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20 Dec, 29 tweets, 15 min read
As I keep getting angry message claiming this was deliberately quoted out-of-context (which it was not; I forgot what I thought, but I guess I just found Dr. Drosten's blunt #hyperbole mildly-interesting), I will now present an extra-extensive superset, longer towards BOTH ends.
[Dr. Drosten:] "We don't expect a vaccine before the #US, uh, #elections. Uhm, we have―
[Dr. Barker:] *laughs*
[Dr. Condit:] *laughs*
[Dr. Racaniello:] *grimaces*
[Dr. Drosten:] *laughs* "Well, we expect a #vaccine before the next GERMAN electionswhich (will be autumn next year)>
> *laughs heartily*
[Dr. Barker:] *laughs*
[Dr. Racaniello:] *laughs*
[Dr. Condit:] "So, I'm curious about the #NBA-vaccine. If you know any details: is it just ›spike‹, or does it have other antigens in it as well?
[Dr. Drosten:] "No, spike. This is a spike-based vaccine."
[Dr.Condit:] "Okay. Aha."
[Dr. Racaniello:] "In fact, most of them are spike-based, as you know, and we always worry about that, because you make an assumption that that is all you need, right?"
[Dr. #Drosten:] "Well, maybe that's all you need to protect the LUNG, but
> you would still have some replication in the nose!
And, uhm, again, a lot of discussion in the public about what this means. [Discussions about] if this is still transmissible. And so on I see this coming!"
[Dr. Racaniello:] So, uh, you know, here in the #US we have more cases>
> than anybody else―
[Dr. Drosten, interjects:] "Well, I don't think so! But you are AWARE of more cases than anybody else!
[Dr. Racaniello:] "That's right. That's right. Test, uh uh, TEST-RESULTS more so. Right. You are absolutely right. So, what do we do wrong?"

[Dr. Drosten]: "Uh, I think, uhm, you are not doing ―[aposiopesis]― well, I, I mean, one could of course propose things that are not very popular, like: you should go into another nationwide #lockdown, and then cool down a bit, and then start over, but *laughs*

> I don't think this [i.e. the imposition of such nationwide measures LG,I] is, this is real.
Uhm, and I think there is―[aposiopesis]―there are things, of course, to, uhm, to pity, which is that the initial chance to discover the outbreak early based on diagnostics, uhm, wasn't
> really taken, and used. Uhm, and I'm, yeah, I'm a bit surprised about how things went in #Germany and how this still pays off, right?"
[Dr. Condit:] "Yeah." *nods*
[Dr. #Drosten:] "You could have been in the same [inaudible] in the #US. Definitely."
[Dr. Condit:] "
> This is going to keep epidemiologists busy for decades. Uh, after this. With all the data from different countries! It is fascinating!"

[I beg to differ with Dr. Condit here; IMHO, this amounts to studying noise. An example of #GIGO. LG,I]

[Dr. Drosten:] Yeah. Exactly.

[Dr. Racaniello:] "I mean, as you mentioned, in the #US we've had a lot of, uhm, #denial. and it runs along political parties, unfortunately. So, right now, our administration is very much, uh―[aposiopesis]―has always denied the existence and the extent of the problem.

> Certainly, that is part of the reason why it gets out of control."

[Dr. Drosten:] "Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. And, I mean, the, the role of the #public is an important role, too."

[Dr. Racaniello, interjects:] "Yeah."

> I mean, I know the situation here is, uh, is not as bad as in the #US, when, when it comes to public #perception, and, uh, yeah."
[Dr. Racaniello:] "That's because in #Germany, they listen to you, apparently!"
[Dr. Drosten:] *exhales audibly*
[Dr. Condit:] *laughs, coughs*
[Dr. Barker:] *laughs*
[Dr. Drosten:] "Well, it's, uhm―we have, uh, we have a―we have Angela #Merkel, whom, whom people really listen to and, uh, who understand things. Uhm, yeah, we ha―we were lucky about this early detection.Uhm, this helps everybody! Uhm, and we are now,
>we are now losing public #trust. Uhm. Certainly. So, it's, it's now really like we have, uhm, yeah, we have the same phenomenon that―that you see."
[Dr. Barker:] "Why are you―Why are you losing public trust?"
[Dr. Drosten:] "Uhm, well, because the disease is not existing.

