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25 Dec, 17 tweets, 3 min read
Some thoughts on race and humanity's mission on Earth.

I'm not a hardcore racial nationalist because I believe in the eternal Platonic Idea of man, which will keep arising in some or other form in the course of time.

In our own realm, this first took shape in the Middle East.
Mankind made a decisive split with the animal kingdom, and thus realised himself as a truly spiritual being.

Civilisation allowed him to reflect on his condition more truly, as I discuss here:
We are something like the dead-end of life. This is the conclusion of Schopenhauer's philosophy, but it's really the conclusion of every wise person.

All true religions regard mankind as the most important mistake in the universe.
It is here where the universe has got itself all knotted up until it suddenly sees itself in the mirror, and is disgusted by what it sees. It feels shame that it indulges the error of time and material existence.

This was already baked into the plan of the universe.
This image helps to understand what is happening.

Humanity breaks with the animal kingdom when it becomes philosophical, and this coincides with a certain physiognomy.

He stands up free, walks loftily and indifferently. His mouth is taut and disciplined (and grows a chin).
Furthermore, he becomes less inclined to mammalian socialising. He develops strict standards which ensure cleanliness and distance from the animal kingdom.

This of course describes Indo-European civilisation, but it also describes ancient Afro-Asiatic civilisations.
The Platonic Idea of man will make its appearance under various guises. The most significant in world-history happened literally in the centre of the world: Jerusalem.

I'm speaking here of Jesus Christ.
Lesser but nonetheless extremely important parallels appear elsewhere in the world.

The Middle East is the most significant because it is the original cradle of human civilisation. Reading Middle Eastern history is like listening to your wise and venerable great-grandfather.
Today, it is an old and worn-out civilisation, exhausted by millennia of collapses and errors. It has a cynical mercantile physiognomy.

Indo-Europeans are the most recent and thus childishly naive entries into world-history. This is why I regard the West as the new moral centre.
This shows up in our appearance. We look like children to the rest of the world. We have a kind of contemptible naivety, like young people exploring the world.

However, we are clearly in a state of decline. Perhaps terminal decline.
We might very well turn into something like the Middle East. Cynical shopkeepers and merchants with stale, repetitive cultures that make its adherents philosophically complacent and worldly.

European civilisation will become a kind of museum, not a living breathing culture.
Germany tried to preserve Europe as the moral and philosophical centre of the world, but this failed, and instead the Orient won (i.e. Jewish merchants and Asiatic communists).

The question is: what now?
I don't know. Most people are interested only in frivolous socialising. I will proceed on the assumption that Western civilisation is the "man for the job", so to speak, but this is mere hope.

In any case, it's not the end of the world.
What's right and true already exists for all time, and if one leads a moral life (be they European, Asian or African), they will be reunited with this truth after death.

This trivial material world is a sideshow.
I am what you could call a 'soft racial nationalist', as opposed to the hard racial nationalists who think that Europe is some accidental miracle which can never happen again. The latter leads to evil behaviour, just like believing your own life is a one-shot wonder miracle does.
Whatever happens, the never-ending goal is to make clear the delusion of materialism, i.e. to realise the mistake of our existence as flesh.

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25 Dec
Women want to look young & cartoonish because this makes them look stark and *HERE*. Their makeup says "💡I'M HERE. I EXIST."

Old people, on the other hand, look like they're fading in with the inconspicuous, undifferentiated contours of nature. They don't look "all there".
They want shiny skin because this shows that that they are an unambiguously differentiated object. A unique and entropy-defying thing.

Reflective surfaces are rare in nature, which is why diamonds, youthful appearance and eyes in general catch our attention.
A reflective surface suggests that something has distinguished itself exceptionally well, and has therefore avoided the whims and wrinkles of entropy

E.g. calm water without waves, a young person without wrinkles, a mirror, etc.
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25 Dec
I want to try and express a Platonic Idea which, although it sounds weird, has strong intuitive force for me.

Firstly, life is the left-behind—the rejected outsider—of thermodynamic decay. It is left behind in the cold as others pushed toward the hot centre (as described below).
As an outsider, it was aloof and lost. It found a certain happiness in being aloof, but at the end of the day, it still felt like thermodynamic decay. It wanted to join in on the hot decadent freedom, but it's slower and more gentle nature cringed when it tried.
Thus it was stuck in a strange contradiction. On the one hand, it wanted to decay, but on the other hand, it felt diminished by the decay. In neither case could it find happiness.

In the midst of its exclusion, it builds up a worldview which accounts for its predicament.
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24 Dec
Not only is your own life basically similar throughout, but it's similar to every other person's life.

And yet, it's only the people who realise this whose lives transform into something more-than-ordinary.

Most people reckon their own struggles uniquely challenging and unfair.
The wise person can sympathise with this, because he felt this same way when he was in his teenage years. The difference between him and the common person is that he actually tried to build a picture of the world which didn't put him at the centre, and thus got past the delusion.
It's amazing at first to realise just how similar the human experience is. The most wildly varying people experience basically the same thing.

A black stripper's tweet went viral the other day. It was a truly relatable Contempus mundi rant, despite her radically different life.
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24 Dec
People want to live in such a way that they don't have to look back behind them.

This is why they accept the burdens of life without complaint. They want to keep moving forward without reflecting on the absurdly tautological and not at all justified will to live.
The wise person draws lessons. He doesn't simply move on without complaint, but reflects deeply on the errors of the world.

Most people, for instance, barely notice that hot weather is unpleasant, or that London public transport is slower than walking. They just keep on blindly.
In the extreme case, the wise person perceives that nearly everything which animates the ordinary person is not worth all the bother.

This is considered "depressing" and "boring" for most people, because they need to concoct some kind of basis on which to act in the world.
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24 Dec
"Pretend" is the key word here, because there is a dimly conscious understanding of how the thing in question ends. Indeed, it is this knowledge which forms the basis of the pleasure.

It is a sense that the thing is contingent, and therefore should be "made the most of".
If the thing was a permanent feature of life, you would get used to it (like spouses get used to one another, and are sometimes reignited by the threat of cheating).

Everything said here applies to life itself, in the most general sense. You pretend there is no tomorrow, but...
it is precisely because you know there is in fact a tomorrow that you cling to the moment.

If you pay sufficient attention to the world, you will notice this sickly contradiction in all areas of life. Every moment of joy is "A temporary moment of escapism hehehe. Life is good."
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24 Dec
I don't think I've made it sufficiently clear what I mean by 'naked conviviality'.

In all seriousness, the attached video should make it clear.

It's that raw mammalian connection which, due to our spiritual elevation, we are no longer allowed to indulge.
Instead, we must be relatively cold and distant, always polite and respectful of each another's personal space. We remain clean and unfazed by animal desires.

Most people find this a huge burden, and cannot wait to dance, laugh, and tumble around in a state of generic commotion.
Men tend to be threatening, arrogant and protective of their personal space. They want to commandeer their surroundings, especially around other men with whom they're in competition.

Women, though, are subordinate, soft and frivolous, so their company is desirable.
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