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13 Dec, 10 tweets, 2 min read
Vaccine Passport thread:

CommonPass is a digital ‘health passport’ initiative by the World Economic Forum and The Rockefeller Foundation, merging your health records with your ID document and seeking to make vaccination status a prerequisite for travel.
The very idea of a vaccine passport and the requirement of vaccination for traveling is a dangerous concept with chilling parallels to the late 1930s Germany and the branding of Jew with yellow star badges.
Like the badges for the Jews, the ‘Passport’ serves to divide people into two distinct groups; The vaccinated and the unvaccinated and mark the latter as outsiders. The non (science) believers and the ‘anti-vaxxers’.
This is discrimination of the highest order resulting in a two-tier society in which people are discriminated against based on their medical records. Segregation of people into second class citizens who can’t travel and are ostracized from society.
The Vaccine Passport has nothing to do with public health protection because if it was, a negative Covid test would be the requirement for travel. Instead, they require the vaccine. This is therefore proof that this is a political move and all about pushing the vaccine.
Reserving the right to travel for the vaccinated only is an attempt at coercing the vaccine and infringes the right to voluntary consent.
The choice to vaccinate is no longer voluntary because there are threats of retributions (restrictions to liberty), such as limiting your human right to travel and freedom of movement if you don’t vaccinate.
Coerced consent is not consent. The consent to vaccinate is not voluntary if refusing it your freedoms are limited as punishment. This is medical blackmail and tyranny.
Yellow fever argument:

The yellow fever vaccine has been available for more than 80 years, whereas the Covid vaccine has only been tested for a few months. We know nothing about its long-term effects and it is therefore unethical and dangerous to impose such a vaccine on people
Vaccine passports make no sense if the Covid vaccines do not stop you spreading the virus.
At present, we do not know if the vaccines stop people from carrying and transmitting the virus. If none of the vaccines prevent transmission, then vaccine passports make no sense.

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Those wrong pretend to be right.
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Laugh if you will, but the occult is all around us. Why does the number 666 always come up? Take a look at this thread and add your own examples, please.

First, it was:

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Bill Gates & Co. will also happily assist you 💉

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No face to face appointments in the UK unless you download the NHS Track and Trace App? You know what comes next. No appointments without the vaccine.
Correction. This is not an NHS app, but the Serco app.
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Words matter!

(If you don't get it, you are still asleep).
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Ah, the classic board game of rummikub. Nothing to see here. Image
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