> It's not there. And, uh, uh, I mean, what we see is the, the typical finding: we are now―[aposipesis]―even though the incidence goes up the fatalities don't go up. There are no dead people. And, uhm, so, this actually prevents people who are not into the numbers, and who do―
> [aposipesis]―don't uhm―[aposipesis]―who have no adherence to the principles of the whole phenomenon―[aposiopesis; at this point, the expression "prevents people" has still not received the 'from WHAT' that it demands, grammarwise. LG,I]―who, who don't see the,

>the continuancy of, uh how, uh, I don't know, how infections come about, how fatalities come about somewhat later. How fatality is EXPECTABLY lower once you have students infected instead of inhabitants of care-homes. [Dr. Drosten PRESUMABLY means the 'case fatality rate'. BTW
>he never explains WHY (in his opinion) there are fewer infections in care-homes during #summer. An obvious try at explaining it would be to argue that many of those people have died off during the 'first wave', but this does not convince me. LG,I]

Uhm, they, uh―[aposiopesis]―>
> if you don't make this connection, you lose the #belief. You stop believing! You just see some numbers and some charts and you think ›What the hell is going here? I am, I'm―The #economy is losing ten percent!‹
[This is a low estimate of GDP-loss. LG,I]
[Dr. Racaniello:] So, Christian, uhm, there have been, I think, two reports now which pr―[aposiopesis]―pretty reliable accounts of #reinfections.

[Dr. #Drosten:] Yeah. Mmh.

[Dr. Racaniello:] So, I' wondering, what is your view of [sic] #immunity after infection?
> Uhm, you know, does everyone make an immune-response? Is it doable? Is it protective? What are your thoughts?"
[Dr. #Drosten:] "Well, It's the typical sloppy #coronavirus-immunity."
[Dr. Barker:] *laughs*
[Dr. Condit:] "Oh wow! ›Sloppy #Coronavirus-Immunity. With

> #CristianDrosten‹. This is a―[aposiopesis]―this is a show-title! That's great!"

[Dr. #Barker:] "Perfect!"

[Dr. Condit:] "Perfect! I like that."

[Dr. Drosten:] "No, I mean, these are interesting case-descriptions. Uhm, I think they are very well carried out.

>especially if you, if you, uh, are infomed about the―[aposiopesis]―there are more data about these cases and these are really nice data. Uhm, but I think these are still, uh, rare cases, in, in, let's say, in a range―I wouldn't be surprised to see courses [He means so say
> 'courses of disease'. LG,I like this in a range of one or five percent of all patients. This is still rare, uhm, from the view [should be 'point of view'] of an infectious-diseases-#epidemiologist who is worried about the, the fate of the #pandemic. So, who worries about the>
> next (let's say) year. Uhm, to keep it short, right?. So, this will be the, the focus where, really, the fate of the pandemic is determined. And, uh, really unfortunately, first countries [should be: 'first-world countries'. LG,I] will have gone through the establishment of
> , of population-immunity.

[Dr. Racaniello:] "Yeah."

[Dr. Drosten:] Not the #US, not #Gemany! But areas in #Africa and, uh, let's say, #India: this is really worrisome! Still!"

[Dr. Racaniello:] Since the, you know, since the very beginning we have always been told
> by, by Ralph #Baric (and others) that coronavirus- (as you say) -immunity is ›sloppy‹, and the #CommonCold-corona-immunity does not last, uh, and you ―[aposiopesis]― that's why you get reinfection. So is there reason to think that there will be a similar situation? Maybe
> these #reinfections are not going to be so unusual in the end?!"

[Dr. Drosten:] "Yeah, uh, but I'm not worried about these. Uhm, so, I, what I think is, uhm: the second infection is a mild infection. And there is―based on #vaccine-studies and based on patient-observations


• • •

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