignored it as laughable. This image shows exactly that happening, in Italy. 3/6…
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5 Dec
Here's a reminder that the entire edifice of PCR testing is tumbling down. Do spend some time browsing this site. The molecular biology aspects are challenging, but you'll get the drift. 1/8 @Pandata19
Ultimately, this means the episode we're going through is akin to the 2009 H1N1 hoax that scientists like Wolfgang Wodarg prevented the @WHO from perpetrating. This time round he was cancelled before he could become an inconvenience, but he has teamed up with @MichaelYeadon3 2/8
As seasonal endemism takes hold we can triangulate on the medico-legal fraud that is underway: 3/8
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3 Dec
What most people miss in the debate about whether masks work at an individual level, is that we'd better hope they don't. Mask mandates have been enforced in many places. If masks work, basic epidemiology predicts that they will cause Covid mortality to worsen. Here's why: 1/5
The logic finds a precise analogy in the epidemiological impact of lockdowns. 2/5
Herd immunity is an inevitable outcome of any strategy. Once it's attained, we are left with a group that is not exposed. Minimising harm involves making sure the unexposed group contains as many of the vulnerable as possible. See this elegant model. 3/5
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30 Nov
What is @PanData19's agenda? It's well framed by our basic tenets on lockdown:

1. Lockdowns run contrary to pre-Covid science, which consistently advised against quarantining the healthy under any circumstances, particularly because they entail devastating collateral damage.
2. Basic epidemiology predicts that, in the face of age-graduated mortality, which Covid demonstrates, general lockdown will cause worse mortality outcomes than doing nothing, which will in turn be worse than focused protection, advocated by the Great Barrington Declaration.
3. It is therefore not surprising to find in the data that lockdown stringency is not associated with reduced Covid mortality.

4. Sustaining a policy that negates pre-Covid science and the emergent experience, and which entails phenomenal collateral damage, is madness.
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29 Nov
South Africa’s State of Disaster has provided the legal air cover for what has surely been the worst public health policy in history. We managed to achieve, simultaneously, among the world’s worst age-based Covid mortality, the deepest and most permanent economic damage,... 1/6
... & the most corruption along the way. The eschewing of pre-Covid science, modelling atrocities, pseudoscientific school closures & mask mandates, testing orgies & service denial that have featured in other countries’ embarrassments were present, but we added local colour. 2/6
We threw in bans on sales of online products, open-toed shoes, hot chickens, t-shirts (other than as undergarments!); shambolic data; alcohol & cigarette bans that saw illegal industries mushroom overnight; and race-based financial assistance. 3/6
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