@USSupremeCourt You leave the People only self-help. Oppressors brutal.

Because 1st Am Right to Petition allowed to fail are the People to resort to the rest of Bill of Rights?

Without equity & restored status quo, precedent estb bad behavior rewarded.

2d Civil War not averted—almost ensured.
@USSupremeCourt Court only one established by Constitution—from which flow both extensive inherent authority & awful responsibility

“[I]nherent powers . . . resolve cases expeditiously.” 579 U.S. ___, No. 15-458, slip op. at 6 (2016). “[C]an save [] parties, [] court, & society the costly.” Id.
@USSupremeCourt “Court is a place where justice is judicially administered. To say, merely [] Courts should be established . . . entirely idle. To say . . . Courts shall be established, means [] all the needful and usual incidents to Courts shall be established.” 23 U.S. (10 Wheat.) 1, 4 (1825).
@USSupremeCourt Bell shaped curves . . .

Science is awesome. “Believe” in it or not — it works.

All data sets — even election returns that aren’t fraudulent — match a bell shaped curve.

Common forensics tests have examined election datasets. ALL show the “Trump lost” election meme is FRAUD.
@USSupremeCourt B e n fo [r d ]•’ s law shows election fraud

We WILL continue tearing systems apart to ID root of forensic tests results. Slow & steady — unstoppable.

Deep State, MSM/Telecoms, Uniparty, RINOs & new-Dems = Seditionists. Seditionists rightfully afraid.
@USSupremeCourt Prima facie case was made. Griggs, 401 U.S. 424 (1971)(unequal effect suffices as proof); Teamsters, 431 U.S. 324 (1977)(statistical disparities show systemwide pattern/practice with disparate impact).

Adversaries had & have burden of proof/production to contravene contentions.
@USSupremeCourt Illegal vote counting disenfranchises our votes. HOW DARE THEY!

/sarc on/
Guess we‘ll have to live with it.

Not like it’s an important election or anything, where it might matter to determine the actual will of the PEOPLE with some certitude.

/sarc off/

NOT! We will live Free
@USSupremeCourt “Progressives” want to purge our “antiquated Republic,” including “innocent until proven guilty” (beyond a reasonable doubt to a peer-jury). They put People on lists, speak of post-inauguration inquisitions, and plan to destroy.

They seek the People’s harm unless we bend to them
@USSupremeCourt Our smoldering rage will NOW erupt in disciplined LAWFUL actions & speech in defense of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” each in our own way.

Lead, follow, or get out of our way.

We are united against tyranny & exploitation ~ diverse in our individual freedoms.
@USSupremeCourt Globalist elitist mantra=“The masses are asses.” Thinking they’re better than the rest of us, their creed embraces “Transcendence”—Maslow’s Hierarchy. Law no longer governs, they assert.

They think they’re above rules governing us mere mortals.

Arrogant, they act with abandon!
@USSupremeCourt Not even Little League gives trophies to cheaters . . .

We will *REMOVE* recalcitrant officials and judges now —— HOW DARE fraud be certified!

We will True our Vote.

Given elitists’ Maslowian belief in their “transcendence,“ we’ve no choice,

@USSupremeCourt Courts of equity not bound by standing like courts at law.
@USSupremeCourt Is Supreme Court constitutional, anymore (bcs The People don’t think so
— have lost confidence in institution,
• bcs rulings increasingly appear to favor globalist elitists)?

Do you support MSM/Telecoms agitprop?

Do you favor coups like in quoted tweet,
— or just “soft” coups?
@USSupremeCourt IF problems noted in @RealPNavarro report ignored, no one’s vote will ever matter again.

It’s now or never—Patriot or Subject.

No middle ground on that issue—Uniparty playing for keeps.

For Republic & Constitution, current circumstances define the phrase

“Existential Threat.”
@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro In today’s climate of “believe in science,”

why is there any question The People’s primal voice — voting — has been trifled?

Voting, a treasure held dear by even the most impoverished, must never be pillaged. The People expect to not have to rectify by self-help, but will . . .
@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro Ever lived under true dictatorship?

Not like Lee Kuan Yew . . .

The American People will not comply. REFUSE to bend a knee to totalitarian globalist elitists & REJECT their overreach.

People’s unalienable Rights must be held inviolate against atrocities noted in quoted tweet:
@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro Why countenance The People’s reduction “under absolute Despotism”? archives.gov/founding-docs/…

E,g., Twitter at times blocks top tweet:

Bad behavior of “soft” censorship
(e.g., pic below of Twitter censor ),
@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro “Glitches,” “cancelling,” “curating,” censoring of nonobscene expressions, disproportional suspending, shadow-banning, etc.,

— to extent not corrected by the Court (e.g., §230, and anemic Antitrust & ”common carrier” violations enforcement), abrogate 1st Am rights of the People.
@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro And, what of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” long cherished by The People ~ diverse in our individual freedoms, and fiercely united?

