OPENING STATEMENT [Important points]: @jbinnall "While the media and Democrats accuse us of 'making it all up' ... our evidence comes from both data scientists and brave whistleblowers. Here's what we found [in NV]:

- Over 42,000 people voted more than once. Our experts were
2/ able to make this determination by reviewing the list of actual voters and comparing it to the list of other voters with the same name, address and DOB. This method was also able to catch people using different variations of their first name ... as well as individuals who were
3/ registered under both a married name and maiden name.

- At least 1,500 dead people are recorded as voting, as shown by comparing the list of mail voters with the Social Security Death Records.

- More than 19,000 people voted even though they didn't live in NV. This does
4/ NOT include military voters or students. These voters were identified by comparing the list of voters with the USPS National Change of Address database, among other sources.

- About 8,000 people voted from non-existent addresses. Here, we cross-referenced voters with the
5/ Coding Accuracy Support System, which allowed our experts to ID undeliverable addresses.

- Over 15,000 votes were cast from commercial or vacant addresses. Our experts found these voters by analyzing official USPS records that flag non-residential addresses, and addresses
6/ vacant for more than 90 days.

- Incredibly, 4,000 non-residents also voted, as determined by comparing official DMV records of non-residents to the list of actual voters in the 2020 election.

- All in all, our experts identified 130,000 UNIQUE instances of voter fraud in NV,
7/ but the actual number is almost certainly higher.

- Our data scientists made these calculations, not by estimations or statistical sampling, but by comparing the list of ACTUAL voters, with other lists, most of which are publicly available. To put it simply, they explained
8/ their methods so that others could check their work. Our evidence has NEVER been refuted, only IGNORED.

- Two Clark County technical employees came forward, completely independent of each other, and explained that they discovered that the # of votes recorded by voting
9/ machines and stored on USB devices would CHANGE between the time the polls would close at night, and when they were re-opened the next morning. In other words, votes were literally appearing, and disappearing, in the dead of night.

- When we attempted to verify the integrity
10/ of these voting machines, we were allowed only a useless visual inspection of the outside of a USB drive. We were denied a forensic examination.

- Finally, our investigation also uncovered a campaign to illegally incentivize votes from marginalized populations by requiring
11/ people to prove that they voted to receive raffle tickets for gift-cards, televisions and more.

- Our determined team verified these irregularities without any of the tools of law enforcement, such as: grand juries, subpoenas or FBI agents. Instead, we had less than a month
12/ to use critical thinking and elbow grease to compile our evidence.

- We tried to obtain testimony or documents from Clark County officials, but they obstructed & stonewalled. When we filed suit, state officials and even courts delayed proceedings for days, but the offered
13/ us merely hours to brief and argue our cases.

- In wrapping up, Mr. Chairman, these findings are disturbing, alarming and unacceptable in a free society. Our free and fair election tradition is a precious treasure that we are charged with protecting. Government by the
14/ consent of the governed is hard to win, and easy to lose. Every single time a fraudulent or illegal vote is cast, the vote of an honest citizen is cancelled out. Thank you."

No, @jbinnall THANK YOU - For your tireless efforts to fight for integrity in our elections. Your
15/ opening statement was terrific and the damning [and irrefutable] evidence that your dedicated team compiled demonstrates the state of Nevada should have NEVER certified the results of the election and abdicated their responsibility to investigate [at LEAST] 130k documented
16/ cases of voter fraud to ensure that Americans of all political beliefs and ideologies have faith and trust in our electoral process. Not only is further investigation required, but each of these officials should be removed from office for such blatant disregard for the
17/ Rule of Law. God Bless you. 🇺🇸🙏🏻
18/ VIDEO [Part One]
19/ VIDEO [Part Two]
20/ VIDEO [Part Three - FINAL]

• • •

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The establishment should be careful about using the word “sedition” after being engaged in a non-stop seditious coup for the past 4+ years against @realDonaldTrump by:

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NEW: @SidneyPowell1 in radio interview w/ @toddeherman when asked what her "Elevator Pitch" to the Supreme Court would be "The very night of the election many people saw something that they had never seen before in the history of our elections. They saw votes being changed on
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BREAKING: @PatrickByrne, former CEO of, claims that he was complicit in facilitating a bribe for Hillary Clinton in the amount of $18M [on behalf of the FBI] in January, 2016. The bribe, which she accepted, was then going to be used by members of the Obama
2/ administration against Hillary after she was elected. As it was later explained to him, “President Obama has his people across the federal bureaucracy at this point, but especially at the Department of Justice. Hillary Clinton is going to be President for 8 years and nothing
3/ is going to change that, but think of there being a Bunsen burner within the DOJ. That evidence about the [2] bribes you were a part of gathering is going to be sitting on the Bunsen burner. The hand sitting on the burner is going to be one of Barack Obama’s people.
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