How I went from $0 to making over $25 Million for my clients while living in a third world country:

A thread on how one book and a missed party changed my life.
Before we begin, let me just say:

This wasn’t quick.

It took me 5+ years of when I started my entrepreneurship journey to get here.

And while not everything was pretty,

I did learn very useful lessons along the way:
When I was 17 I used to drink every day.


My friends gave me rides. Paid for my drinks. Took me out every day (and night).

Dream college life right?

I thought so too.

But something didn’t seem right.
Ever since I was a kid I only dreamed about one thing:

To be rich.

What that meant to me back then was to be 25 years old,

Looking over NY on the highest building and think:

“Man I did it. I really did.”

But the life I chose didn't even allow me to afford good food.
One night I was about to go out with my friends (again).

I was waiting for them at a bookstore.

Out of every book, Kiyosaki’s caught my eye:

Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant: Guide to Financial Freedom.

After chapter

After chapter

I probably read half the book before I even checked my phone and saw a hundred messages from my friends.

But I didn't care.

I was in flow.

I just discovered financial freedom!

And I wanted to get it.
A few months later I started selling.

>Mini pillows
>Rented out books
>Street bags

And used that money to buy even more books.

Meanwhile I looked for jobs everywhere

>This weird machine assembling job (which I took)

Then I came across a blessing...

I came across a guy at my college who posted some inspiring stuff.

I was curious.

Reached out to him.

I asked if he needed help with what he’s doing.

He was. (He was starting an FB Ads agency.)

And I was hired.

3 things happened next:
He gave me access to $10,000+ worth of training courses...

Clients to work with right away...

And money to buy a new laptop because mine was so shitty (it literally restarted every 10 minutes).
He trusted me that I’d pay him back after 12 months.

I honestly felt indebted.

And I wanted to do everything to give back as much as I can.

So I got to work.

Learned everything I can about FB Ads even during class and looked for ways to help grow the agency.
I told myself I’d be the best at FB Ads.

9 months in, I paid it all.

During that time, my perspective about money completely changed:

We were making hundreds of thousands for our clients every month.

There was simply SO MUCH money out there.

(I couldn’t believe it at first.)
So I thought the obvious:

I understand agency work.

I know FB Ads.

Why don't I do freelancing/start an agency?

So I did.

But the challenge was that I didn’t know how to sell it properly as a service.

I was new to online biz and I wasn’t confident enough.
I was literally charging $500/mo back then while making 6-figs/mo for my clients.

Then I met @scotty_sss and @WesternMastery

They knew everything I didn't:

> How to make real money online
> How to operate a business
> How I can improve my craft

And more.
Everything aligned perfectly:

> Knowledge
> Connections
> Timing

If I wanted to build an agency, the time was NOW.

And I did.

Today we have 7 full-timers (and 3 freelancers) and we've made over $25 Million for our clients.

No tricks. No luck.

Just serendipity along the way.
2020 was a big challenge, but I’m not worried.

Here’s why:

I learned invaluable lessons along the way:

>How to build a business
>How to think and achieve big things
>How to create value for other people
>How to deliver on my promises
>How to make money for people I work with
I might not be the guy my kid self looked up to yet.

But I will be.

Fast forward to today,

I'm sharing everything I know about online biz and life with you.

It's been an amazing journey full of highs, lows and unexpected events.

And guess what?

I’m just getting started!
Some lessons:

> Don’t be afraid of asking for help.
> ”Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” -Sun Tzu
> Think big because that’s the only option you have.
> Read more.
> If you don’t take a chance on yourself, nobody will.

Follow them.

They’ll change your life.
Thanks for reading!

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