The oppression shown in the quoted tweet is nothing compared to what is looming,

unless we end corruption and true the vote,

@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro As did the Founders of the Republic,

We, The People,

WILL USE ALL LAWFUL ACTIONS & SPEECH in defense of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Gov must lead, follow, or get out of our way.

People are united against tyranny & exploitation ~ diverse individual Freedoms.
@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro What, if any, equitable protection will Supreme Court afford The People from the excesses of globalist elitists?

They think they’re above the law governing us mere mortals.

Their mantra = “The masses are asses.” To our harm, they embrace “Transcendence” — of Maslow’s Hierarchy.
@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro Threadreader for this thread:

Prior threads to Supreme Court:

Last tweet in thread re improper refusal of the Court to hear Texas case under obligations of original jurisdiction.

Tweet with subs re PA case
@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro Great word-smithery re man who refused to transfer power to Trump, & instead set up shadow Whitehouse/government to “resist” Trump over the past 4 years:

As teen, Obama’s role model was Suharto, the Indonesian dictator. Big “O” a tryhard to not cede power
@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro Hard-earned right to Free & Fair elections is “a right reckoned to be of the greatest necessity and importance.” 1215 Magna Carta.

Long-cherished right ruthlessly trampled in 2020. See, e.g.,

“These things shouldn’t be partisan.” https://t.co/x27kkiQxaq
@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro Elder statesman, esteemed First among equals, eruditely explains national sentiment that cannot suffer Beijing Biden in Whitehouse. m.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/dec/…

Sickened by poison of “Orange Man Bad” for years, People hoped in vain Supreme Court had newer medicine than bloodletting.
@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro Mortified, we learned of Supreme Court’s disdain for First Amendment
• Judicial Access (536 U.S. 516),
• Speech MSM & Telecoms bar, &
• too many Justices holding religion cheap.

Hope springing eternal, naively we thought Court’s line would hold at the vote.

We have wised up.
@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro Essence of People’s Liberty lies in right “to claim [] protection of the laws.” 1 Cranch 137. A “first dut[y] of government is to afford that protection.”

Having discarded “government of laws,” only the Court can purge People’s conviction current Court is in dereliction of duty.
@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro Wise & just Government requires each citizen’s vote to count equally. 14th Am.

Why no action to address fraud by “U.S. Commission on Civil Rights” [(202) 376-7700]?

& why DOJ “quiet when it comes to protecting the right to vote”? theguardian.com/us-news/2020/j…

@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro Illegal vote counting silences The People’s free speech in most primally brutal fashion—essence of tyranny.


Arguing disregard of People’s 2020 re-election of Trump must be permitted is the equivalent of:

❌accepting murder - if state-sanctioned.
@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro Government permitting travesty (anointing Biden to replace Trump—flagrantly disregarding The People’s will) to continue into New Year

• far more than indelible stain on pretense of character of all officials & judges.

• Reveals contempt for The People.
@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro Those willfully blind to corrupted nature of 2020 Electoral College vote a parliament of fools prattling on about “popularity” of a man,

❌known for good reasons as “Beijing Biden,”

❌with unmatched talent of electioneering outreach to overlooked demographic—elderly & the dead.
@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro Do you think we don’t see the old [& new]-fashioned slight of hand

— vote rigging & election fraud?

— by which “our betters (so they tell themselves)” intend to keep us enslaved like chattel?

The People are united against tyranny & exploitation ~ diverse in individual freedoms
@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro Uniparty [American globalist elitists] an indecent group, a curse upon USA we will break

🛑with/without help of government.

The People refuse rule by jackals loyal only to themselves, whose only religion treachery, power & control. Arrogant, they’re beyond political redemption. Image
@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro Do you ask the People to exercise self-help?

Is that why the Supreme Court fails to equitably enforce
🔹the one citizen, one vote, rule,
🔹judicial access Right to Petition,
🔹speedy punishment of irregular elections?

Why does the Court invite bloodletting of open 2d Civil War?
@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro All within each coequal tripartite branch sworn to safeguard Constitution—including election integrity.

Yet, Uniparty’s arrogant contempt of the masses yields barbarous abuse.

For the same reasons they disregard the Public Welfare, they hold cheap rights won in 1215 Magna Carta
@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro Corrupt Uniparty exceeds bounds of lawful governance; believe they own us — to consume at will.

