I disagree with you, Alastair. I believe @PanData19 is filling in the gaps that governments have failed to fill. I encourage you to have an open mind and listen intently to what we have to say. 1/n
Here’s how @PanData19 is approaching this crisis differently from governments:
We believe that "health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."- @WHO 2/n
To tackle the problem holistically, we have formed a multidisciplinary team made up of immunologist, microbiologist, geneticists, data scientists, physicians, economist, psychologists, educators, public health professionals and business owners. 3/n
We have also backed ourselves with a scientific advisory board made up of prominent experts in their fields.
They are supporting us every step of the way. 4/n
We believe that "the right to health is one of a set of internationally agreed human rights standards, and is inseparable or ‘indivisible’ from these other rights.” @WHO 5/n
First, the right to health includes all health conditions. As a consequence, we care to reduce total harm resulting from the pandemic not just deaths with COVID. We care about cancer patients and heart patients. We care about mental health and suicide. 6/n
We also don't see a dichotomy between lives and livelihoods. These aspects of our existence are intermingled. Loss of livelihood leads to loss of wellbeing and sadly sometimes to the loss of life. 7/n
Second, since preserving the right to health is indivisible from preserving other human rights, then we must care about all human rights:
a) the right to life
b) the right to liberty & security
c) respect to private and family life
d) freedom of opinion, speech and choice
e) freedom of assembly and association
f) protection from discrimination
g) the right to work and provide for one's family
h) the right to education
i) the right to move freely
We believe that public health measures must be put in place to support individuals not coerce them & deny them their basic human rights. Lockdowns, border & school closure, mandatory PPE, mandatory vaccines, & immunity passports should all be rendered unconstitutional. 10/n
We believe that all stakeholders in a crisis must collaborate to find a targeted solution. Complex problems can only be solved through a decentralized problem-solving process. The best solutions to global problems are local solutions. 11/n
For this reason, we have endeavoured to form a global network of doctors, lawyers & grassroots organizations, spreading from the US to Australia. As we each tackle this problem from a different angle, we believe our collaboration will amplify our voices & make them be heard. 12/n
We believe that interventions should be based on needs. The #GBdeclaration takes into account the age-gradient of risk posed by the virus and proposes a Focused Protection approach. 13/n
We believe that blanket solutions lead to a situation where the cure is far worse than the disease.
The public deserves to be empowered with accurate and unbiased information to make informed decisions not scared and fearmongered into compliance. 14/n
We believe in human agency. People are the experts at making decisions that optimize their wellbeing and health. We don't believe that those at the top can make better decisions for those at the bottom. 15/n
We believe in explanation-based science over inductive methods. Evolutionary knowledge is built on conjectures and refutations. This process relies on scientific debate. Shutting down alternative views and demonizing criticism is denying science and ending human progress. 16/n
We believe in real-life data over modelling exercises that rely on false assumptions. Assuming that all people are susceptible to a 'novel' virus and that they all carry an equal risk from it can lead to pretty disastrous predictions and actions. 17/n
Postulating that lockdowns have a positive effect on mortality then proving this theory by claiming that lives were saved by the lockdowns in comparison to the atrocious predictions of the modellers is unscientific and defeats common sense. 18/n
We believe the truth will prevail.
To end this fiasco,
We must all come together now to reopen our societies.
We must all come together to reverse the collateral damage and reduce total harm.
We must all come together to save our civilization. 19/n
@PanData19 is proud to be a major contributor to overcoming this challenge. We are hard at work on a blueprint that will pave the way ahead.
We will soon publish our Protocol for Reopening Society on our website. Stay on the lookout! 20/n
Find @PanData19’s Protocol for Reopening Society on our website.
You are welcomed to translate it and share it with your government.
A special vote of thanks to @NickHudsonCT and the whole team at @PanData19 who made it happen.

• • •

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20 Apr
@PanData19 is pleased you have been vaccinated & are protected from SARS-CoV-2.
PANDA advocates a focused vaccine strategy that gives priority access to those at high risk from COVID-19. We are happy to clarify any misunderstandings regarding our stance on vaccines or ‘politics’.
PANDA opposes the push for mass vaccination of people at low risk from COVID-19, including children, young people and those who have already recovered from it. Vaccines are only indicated when the intervention clearly represents a greater benefit than risk. 2/n
PANDA contends, as do the esteemed members of our former Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), that viral immunity can be developed through both vaccination and natural inoculation. This is also in agreement with the WHO’s definition. 3/n
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18 Apr
"Politics playing medicine is a very dangerous game"
"Nothing works to control the spread of this virus"
"The strength of public health care system is only as good as the strength of the underlying economy to support it" (14 min for sharing) 1/n
"A litany of failures" by Dr Roger Hodkinson
1. Failure of due diligence on the computer modelling by @neil_ferguson
2. Failure to inform the public that there is no medical consensus for any of the draconian restrictions 2/n
3. Failure to inform the public of the negative consequences of these restrictions
4. failure to halt the testing of asymptomatic people
5. failure to inform the public about the actual risk from COVID and that variants are nothing to fear 3/n
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12 Apr
"Anyone can be infected with the virus, but there is a thousandfold difference in the risk of death between the young and the old. Testing strategy should reflect that." 1/n @MartinKulldorff #JayBhattacharya
"There is little purpose in using tests to check asymptomatic children to see if it is safe for them to come to school. When children are infected, most are asymptomatic, and the mortality risk is lower than for the flu." 2/n
"child-to-adult transmission isn’t. Children thus pose minimal risk to their teachers. If a child has a cough, a runny nose or other respiratory symptoms, he should stay home."
The recommendation is this simple. Let's stop complicating life. 3/n
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12 Apr
Those who recover from COVID19 develop a broader immunity than those vaccinated. Yet Big Pharma is pushing people who have recovered to take a 'booster' shot- contradicting WHO's pre-COVID 19 recommendations. See below. 1/4
"In contrast to antivirals and medical care interventions,
influenza vaccination can only be applied
as a preventive measure. Therefore, the target
group consists solely of persons who have not yet
been infected." 2/4
"Persons who have been infected
with the pandemic virus strain and have recovered
from illness or only had mild disease will already
have developed immunity and do not need vaccination." 3/4
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11 Apr
Freedoms are not given. They are upheld.

Your voice is needed.
Any EU national or resident can support the following petition.
Please go to the below links to sign it. 1/n
A petition was submitted to the European Parliament by a coalition of associations from 20 European states calling for the creation of a parliamentary committee to investigate the C19 measures and for the immediate restoration of our fundamental rights and freedoms. 2/n
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11 Apr
The benefits of mask-wearing by healthy people in the general population- WHO Interim Guidance Dec 1, 2020 (p 10)

Got to love these two!!!
The harms of mask-wearing by healthy people in the general population. (p 10)
Let's disregard all of these and recommend mask-wearing anyways...
Despite the fact that WHO thinks the following...
(WHO Interim guidance June 6, 2020) see below ...
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