My building management changed the front door code to get in without telling anyone, and I’ve been locked out since midnight in below zero weather.

Had to spend $50 on Ubers to get to my partner’s place so I didn’t freeze to death.

Absolutely furious.
I ran downstairs to grab delivery in a thin t-shirt and sandals, didn’t even think to bring my mask. Had to beg my Uber driver for a mask, which thank god he had.
Nobody from the building or management co answered their phones, not even the emergency line.

Just waiting impatiently for their office to open so I can go hoarse yelling at whoever is at fault.
Shout out to my super who finally picked up at 7am and said, “that’s weird, they didn’t tell me either”.
Apparently my super got an email from them late last night informing ONLY HIM of the change, so they did definitely change it.
Patiently waiting for them to call me so I can GO OFF on these mfs. Image
Sitting in bed staring at my phone for the next hour like:
UPDATE: Finally talked to the prop manager who was very apologetic and said that someone above her changed the code after hours, and offered to reimburse me for my Ubers.

Part of me is like, fine give me $50, the other part of me is like, how do I avoid paying rent this month.
They already offered me a 10% discount on rent for the rest of my lease last month because of COVID so it feels a little extra to be like, “Give me a month off” - but also what if I didn’t have my phone like I would literally be dead.

Manager just called to say that apparently the landlord never expected the tenants to even have an access code to begin with (even though they gave it to everyone in the building two years ago), and because of that they won’t reimburse me anything.
Arguing with them that if you see all of your tenants use the code for two years, then that’s kind of on you as the landlord rather than on the tenants to discover one day that they can’t get into the building.
Amazingly, the landlord’s assistant who I talked to this morning started the convo by telling me she was getting chewed out by her boss for giving me the new code, and I’m just like... get your shit together this isn’t my problem, I got locked out because of THEIR negligence.
They're really working overtime to get me to break my lease for cause in the middle of a renting drought with only like 6 out of 15 units occupied in the building.

Maybe right now is exactly the wrong time to repeatedly piss off your only remaining tenants?!
WHICH, BY THE WAY: When I re-signed my lease in MAY and everyone else was leaving, I asked for a rent reduction, and they said "No, but we can credit you half a month to stay". THEN, immediately after I signed, they lowered the rent in the remaining available units to $500 less.
Now, six months later, they're renting out identical units for $700 less than what I'm currently paying - which I yelled at them about and why they discounted my rent 10% last month.

I'm definitely moving at the end of my lease, screw these people.
Only reason I'm staying is because I *love* my apartment and location even if I hate my landlord.
Anyway, thread over.

Here’s a pic of my little one finally reunited with his dad after a scary night alone. Image

• • •

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