$900 billion divided among us would be $2700 per person. For a family of 5, that’d be $13,500.

Were that the aim of a stimulus, I’d be for it, though it still would come it at around $340 per week over the course of the shutdown.

Remove those who never missed a paycheck and...
...perhaps that gets bumped to $3000 per person —including those who took pay cuts.

$15000 for a family of five would mitigate the effects of the shutdowns, and many families sure could use it.

Think of it as a form of compensation for a temporary eminent domain settlement...
But of course, that’s not the plan. Instead, the plan is to give Americans the equivalent of under $15 per week for 10 months, while giving Congress $700 million to dole out to big business, climate grifters, and an education establishment that has held our kids hostage.

...is a slap in our faces. It is theft on a grand scale by our ruling elite. It is outrageous, and should be met with riots, revolts, walkouts, and civil disobedience.

But it won’t be.

That $600 will be wiped out instantly through tax hikes, and will put the transaction...
...into the red.

The American people don’t have to accept this. But they will. Because scraps are better than nothing — and our ruling elite count on such a reaction; they know Marxist history.

We’ve now acceded to their forced cultural reorganization, their open willingness..
...to create a heavily top-down dependence economy, and their brazenness in either seizing power through fraud, or the acceptance of that seizure by those who claim to represent us.

We are no longer a free people. Just as we are no longer a nation of equal protections under...
...the law. We do not have a government of, by, and for the people. Instead, we have a permanent ruling class that launders our subjugation through an unaccountable administrative state.

Our government institutions are unified against us; this — a veritable uniparty — is the...
...”swamp” Trump tried to expose and break.

— which is why stopping him has been the sole goal of government functionaries for 5 years.

Big tech, big business, bureaucratic insiders, and the legacy media have all been enlisted to defend a status quo globalism that...
...their wealth and power at the expense of American small business and the working class, who will see the narrowing of the wealth gap under Trump re-widen, as both establishment parties quietly push for increased immigration to get cheaper labor — skilled and unskilled — for...
...their bank rollers.

Government reps and bureaucrats get richer: we get poorer. And China is ultimately able to purchase its way to hyper power status, relying on the greed and lust for power of our upper class, our pols, and our big tech-big media cabal.

We will sit...
...back and allow this to happen — even as our children are being trained by educational propagandists to nurture the seeds of their own reduction into class and identity groups, each of whom will battle the other for crumbs and some political dispensation.

It is a cultural...
...coup. And we’ve allowed them to complete it without a single shot fired.

Shame on them — but mostly? Shame on *us*.

• • •

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20 Dec
The left is all-in now on states’ rights & the absolute authority of state Supreme courts to sanctify state law.

Of course, everything they *dont* like about a state laws upheld by a state Supreme Court will be venue-shopped and then overturned by a federal court — using...
...either an incoherent interpretion of 14, or Wickard.

That’s how the game is played, and you have no standing to argue otherwise. Like everything else, standing has become a non-uniformly applied tool to manage us. A nation of laws that more and more interprets those laws...
...as a means to justify our subjugated position as citizens before an increasingly powerful government ruling elite and its permanent bureaucratic functionary appendages.

This is no longer the country of our founding, largely because we have jettisoned real virtue and real...
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17 Dec
You’re too late. But there is a way out: by teaching how language — and hermeneutics in particular — works. It may seem reductive to some, but the truth is, once you understand that meaning isn’t democratic — but that it can be made to appear that way — you’ll understand the...
...mechanisms through which postmodernism and poststructuralism attempt to kill off individual autonomy, while at the same time promoting “interpretive communities,” which are themselves just an objective correlative for identity politics; the greatest trick the postmodernists...
...ever pulled was to get individuals voluntarily subsuming their autonomy to some greater whole, be it some identity group narrative, or “history,” or cultural hegemony, etc — each of which, we are told, has its own kind of fatalistic agency that shapes, molds, and perforce...
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14 Dec
“Total identification of the collective with the man” is itself a facile observation when framed in this (ludicrous) way. Trump is the elected leader we chose to fight for us. If anything, Flynn is noting that to the left, Trump supporters can be “identified with man,” when...
...in point of fact, the man is but a symbol for the collective, not its godhead. He is the elected embodiment of a movement, not the movement itself.

He’s the tool for protecting liberty, not the granter of liberty.

To suggest there’s some Nazi analogy here is just another..
...thinly-veiled attack on Trump supporters who are reduced to mindless followers rather than Trump’s political creators.

It’s lazy. It’s insulting. And it’s why we shouldn’t want nor need snobbish limpcons like Dreher representing themselves as conservative champions.

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27 Nov

I’ll add this: protein wisdom and its eclectic and (to my mind) whip smart commentariat, for years anticipated this trajectory. In fact, I described it as “inexorable and inevitable” without a conservative / classical liberal revolution to root out the sophistry...
...underpinning the governing philosophies of progressivism. My first and most frequent target was a weak, compliant, compromised GOPe, which seemed content playing loyal opposition to a de facto corporatist uniparty.

Trump’s populist conservatism ultimately became the tip...
...of the spear in that battle. But that battle was always going to be sabotaged by the GOPe power elite, including its communications and punditry arm.

“Outlawry,” written near a decade ago, was a war cry: proteinwisdom.com/?p=29785

As longtime pw readers know, I was soon...
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25 Nov
We’re US citizens who are being told who can be in our homes, when we can leave our homes, what we must wear on our faces, whose business is essential and whose isn’t...

We can be deplatformed for wrongthink, “fact checked” by statist morons, punished for pronouns, shamed for...
...our pigment, and ignored by our representatives.

Next, we’ll be told we can’t defend ourselves and our families from criminals or politicized leftist mobs; we’ll be told what kind of cars we must drive, where to set our thermostats, what our lifestyle needs to be to...
...receive state-run health care. We’ll be told how many windows we can have and what size they must be...

Increasingly, “progressives” are taking over every aspect of our lives. They determine what schools we can choose for our kids, what we are required to learn...

We are...
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25 Nov
Here’s my offering on how to move forward in the wake of massive election fraud:

Conservatives and Rs should refuse to vote — en masse — unless protections against voter fraud are put in place. This includes voter ID, paper ballot trails, mandatory signature matching, and ...
...clean voter rolls. It also includes an audit of our media for obvious bias and activism, and the breakup of big tech, which controls the flow and tenor of information meant to inform the populace so that it is voting having considered facts, not media narratives.

The left...
...can declare any mandate it wants in the intentional absence of an opposition vote. But the fact is, those who refuse to vote in light of the intentional refusal by politicians and the DOJ / FBI / FEC etc to secure election integrity, aren’t giving the left a mandate. Instead..
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