Maybe 10% - 20% of police funding is Federal, tops.

So that's how much the police get from the Feds ALONE.
This doesn't count money from other funding sources, like state and City coffers as well as the bank they make on the side from civil assets forfeiture.
This is why the Police in Philly have autonomous robot dogs and kids in Philly lack crayons.
Then they further benefit because any settlements or judgments stemming from civil actions against them are paid out of city funds.

So we pay them for bad acts and then pay the fines for those bad acts.

It's really just not a smart system.

• • •

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24 Dec
These figures are not at all supported by the resources you provided.

The school cost per pupil in philly is $826.43

Literally given the data YOU provided.
Nevertheless... raw numbers divided by total population is nonsense because it's not at all how those resources are divided.

Funding for services goes disproportionally to white, higher income areas while funding for police disproportionately is spent to police poor Black areas.
Here's how funding looks in Philly

Source:… Image
Read 6 tweets
21 Dec
GOP wants to prove that they're not a Trump cult?

Impeach him. There's plenty of time. No reason they can't.

Otherwise don't believe a word they say.

They're not going to actually be responsible. They'll just pretend they are.
The GOP impeaching Trump right now would show the world that even they have limits and stand for competency and integrity in government.

A unified Congress could get it done in days.

But they won't. And this is proof of their bluff.

They want credit without action.

Deny them.
If the GOP cared about America or even the integrity of their party, they'd take the easy choice -- impeach a lame duck President who's gonna be gone in a month anyway.

It would barely speed things up, but the political effect would be massive.

That they don't shows motive.
Read 8 tweets
21 Dec
While I give KCS no cookies for writing this too little, too late piece, it's an excellent depiction of journalism's role in directly perpetuating white supremacy.…
Most notably, it's an admission to and a vindication of the grossly biased coverage Black communities have railed against for generations

We were told that we were being too sensitive, playing the race card, that we had a persecution complex

Gaslit for centuries

But here it is
Journalism is history.

It is where the stories of our society are most commonly recorded.

When journalism erases people or warps their images, it does so not only for the next day's readers, but forever.

The news is posterity.
Read 5 tweets
19 Dec
Absolutely nothing.

Go ahead. Think of something.

Yep. That too.
We STARTED with "Bought a beauty pageant so he could see naked, underaged, teenage girls backstage"

We just pressed on from there.

It's bizarre that anyone thinks there's a limit.
Around the time everyone saw a Presidential candidate drooling over his daughter and the self-proclaimed avatars of family values said "That's our guy" we should have said

"Welp. They believe nothing. Let's move on without them"

But we pretended morality was still in play.
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19 Dec
In America, Democrats are the Left. On the global stage, a party with their platform is correctly considered centre-right.

Even the moderate party platforms of the global left are considered extreme by Democrats as a party.
As European political parties go, the only people I can think of who are further right than our GOP are maybe UK's Conservatives and Canada's People's Party.
At this point though. I don't really know if it's reasonable to consider the GOP a political party anymore.

They're so absurd and nihilistic and unconcerned with governance that the only thing keeping them viable is their entrenchment in a two party system.
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19 Dec
How? Please provide an example of "pulling oneself up" in a manner not essentially dependent on government.

(Please do not reference money, property or commerce, none of which exist absent government.)

If you are really honest about it, you'll note that even the concept of "pulling oneself up"' implies an economic structure within which one is elevating oneself.

That economic structure is wholly dependent on a government that administrates it.
TBF. If you ignore:

How money retains value
How property is defined
How ownership is secured
How business is incorporated
How trade is conducted
How resources are distributed
How socioeconomic status exists

Then sure. Nobody needs government to get by.
Read 4 tweets

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