This thread details a social experiment of sorts. PANDA members have dropped bombshell after bombshell in recent weeks, with nary a peep out of media or the lockdown zealots of social media. Let’s recap on @Pandata19’s recent messages:
We pointed out that basic epidemiology predicts that lockdowns will cause Covid mortality to increase, by shifting disease burden onto the vulnerable. Our forthcoming paper shows how this has played out in the international data:
This is not new. Our advisory board member, @MartinKulldorf, has been making the consequential case for the benefits of focused protection since early April!…
We noted that the literature on this issue includes, quite stunningly, a paper by a founding signatory of nothing less than the John Snow memorandum, @mlipsitch.…
We noted that modelling work by our colleague @federicolois and @LDjaparidze demonstrated these effects with considerable elegance, producing predictions of resurgences in lockdown countries that have been uncannily accurate.
This analysis of lockdown has a corollary with respect to mask mandates. If masks work, which we seriously doubt, basic epidemiology expects mandates to worsen Covid mortality. “Slowing the spread” is not expected to save lives. It never was!
The Corman-Drosten Review highlighted massive concerns with qPCR testing, with the most profound ramifications not only for “cases” and death counts, but for the very basis for quarantining and livelihood destruction, and vaccine trials.
@Kevin_McKernan weighed in with the “wet” results supporting these serious allegations, including one paper pointing out that tests were triggering positive on distilled water.
To flesh out the dimensions of the false positive problem, which extend way beyond narrow method false positives, @ClareCraigPath wrote this article, which every doctor should read.
Doctors have to be concerned by this. It is undoubtedly the case that Covid-free patients arriving at hospital for non-Covid reasons have been allocated to Covid wards based on faulty test results, where they’ve contracted Covid and died.
@ClareCraigPath also went to town on the flimsiness of evidence for the asymptomatic transmission theory. Demonstrating great balance, she culled not only the pivotal early Chinese papers, but a recent one arguing asymptomatic transmission never happens.
@FatEmperor told how our view that asymptomatic transmission is not a significant driver conformed to pre-Covid science, with even Dr Fauci being quite convinced of it until he left science for politics.
This view is echoed by clinical perspectives, as discussed in this interview with our Scientific Advisory Board member, @MichaelYeadon3, ...…
We showed how analysis of English mortality pointed to no possible conclusion other than that a significant medico-legal fraud is underway, replete with misattribution of deaths and lockdown deaths being used to justify more lockdown.
Since then, others have demonstrated similar issues in the data for the US …
… and it’s been pointed out that Canada and Germany had experienced below normal mortality and ICU occupancy, yet were locking down.
So there you have it: Lockdowns, mask mandates, PCR testing, asymptomatic transmission, death reporting in significant countries, all lying in a steaming mess on the floor. And not a peep out of Team Lockdown. What to do?…
Well, I threw out a couple of (real) salacious anecdotes to see whether I’d get a rise out of them. Bingo! The very people who should be speaking out against this list of outrages, yet who’ve been eerily silent, piled onto these instead.
By suggesting that some deaths might be reported on the basis of PCR only, I was “pathetic” and “denigrating” all doctors and nurses, as if they are some identity group of uniform purity. Criticize some and you must surely be a doctor hater! “Provide evidence!” they cried.
But where was all this shrill indignation when we reported that such misconduct, apparently beneath the dignity of any doctor anywhere, has been MANDATORY in many places?
Where is my message from the @SAMRC, a representative of whom was one of the first to howl? That message saying, “We have noted your reports about PCR testing and agree that the situation is deeply concerning…”
“… We are looking into the abuse of the Corman-Drosten primers, single primer testing and high CTs as a matter of the highest priority.” Crickets. Not a solitary word.
Virtually worldwide, the Covid response has been a public health travesty. The collateral damage of these deeply foolish policies have been extensively documented and our explanation of how they worsen Covid outcomes too has not been refuted.
We mourn daily the savage damage being inflicted upon children’s psychology & development, upon workers & entrepreneurs by the narrow narcissism of Team Panic. They all bask resplendent in their fiat incomes, mostly guaranteed by taxes exacted from the very classes they pummel.
Never before has the world witnessed such a regressive, inequality-inducing set of policies being unleashed in the face of mountains of evidence that they don't work & are extremely harmful. Doctors should be informing themselves & resisting it all to the limits of their ability.
They should take note of the lobbying and pressure exerted through the @WHO itself, as big pharma cuddles up with the testing and vaccination bonanza, and of the suppression of excellent research on promising, cheap treatments.
They should be refusing to test asymptomatic people, and this lunacy of contact tracing should be suspended immediately.
I have great respect for science and medicine, and for courageous and rational participants in those fields who have called out this travesty, often at great personal cost. PANDA’s growing international network of doctors includes hundreds of such brave souls.
In light of all of this, I find myself experiencing rising levels of disgust towards doctors and scientists who do not join these brave souls in their quest to end the malarkey. Please, start by signing the @gbdeclaration, ...
… familiarizing yourself with the above problems, and reading @Pandata19’s protocol for re-opening society. And above all, speak out!

• • •

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Here's a reminder that the entire edifice of PCR testing is tumbling down. Do spend some time browsing this site. The molecular biology aspects are challenging, but you'll get the drift. 1/8 @Pandata19
Ultimately, this means the episode we're going through is akin to the 2009 H1N1 hoax that scientists like Wolfgang Wodarg prevented the @WHO from perpetrating. This time round he was cancelled before he could become an inconvenience, but he has teamed up with @MichaelYeadon3 2/8
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What most people miss in the debate about whether masks work at an individual level, is that we'd better hope they don't. Mask mandates have been enforced in many places. If masks work, basic epidemiology predicts that they will cause Covid mortality to worsen. Here's why: 1/5
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30 Nov
What is @PanData19's agenda? It's well framed by our basic tenets on lockdown:

1. Lockdowns run contrary to pre-Covid science, which consistently advised against quarantining the healthy under any circumstances, particularly because they entail devastating collateral damage.
2. Basic epidemiology predicts that, in the face of age-graduated mortality, which Covid demonstrates, general lockdown will cause worse mortality outcomes than doing nothing, which will in turn be worse than focused protection, advocated by the Great Barrington Declaration.
3. It is therefore not surprising to find in the data that lockdown stringency is not associated with reduced Covid mortality.

4. Sustaining a policy that negates pre-Covid science and the emergent experience, and which entails phenomenal collateral damage, is madness.
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