[Brexit end credits thread]

When Big Ben bonged for Brexit, Mark Francois came so loud he startled the pigeon that lives atop his hobbit hole. He was never heard from again.
When the German car manufacturers failed to show, Davis cracked. After years spent walking Europe attempting to negotiate with individual member states, he went missing. There are rumours if you believe enough in Brexit he emerges from the hills of Austria like a yeti.
Untethered by the human rights act, Priti Patel’s reign of terror was only ended when she accidentally ate Italian food and was forced to deport herself.
After losing his 12th election to an actual human shit, Nigel Farage gained the biggest Twitter ratio of all time when he complained how difficult it was trying to retire to the Costa del Sol.
After calling remainers “snowflakes” in a cabinet meeting for hating the deal, Raab spent January blocking anybody reminding him that he only realised the importance of the Dover Calais crossing and tagging him in pictures of drivers forced to take a shit in their lorries.
After not receiving a single reply or like for his tweets, Lord Adonis was found at Tony Blair’s house with a gun.
Rishi Sunak became Prime Minister in a landslide, winning over a lot of Remainers who saw him as the nice Tory. The resulting austerity caused even more deaths than his “mosh for dosh” campaign to get music gigs up and running again during lockdown 6.
David Cameron returned to politics every now and then like a man who’d accidentally left his kids in the pub shitter. In 2027, following Scottish, Welsh and Cornish independence, he shame-deleted his chaos with Ed Miliband tweet.
Having managed to come out of this only being the second shittest prime minister in history, Theresa May was reasonably happy with her legacy as she retired to spend more time with her racism.
Boris Johnson died in the arms of his 7th wife aged 93. There were zero consequences for his actions.

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There's a good chance you've made out with a drowning victim from the 1800s

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Quick thread on why the third best Christmas film (Gremlins) is so goddamn good
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A Muppet Christmas Carol is the perfect Christmas film. It's even the definitive version of a Christmas Carol and Charles Dickens was an idiot to think he could novelise it.
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Imagine being a scientist, studying for years, working for more, discovering a vaccine for a new disease, rigorously testing it and producing all the data, getting it through peer review and then being told the public won’t trust it until they hear the phrase “Biggins is in” Image
Look I’m happy that you got to play with your little test tubes and “trial phases” but I’m afraid I just have too many concern- what’s that you say? The man who played the second ugly sister every year in the Dartford Christmas panto since 2003 is taking it? PUMP IT INTO MY BLOOD
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