If we tolerate them, history shows how this ends.

The People will not submit & REFUSE to bend a knee to totalitarian globalist elitists & we REJECT tyranny.

@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro The People’s 2021 New Year’s resolution:

Pray like the Maccabees. Think like the Maccabees. Act like the Maccabees. WE WILL TRUE THE VOTE.

If we let evil Uniparty destroy Republic, that’s our sin, not theirs.

We will live Free or die. We are the Storm.

@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro When only court established by Republic’s Constitution is derelict in duty:

“Powder dry” smoldering rage at point political class cannot survive . . .


You are in contempt

“This could be you or your kids.”
~1-6-2021, Eyewitness

@USSupremeCourt @RealPNavarro America is not well-suited to governance by a ruling class.

• • •

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Trump’s just being nice. Y’all did nothing to help him.

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@WhiteHouse @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS It’s abundantly clear the hard-earned right to Free & Fair Decision (“a right reckoned to be of the greatest necessity and importance,” 1215 Magna Carta), was ruthlessly trampled in 2020.

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@WhiteHouse @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS [⬆cont.] to have violated their “oath . . . to support the Constitution of the United States,” (Am. XIV, § 3, Const.), more than 2/3 of Congress must be corrupted or compromised and would vote to remove the disability of such a designation.
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❤️Horatio Gates Spafford (1873)

When peace, like a river, attendeth my way,

When sorrows, like sea-billows roll;

Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say,

It is well, it is well with my soul. It is well with my soul,

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That Christ hath regarded my helpless estate,

And hath shed His own blood for my soul.


My sin, O the bliss of this glorious thought!

My sin, not in part but the whole,
My sin, not in part but the whole,

Is nailed to His Cross, and I bear it no more;

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, O my soul!


For me be it Christ, be it Christ hence to live!

If death's waters o'er me shall roll

No pang shall be mine, for in death as in life,
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20 Dec 20
@ci2twit @realDonaldTrump From some accounts, a Twitter “glitch” blocks one of the subtweets in the above “quoted thread.”

What was triggering element?

FACT: “As teen, Obama’s role model was Suharto, the Indonesian dictator.”


OPINION:”Big “O” a tryhard to not cede power.”

Direct link to the tweet:
@ci2twit @realDonaldTrump “Glitches,” “cancelling,” “curating,” censoring nonobscene expressions, disproportional suspending, shadow-banning, etc.,

—to extent countenanced by government (e.g., §230, and anemic Antitrust & ”common carrier” violations enforcement),

abrogate the 1st Am Right of the People.
@ci2twit @realDonaldTrump American globalist elitists [Uniparty] have eroded our rights, stolen elections, ruined lives. Their mantra ~ “The masses are asses.” Elitists believe Transcendence makes them Law-Unto-Themselves, superior & immune to laws governing us mere mortals. They would enslave or kill us.
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19 Dec 20
@greg_karris @realDonaldTrump Some very Judeo-Christian sentiments:

“Will you tarry now until the other enemy carries fire and sword to your very doors? No, it shall not be. . . . Almighty and gracious God! Thou hast been the refuge and strength of Thy people in all ages.”

Rev. Doak, Sycamore Shoals (1780)
@greg_karris @realDonaldTrump History

British general, during War for Independence & holding strategic mountain, said he was king of the mountain & not even G_d could dislodge him.

Sycamore Shoals (1780). That’s when Doak gave his famous sermon. General lost battle.

In USA, no king of the mountain, but G_d
@greg_karris @realDonaldTrump “Sic semper tyrannis.”

“Our cruel and unrelenting Enemy leaves us no choice . . . “

"Dont Tread on Me."

“We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

“Where we go one, we go all.”

A theme—Uniparty [american globalist elitist] politicians are doomed.
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19 Dec 20
@realDonaldTrump Wow!

About 10k Trolls in a couple hrs—midnight-ish

Man living like Maccabees hit a nerve . . .


Happy Holidays.

Thanks for compliments to President Trump (2017–2025) . . .

Personal attack is greatest form of compliment, because attacker has no truth to fight with.
@realDonaldTrump You find yourself adrift . . .

Putsch has failed, but your job to go down with ship?

Harvard multilevel “Resistance School” makes you take scapegoat role,

while you only begin to see the handwriting on the wall?


Your end is near.

LOL, take care.
@realDonaldTrump You now realize putschists relied too extensively on MSM & social psychologist “experts.” Especially, the Asch conformity study.

Asch study effects pretty solid, while much “science” not replicable on review.

But, “Resistance School” forgot about those who didn’t bend the knee.
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