I’m not sure it’s possible to imagine how absolutely soul shattering and difficult it is to deliver the news to an 18 year old kid that the facts aren’t on his side, yes he made a mistake, but no he will never get a second chance, he will spend his life and die behind bars
Every time I have delivered this speech, it was to a good person deserving of a second chance that they will sadly never get because society (often the same society that put them in the position in the first place) said they aren’t deserving.
Crimes are rarely as Hollywood depicts. They are rarely this devious, diabolical plot and more often are born out of bad circumstance that results in a series of bad (often arguably necessary in some way) decisions. We must change and stop throwing away our humans.
I can’t put into words how delivering this speech, the words don’t come... how impossible it is to explain to this kid, this child, how to make this often impossible choice... to imagine more years than they have even been given the opportunity to live behind bars.
It’s impossible for me to put into words. Only every single person that I have walked a piece of this road with holds a piece of me, it’s a conversation and a pivotal moment that’s so intimate and difficult there’s this bond— I can’t unsee their forgotten faces.
It isn’t fair that we do this to people. They deserve better. We must be and demand better for them.

• • •

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29 Dec
There have been many sentencing hearings where I have seen the murder victim’s family, one by one, give testimony that they knew the defendant, he is a good kid, and beg on his behalf for mercy. Beg that it not be the end of his life as well. Beg for a second chance,
For society and the system to afford him an opportunity for rehabilitation, for the system to provide him with services, some support to better himself. I have seen the mother of the victim tell the judge that the death wouldn’t be in vain if she could see the defendant better
Himself. All to have the law demand and dictate that the defendant spend his life behind bars and with no opportunity to prove his rehabilitation.
Read 5 tweets
23 Dec
Just got off the phone with a client who hasn’t been able to call because the jail has been taking his money for his meds.

In jail pretrial, they won’t continue you on any medicine you were on previously. You are abruptly taken off because you aren’t allowed to take your meds.
No regard for what abrupt discontinuation of meds will do (from what I’ve seen can range from delusions, delirium, psychosis, suicidal thoughts to actual suicide.) You stay like this while waiting to see medical which can take 20 days- month(s). Longest I’ve seen was 3 months.
After seeing medical, your scripts are often changed to different brands, doses reduced, and only administered once a week. So if you were prescribed something for bipolar— you’d get your one (smaller different brand) dose once a week.
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23 Dec
Masturbating in jail is a crime.

I’ve already griped about this but every time it comes up it gets me heated and I gotta say my piece again.

The system is so dehumanizing, you aren’t allowed to meet basic biological needs and releases in the place where you’re forced to live.
Your new home in jail is considered public and thus don’t be fooled by the term “public masturbation” — it’s all public in jail.

Most of these offenses occur in one’s cell after lights are off when a female security guard peeks around to check and sees masturbation.
The punishment varies from banned from commissary, pepper sprayed and put in solitary confinement, more time and in some cases actual prosecution + added time.
Read 8 tweets
22 Dec
Apparently a new excuse to State having ex parte convos w/ judge is “you weren’t available at the time I demanded you be present for a phone call I intended to have with the judge” per the email I just received after being notified of continuance already granted w/o my knowledge.
I can’t imagine the civil law world setting a teleconference at a time decided by one party w/o regard for other parties & proceeding w/o other parties present. THEN excuse the ex parte conversation as a result. The State gets away with some truly WILD shit in crim legal world.
I truly was walking out of court and received this email: “the trial has been continued to x date” from the prosecutor.
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21 Dec
Why the fuck cant poor people have fucking birthday cake, Maura?! Please yeet yourself into the sun
This makes me irrationally angry. What does she honestly want poor people to do? Never have a birthday cake? Stop living their poor lives?
Next time you see a poor person using their EBT for a birthday cake why don’t you offer to buy it so they don’t have to. Problem solved
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21 Dec
Friendly PSA to any pet owners with pets with anxiety— the Sentry calm collars have worked miracles for my Pete who has really terrible anxiety (I suspect in part because he’s a JRT and the other because he was abused prior to finding me).
He was on doggy Xanax for 3 yrs and now has been able to be off his meds for 3 months with little to no signs of his anxiety.

Rec’d them to my sister after her cat started displaying signs of severe anxiety (marking, aggression, bladder infections, etc) after she had a baby.
Her kitty hasn’t marked or been aggressive and she can pick him up again ❤️ after only a week of the collars.

I doubled down and have put the Adaptil pheromone diffusers as well and Pete is so much calmer and happy. Really 💯 recommend.
Read 5 tweets

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