1) BREAKING: Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said via Belarusian Telegraph Agency, BEITA, that the World Bank and IMF offered him a bribe of $940 million United States Dollars in the form of "Covid Relief Aid" on condition that he do the following:
2) Impose an "extreme lockdown on his people"
Force them to wear face masks.
Impose very strict curfews.
Impose a police state.
Crash the economy.

Every country in EU et al took the payment. Dirty US governors and Congressmen took the payment. 10s of thousands of us scientists
3) and physicians have exposed the garbage assay, horrifically inaccurate data and completely backwards measures taken by politicians and bureaucrats in public health and scratch our heads as to WHY? You don’t use masks for viruses, you done quarantine healthy. WHY?
4) well this admission by President Lukashenko tells me everything I need to know. Now we know why! When did Fauci get paid? And Redfield? And many of our governors? I know @POTUS didn’t. He fought all of this, but was guilted into it. This is it folks. If you think it’s about
5) a virus, it’s not.
As stated by a Russian commentator: "Belarus, a country led by an authoritarian figure, is a freer country than all of the so-called free world combined."


#WEF #CCP #IMF #WordBank #NWO #Fascism #RiggedElection
6) I know it occurred in September, but his statement was translated for me then I found sources backing it up. Since I’m SURE very few people heard this, I categorize it as breaking- it’s urgent people know these things! armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/cor…
#OpentheCountry #BurntheMasks
8) here is the video of him I had translated to confirm the story.

• • •

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29 Dec 20
1) This is why scientific debate is SO IMPORTANT. With censorship of scientific and medical professionals, innovation and discovery is STUNTED! Maybe they want that? In a discussion with @flavinkins something became clear immediately. As I have mentioned throughout...
2) ADE - antibody-dependent-enhancement...And when a subject exhibits this phenomenon post vaccine, will they will call it COVID-21 and make a new bogus PCR, and say it’s yet another virus causing this (not the vaccine)???Hmmm could be-

3) This was what happened with the SARS(1) “vaccine” animal models (ADE). But they jumped straight to humans this go-round. A scientific “don’t ask, don’t tell”.

Need to analyze the severe Covid patients (apparently all hospitalized had the ADE antibodies)ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/P…
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29 Dec 20

Follow the science and the evidence to date .......
2) The published peer-reviewed study into the AstraZenca vaccine trial found that of the 5807 people given the 2-shot vaccine, 30 people (0.5%) were later found to have become infected with Covid (and had symptoms).

3) While of the 5829 people that only received the placebo, 101 (1.7%) were later found to have become infected with Covid (and had symptoms). That equates to a vaccine efficacy of 70.4%

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24 Dec 20
1)Though I do not agree with Dr. Andrew Wakefield for his past interjection of ill-gotten data in his Lancet paper, I will say that in this video he accurately echoes MY EXACT words, explaining the contents, methodology and common sense long term concerns of taking the "vaccine"
2) I hesitate to call this a vaccine, as IT IS NOT a vaccine. Call it exactly what it is. It is gene therapy and is not without risk. IMO the risk far outweighs the consequence of the wild-type viral infection. I've treated this as an outpatient with 100% success myself included.
3) I am not telling you what to do as an individual, but I want you to be armed with as much knowledge as possible do that your decision is an informed decision. I'm happy to answer questions objectively. This method refers to the Pf*zer and M0derna. #ADE #AIdisorder #anaphylaxis
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24 Dec 20
All cause mortality in NZ lower 2020 even with population growth.
2) All-cause mortality in England and Wales for 2020 will be at around 2008 levels-

3) All cause mortality in Ireland is in line with previous years-
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24 Dec 20
1) Everyone- my friend and colleague @zev_dr was suspended for being a physician and discussing his peer reviewed scientific publication and the protocol we have been using from the beginning to keep people out of the hospital! Pls r/t the protocol on the next tweet.
3) At onset of symptoms:
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23 Dec 20
1) You’re a smart bunch ... I have some questions... If we have the coding for the s-spike protein, why not just administer a “classical” vaccine, where said s-spike proteins are inoculated in a subject???
2) Seems pretty straight forward (I don’t believe it gives adequate coverage for coronavirus, but neither would an s-spike that you made?!).

The theory of mRNA therapy is to deliver “code” to integrate in your genome (DNA), such that your DNA manufactures the s-spike proteins,
3) thereby eliciting an immunological response. 1- Why would you look to do this, if you have no means to “remove” your mRNA delivered code...nor a method to turn it off, i.e. stop production??

Bigger question... If you are so amped up on utilizing this, to date,
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