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11 Dec, 12 tweets, 4 min read
I have been listening to Biden's recording with Civil Rights leaders and his tone and bs was a trip I wasn't ready for.

The disrespect was absolutely unacceptable. No self-respecting African-American should be allowing old White dudes to talk to them this way. (THREAD)
The other thing that irritated me was his demand that we work with White Hispanics. We GOTTA do it.

Nobody is else is told they have to work with other racial groups except African-Americans. No other racial groups are ridin for us!

I'll show you. 2/
The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) advocates for all people of colors. It was founded by Blacks, but looked out for all the Brown immigrants that came here AFTER us.

Black folks fought for and protected the rights of all non-White people.
Other groups don't. I looked.

The National Council for Asians and Pacific Islanders don’t advocate for Black people. I haven't heard on call for them to help and support Black people. 4/
The Jewish Federations don’t advocate for Black people either. Nobody is telling them they need to include Black people in their agendas or work with them. 5/
The American Mexican Association only advocates for Mexican communities in America. Never have they a Black or colored agenda. No one told them they needed to repay us for your sacrifices. 6/
The National Network for Arab Americans only advocates for Arab-American communities and Arab community-based organizations. There is no Black agenda here, no forced cooperation pleas either. 7/
The Cuban American Foundation only advocates for Cuban people and Cuban interests. Ya'll already know they ain't checkin for Black folks or working with Black folks... 8/…
The Ku Klux Klan, a White nationalist terrorist group, has always advocated for the interests of White people, just like the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy and all those little White secret society organizations, like the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. 9/
African-Americans are the ONLY people FORCED to work with everyone and get nothing in return. We're are asked to wait, settle, and not take care of our own.

We are asked to do what no one else does for us. At some point, African-Americans are going to have to wake up.

We need our own agenda, our own organizations, our own advocacy tools, and our own lobbyists just for us, just like everyone else.

When they tell us to wait.... they are telling us to allow others to get in front of us and take resources away from us we earned.

Just wake up ya'll. We're not in a #coalition, we're in a #competition. Help yourselve, because nobody else will.

We. Are. All. We. Got. And a lot of US ain't even for US.

Black Lives Matter.

12/12 (End)…

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11 Dec
I don't know who needs to hear this (wypipo), but this is classic casual racism practiced by White people who refuse to listen to the concerns of Black people.

Y'all haven't earned our trust, that's why we don't trust you.
What Dr. Fauci said may indeed be correct (they've lied and flip-flopped so much, stood by in silence to let liars, protecting their personal interests), but using the race of the Black doctor to try and convince AA the government and medicine is safe is SO casually racist. I...
The reason many Black people don't trust the vaccines or the government is because America has NEVER made right what its done wrong to us African Americans as a group collectively.

And when they do apologize it's decades, sometimes centuries AFTER the harm has been done.
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27 Oct
Good morning to all the hardworking Black people whose momma taught them to work twice as hard, yet they can't attain what they've EARNED because White women and men like Amy Comey Barrett are GIVEN positions/power just BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE and will sustain White

Supremacy. We all have worked with a White person and wondered how they got that position. Trumps, Mitch McConnells, Lisa Murkowskis, Lindsey Grahams help them.

The GOP just gave us a Master Class in gatekeepers of White Supremacy.

Never forget it. Be thankful for it.
Save this blip in time for your Black children and grandchildren. Teach them how White America works.

This happens in America everyday, with any employer, in any human resource office where White people get to make decisions on our employment ops and our upward mobility.
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17 Jun
As a Black mother, I have spent my entire life softening the blows of racism for my sons. My job never ends.

I taught them how to navigate racism in school from teachers. Then the police and public. Then stores and businesses. Then college. Then the workplace. Then in cities.
I was forced to teach them code stitching and assimilating, because America won't allow us to just be. Softening blows.

My sons learned early in life their Black was bad in White America. Softening blows.
Now as a Black mother, I'm softening blows dealt by America for my sons.

I'm teaching them they'll never measure up thanks to racism and that allies often let us down, because they get tired, check out and they're often fragile.

That there is no justice, it's just us. Blows.
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