I’m on @newsmax in a minute, talking about Immigration—from blue states to red, and why we need to think about it the same way we think about foreign immigration.
Thinking about and discussing intra-American ideological immigration—called “the Big Sort”—allows us to get deeper into the issue of foreign immigration, too—but without the screen of race the Left uses to avoid addressing the really important things.
The basis of Open Borders concept is what I’ve identified in the past as Universal Values: idea that all people everywhere want essentially the same thing—to make money and to have political freedom. It’s a post-Cold War delusion that’s based on a misreading of the Declaration.
We all know, deep down, that this is utter nonsense. People prioritize different things. Some want to be pious, some want to be honorable, etc.

A necessary product of Universal Values concept is, (1) since everyone is basically the same, all populations are interchangeable.
(2) Population change—or even a change in a static population’s ideology—will somehow never result in drastic change to the basic blueprint of western democracy and free market capitalism.
I’m not sure how anyone can believe it, but inertia/ideological obtuseness is a hell of a drug. Oh, you could be paid to say this by big companies who depend on cheap labor, etc.

One of the amazing things about Trump’s arrival in 2016 was, he knocked cracks in this consensus.
Yes, obviously, Blue States and Red States have completely different policies based on differences in how they see the relationship between citizen and government.

Their citizens vote for politicians who reflect their view. You could think of this as a local political culture.
It is the main responsibility of the governor or mayor to prioritize the citizens of their states. In addition to serving current (not potential) citizens, it means to reflect their political culture, and to ensure its continuity.
For low tax, high growth states like TX or FL, there are no tax or business incentives in the world that are worth risking changing the policies that made you attractive in the first place. It’s a red line.
DO NOT THINK that, when big Blue companies arrive, the hundreds or thousands of new, imported “foreign” labor will have a political awakening. If you think it’s that easy, you don’t take ideology or culture seriously.

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13 Dec
When looking to understand political actors’ motivations, don’t jump immediately to corruption or bribery or blackmail or unspecified evil.

Most of the time, people have reasons for what they do or what they believe, based on their worldview. Analysis should begin there.
This becomes a lot more apparent when applied to, say, jihadi groups or individuals. Since 9/11, every possible barrier was erected to prevent people from understanding that jihadis took their doctrine seriously. Alt explanations ranged from climate change to “blowback,” etc.
In some of the more kooky places, some alleged the CIA was behind it all—which would come as quite a shock to the tens of millions of jihadis, publishing books, telling us exactly why they do what they do. But when you believe motivation is anything but ideas, you can’t predict.
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11 Dec
As @Oracle moves to Texas, it's it's well past time to take stock of what these internal political migrations actually mean--and what responsibilities governors, mayors and legislators have to ensure that the policy conditions which spurred others to move are not rolled back.
But economic policy is only half the story. Relocations in 2020 differ from prior moving trends bc the country is substantially different; it's more divided ideologically now, and bridging the divide between, say, MAGA and SJW is impossible. We have 2 poles, and people choose.
It's a point that's obvious as hell, but it gets lost in the shuffle: TO ASSUME EVERY AMERICAN AGREES ON THE FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF THE REGIME IS MADNESS. If that's not clear by now to you--if you think it's only tinkering at the edges--you're not a serious person. Sorry, no.
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7 Dec
THREAD. Remember that video of vote-counting shenanigans in Georgia? As ⁦@MZHemingway⁩ shows, it hasn’t been “debunked”—not even a little.

Here are a few questions @SGaSecofState and @GabrielSterling need to answer... thefederalist.com/2020/12/07/no-…
Neither @SGaSecofState nor @GabrielSterling offered an official explanation for why—according to a GA State Monitor in LeadStories—the Dep Chief Inv Officer for Sec of State was dispatched to State Farm Arena after midnight on election night. Why?
On Dec 3, Chief Invest & Media Liaison for @SGaSecofState @GabrielSterling told LeadStories that there was “never an announcement made to the media &other observers about the counting being over for the night.”

But @ajc reported exactly that on Nov 3.
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5 Dec
Spoke with two of my favorite people, @StarChamberMaid and @julie_kelly2 on their Happy Hour podcast.
I argued that GOP voters should want the GOP to hold the Senate—even as I loathe them, and don’t want to reward their perfidy. Listen here: blubrry.com/happyhourjulie…
When I’d agreed to do the podcast, the Senate GOP hadn’t yet shamefully caved to Big Tech on immigration, and hadn’t given Trump the finger on S230. After those two slaps in the face, I found it even more distasteful and maddening to go to the polls and reward them yet again.
I wish there was a way we could punish the GOP Senate while also not handing all of government to Democrats. The way to do this, of course, is through primaries—and we need to get better, and more invested in those.
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4 Dec
Yesterday, I wrote on the HACT Act, which would allow US citizens to sue foreign powers for damage due to hacking campaigns. It had 67 House cosponsors--everyone from @mattgaetz and @RepGosar to @JacksonLeeTX18 and @tedlieu, and was removed from NDAA. amgreatness.com/2020/12/03/the…
Like pulling @realDonaldTrump's 230 demand, this is a BIG MISTAKE. Some of the people responsible for this: @SenJackReed @RepAdamSmith @JimInhofe and @MacThornberry. These politicians are leaving Americans vulnerable to a massive--and growing--amount of cyber-crime.
I'm not sure why they removed #HACT Act: it will cost the government ZERO dollars; it would just open up the courts to deal with foreign state-sponsored hackers and cyber-criminals. Right now, a hacker with foreign government support gets DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY. It's crazy.
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25 Nov
Why have there been no Trump campaign rallies? He could’ve done a show of force right after the election in each of the contested states. This would’ve been important to maintain momentum. Why didn’t it happen?
By appearing to continue the campaign, he could’ve created the illusion that the campaign was not over—at least in order to motivate his supporters (and to pressure state legislators to appoint Trump electors, if that was the play).
The last 2 weeks has seen the momentum collapse—and people waiting for far-fetched Deus ex Machina solutions that are hyped more as eschatological events than legal or political strategies.
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