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10 Dec, 15 tweets, 4 min read
Got into a heated "debate" at the hospital tonight. Whole group was discussing "forced vaccinations" for "their own good". Government ordered (under Biden) and how some people are ignorant and "don't know what's good for them" so the "People who actually know what's going on,
(the educated superior people) have a Duty to force the others to take their medicine like children".

It was terrifying listening to them and their "moral superiority" discuss forcing people to vaccinate.
And once they all agreed to this they moved right into "court
Ordered birth control/sterilization". Sat there drinking and eating, calmly discussing when someone should be sterilized against their will. Criminals, racists, (one woman said her ex boyfriend) people laughed, then it went into Trump supporters, Trump's family, etc.
I.Q. testing for "voting rights" and holding certain jobs, and it went downhill from there.
This was a open discussion between doctors, nurses, P.A.s, .
Is this what it was like in nazi germany? Communist countries.
This wasn't some dark private thought never uttered out loud.
These were the people responsible for YOUR health. The people who will be vaccinating thousands+. These are the people who say if you're Sane, testify about You in court!, If you can fly, work, school.
Absolutely terrifying and Cannot be allowed to take root any further.
This is the Dr. Advising Baltimore's new Mayor. She is a PEDIATRICIAN who graduated med school in 2007, pediatric residency generally 3 yrs. Here resume has extremely limited medical experience, she has done "health i.t." work since graduating.
But she is completely 🙄🙄
Qualified to recommend these restrictions to the new Mayor.…
Here's a disgusting article about the restrictions.🤮…
This is how the "medical experts" sound in the media publicly. Read the above thread for how they Really feel and where they want this to go🙏🙏🙏 ImageImage
It's bad, I am deep, very deep, into the medical community, especially in Maryland and New Jersey. New Jersey is licensing foreign doctors with minimal experience or education and they are waving "criminal background checks".
In short they are:
"Licensing foreign physicians who will carry out their agendas no questions asked"🙏🙏🙏
Most states are implementing some type of license here changes because of covid.… Image
These Governors don't want "effective accurate medical care" they want a "Medical Agenda" for control 🙏🙏
And when these newly licensed agenda driven doctors get that NJ, MD, NY, license they have "Reciprocity Licensure".
Is your state listed on here?… Image

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1 Dec
Exercise All Caution when discussing enacting "martial law".
Not many, not enough, listened or understood what I wrote about in April through July of the deep State plans.
The DS/Dems are actively pushing to get martial law. They want it!!!
At this point it's the only way they will stay out of prison. This is the reason they are being so open so brazen about the fraud and crimes they are committing.
They are calling in all Favors. No one can hide anymore period you are either with them or against them,
And they are activating everyone they control and it's obvious.

They are caught! They no longer care about the election, they know it's a lost cause. They are pushing and pushing to get martial law.
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1 Dec
When does this "Election" become a "Act of War" by a hostile foreign nation?
Patriots Will Not Stop!
We Will Not Forget!
ANYONE who benefitted from this Chinese support is suspect.
ANYONE who used their Public Office to support, aid, or further this Act of War MUST be Removed and imprisoned immediately to stop further damage 🙏
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1 Dec
"fudge" Emmett Sullivan, we all know him by now.
He managed to insinuate himself into the Election, of course it was manipulated by his string pullers.
He issued an Order affecting the USPS and mail in ballots.…
Any of those places ring a bell?
How.... specific, of him🤔🤔 Image
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28 Nov
So, Lisa O. Monaco is on the
"Biden short bus", excuse me, Short List 😉, to head the DOJ?
Now that's very interesting, considering her CCIPS computer system played a roll in the 2020 Election fraud. Not manipulating votes but covering tracks, covering for those that did.
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