Doesn't it seem Backwards?
Chin-A his infiltrating and interfering in our election, and governors and elected officials are sending money to them? 🤔🤔
We know that Chin-a has bribed thousands of people at different levels to support their infiltration.
So why would they be sending money to China, disguised as various deals and purchases, masks Etc.?
They didn't.
In many States, including the contested States, the elected officials rated their own state, plundered their wealth, took your tax dollars and sent it overseas.
These untold billions of dollars, stolen from your state's taxes from federal money coming in for covid relief, has been hidden away under Chinese protection in various accounts around the world. Disguised as deals for services that never come through.
I have found six different accounts overseas that are tied to Newsome in California with a total of almost two billion dollars in them. Hogan in Maryland has his own accounts overseas. As do elected officials in multiple States.
Extreme amounts of money were flowing around because of covid relief and they were unsure of the success of their plans to "take the election". So they wanted to make sure that no matter what happened they would be filthy Rich when this all calmed down.
This money will ensure they could afford not to go to jail, they can buy the best judges, they always have money to run for re-election, and keep their agenda going indefinitely. There wasn't just election theft, vote theft, there's theft of the people's resources.

• • •

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19 Dec
More and more "politicians" will line up for their public vaccination 🙄
It's all theater, they aren't getting the vaccine. This is all a public prelude to Forcing the vaccine on people, and implementation of the required VACC card.🙏
The possibilities of using covid to manipulate the country, and the world, was discussed months ago, see my thread attached. They were rabid with the possibilities. Calling covid vaccination a "human right"
Allowed them to discuss something that irritated me so bad
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18 Dec
Hey Mitch! I don't think Biden will need you much longer!😬😬
Maybe you can get a job on the golf course 😁
Cool! They have the Pelosi edition 😉😉😉 Image
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10 Dec
Got into a heated "debate" at the hospital tonight. Whole group was discussing "forced vaccinations" for "their own good". Government ordered (under Biden) and how some people are ignorant and "don't know what's good for them" so the "People who actually know what's going on,
(the educated superior people) have a Duty to force the others to take their medicine like children".

It was terrifying listening to them and their "moral superiority" discuss forcing people to vaccinate.
And once they all agreed to this they moved right into "court
Ordered birth control/sterilization". Sat there drinking and eating, calmly discussing when someone should be sterilized against their will. Criminals, racists, (one woman said her ex boyfriend) people laughed, then it went into Trump supporters, Trump's family, etc.
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1 Dec
Exercise All Caution when discussing enacting "martial law".
Not many, not enough, listened or understood what I wrote about in April through July of the deep State plans.
The DS/Dems are actively pushing to get martial law. They want it!!!
At this point it's the only way they will stay out of prison. This is the reason they are being so open so brazen about the fraud and crimes they are committing.
They are calling in all Favors. No one can hide anymore period you are either with them or against them,
And they are activating everyone they control and it's obvious.

They are caught! They no longer care about the election, they know it's a lost cause. They are pushing and pushing to get martial law.
Read 7 tweets

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