How? Please provide an example of "pulling oneself up" in a manner not essentially dependent on government.

(Please do not reference money, property or commerce, none of which exist absent government.)

If you are really honest about it, you'll note that even the concept of "pulling oneself up"' implies an economic structure within which one is elevating oneself.

That economic structure is wholly dependent on a government that administrates it.
TBF. If you ignore:

How money retains value
How property is defined
How ownership is secured
How business is incorporated
How trade is conducted
How resources are distributed
How socioeconomic status exists

Then sure. Nobody needs government to get by.
Government isn't a concrete thing. It's an operating principle.

It's a process for administering services.

It is the manner by which humans self-organize to address their collective needs.

It literally is the core of any society.

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19 Dec
Absolutely nothing.

Go ahead. Think of something.

Yep. That too.
We STARTED with "Bought a beauty pageant so he could see naked, underaged, teenage girls backstage"

We just pressed on from there.

It's bizarre that anyone thinks there's a limit.
Around the time everyone saw a Presidential candidate drooling over his daughter and the self-proclaimed avatars of family values said "That's our guy" we should have said

"Welp. They believe nothing. Let's move on without them"

But we pretended morality was still in play.
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19 Dec
In America, Democrats are the Left. On the global stage, a party with their platform is correctly considered centre-right.

Even the moderate party platforms of the global left are considered extreme by Democrats as a party.
As European political parties go, the only people I can think of who are further right than our GOP are maybe UK's Conservatives and Canada's People's Party.
At this point though. I don't really know if it's reasonable to consider the GOP a political party anymore.

They're so absurd and nihilistic and unconcerned with governance that the only thing keeping them viable is their entrenchment in a two party system.
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19 Dec
Stop taking the GOP at its word.

It does not now and has never actually believed any of the things it says it does

So stop letting them get away with the claim

Would you let a known serial killer babysit your kid cause he says he's "staunchly anti-violence?"

We continue to let people say things like "I don't like Trump, but I'm still for small government and fiscal responsibility..."

The GOP has zero track record of actually supporting "small government or fiscal responsibility"

They get to keep it as a motto anyway.
There is no need to keep respecting as sacred the self-identification of someone who habitually lies about who they are.

Just because they repeat it over and over doesn't mean we have to humor them.

We don't have to play the game
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19 Dec
Only give food to the well-fed. They have proven that they understand eating and the value of food.

The hungry, having no food, clearly do not respect or appreciate it and therefore, do not deserve any.
Never extend healthcare to a sick person. Sick people brought their sicknesses upon themselves in an act of contempt.

We should only allow healthy people into hospitals. They get how important health is.
Do not teach the uneducated, if they had any thirst for knowledge, they would already know anything you would try to teach them.

The only people who should take classes are those who already passed them.
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17 Dec
Conservatives really hate children for some reason.

Like a deep murderous loathing.

It's always struck me as weird.
I don't say this flippantly.

When conservatives want to exercise power or show dominance, they reflexively take it out on children first.

It's consistent over the years.

Both directly and indirectly.
It reminds me of that classic bully behavior.

If they experience distress, they find someone weaker to demonstrate power.

When they don't have an answer to a question, they attack the nearest kids
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15 Dec

This I presume includes revenge porn, nonconsensual public recordings, and videos where the consent or age of participants cannot be validated.

This seems like a good idea.
What's disturbing is that questionable videos of unverified origin were literally the majority of their content.
"In early 2021, NCMEC will release our total number of reported CSAM incidents alongside numbers from other major social and content platforms. We will also continue to work with law enforcement globally to report and curb any issues of illegal content."
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