On January 6, armed Trumpist militias will be rallying in DC, at Trump's orders. It's highly likely that they'll try to storm the Capitol after it certifies Joe Biden's win. I don't think this has sunk in yet.
These people are angry at the Democrats. They're angry at the GOP for not suspending democracy. They hate the media, and many consider police to be the enemy even as they fly the "blue lives" flag instead of the Stars and Stripes. Image
They are convinced that Congress will, somehow, declare Trump the winner on Jan 6. Maybe Pence will just refuse to count the Electoral Votes from states Biden won? Or the Senate will throw those votes out? Or Justice Thomas? Alternatively...
...some think Trump will win because *they* will ensure it. Maybe by forcing Congress to certify him as the winner at gunpoint. Maybe as backup forces to Trump's supposed military coup.
When Congress certifies Biden, these people will be shocked. Their worlds will collapse. And it'll happen while they're (illegally) armed and gathered in DC. It's the nitroglycerine of explosive mixtures.
How will January 6 be policed? We've already seen that the White House can effectively commandeer the DC police, and construct ad-hoc paramilitary forces out of prison officers and CBP. Will Congress get the protection it needs? ImageImage
The Capitol Police has 2200 officers, but I'm guessing they mostly aren't riot trained or SWAT types. The question here is if federal forces will be *allowed* to help them.
To be clear here, I don't think the 3%ers, Proud Boys, Oathkeepers or boogaloo types are going to seize the Capitol. But some of them are going try. And people will die.
How will US Conservatives react? Well, they made Kyle Rittenhouse into a hero. They ignored the Whitmer kidnap plot, except as a way of calling for more violence against her.
I note that @Robertwaldeck reckons I'm completely wrong here and that DC forces including the Capitol Police, DC police and Nat Guard, which he knows well, will be able to keep things completely under control.
@Robertwaldeck More than a year back, I wondered if Trump would be the first President to be impeached twice. Tonight, members of Congress are seriously considering it.

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Jan 16
The antivax SovCit movement in Britain is spreading and engaging in more direct action. @Shayan86 has some of the best coverage of the movement.
@Shayan86 Has there been any MoJ or CPS guidance on dealing with these people? Are there any good guides for Law Enforcement? What about a guide for healthcare staff who are often the targets of small mobs brandishing threats and dodgy 'warrants'?
@Shayan86 This new species of antivax SovCit is a bit different to England's Freemen of the Land from what I can tell. One example: they're into international tribunals, Nuremberg code, UN declarations etc. Quite a contrast from "any law passed in the last 800 years is fake"
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Jan 15
Hostage situation at a synagogue in Colbyville, Texas.

The synagogue was livestreaming its service at the time and the stream remains live. The armed man appears to be a Muslim and is talking about his ancestors, Allah, Mohammed. He says he's been living on the streets for 14 days
Correction, Colleyville, Texas. Congregation Beth Israel.
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Jan 13
Perhaps this is old news, but the Oath Keepers indictment shows they started planning just two days after the Presidential election. The indictment *implies* (though it's a little ambiguously worded) that by Nov 9 they were already planning for January 6.
I'd be interested to know if the Oath Keepers really were planning for Jan 6 so early, or if that's just ambiguous wording in the indictment and it's more that they were planning something in DC at some unspecified time.
While some of the Oath Keepers leadership personally led the mob in storming the Capitol, others wondered if it was really Antifa. It's what @noturtlesoup17 was saying.
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Jan 10
Politico has the fake certificates of ascertainment from Michigan and Arizona that were submitted to the National Archives in an attempt to put their fake electors in play. Two very different documents:

politico.com/news/2022/01/1… Image
Arizona's fake certificate, submitted by one Lori Osiecki of Mesa, AZ, is a Sovereign Citizen thing proposing eleven random Trump supporters as their Electors. It was widely reported at the time. Image
AZ SecState Katie Hobbs asked the state law authorities to investigate Osiecki for the fraud back in December 2020.

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Jan 7
In July during Israel's Delta wave, I caused a bit of a fuss when I said that the data showed previously-infected people were catching Delta at a very low rate — lower than vaccinated people. Well... arieh.substack.com/p/inside-israe…
Now, in Israel's Omicron wave, recovered people seem to be catching the virus at about the same rate as everyone else. Maybe even a little bit higher, proportionally speaking. Image
It's too early to talk about relative severity, and of course many of the non-recovered cases are among vaccinated people at this point. But the whole infection-acquired immunity is better thing isn't holding up under Omicron. Image
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Jan 6
Star Trek's big-nosed, big-eared money obsessed Ferengi with a numbered list of religious rules they observe, played on screen by Jewish actors. We don't have to look far to find racist Jewish stereotypes in popular fiction.
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace introduced Watto, the fat, greedy slaver with a black hat, big nose and beard, a stereotype so blatant that it caused a minor scandal when the film was released. Not a big enough scandal to change the character, of course.
I guess my point here is that this Harry Potter goblins discourse shouldn't happen in a vacuum just cos it suits other agendas. If we're doing this, let's do this. I suspect @jonstewart would agree.
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