This was my first full year reporting and I got to do a lot of stuff so here's a thread resharing some stuff I wrote that I liked the most or thought was important or enjoyed
I did a deep-dive into Uber & Lyft's quota system in NYC, which was a clever & immoral system to fire thousands of drivers in response to new wage laws increasing driver pay. Uber suspended the quota system hours after this was published.…
I was really happy with this explainer I did on defunding and abolishing the police that also incorporated criticisms of reformist initiatives like 8 Can't Wait.…
Building off the explainer, I wrote another essay about how police abolition was connected to freeing technological development from private control.…
I wrote this as an attempt to tease out what some non-corporate forms of technology might look like & how to escape the trap of solving social problems with start-ups. My interview with @jathansadowski for this led to the podcast's creation!…
I hate Uber, it felt good writing this, and I was happy with it cause I think too much of the coverage of the sales was soft & not as critical as we should be of a company that has always lied to investors, consumers, regulators, politicians, and workers.…
Got to talk with @NaomiAKlein @Snowden and Jacinta Gonzalez of @ConMijente about how COVID-19 was supercharging the surveillance state
Got to talk with @kthalps and @mtaibbi about our lovely President Biden, antitrust, surveillance technology, and Obama's drone war
Got to talk with @krevinlorenzo and @arjununcle on @POCinMedia about my path to writing screeds about the tech industry, labor in the tech industry, diversity narratives, ethics, and being too fucking online…
got to come back on to @asiaarttours for a two part convo with @dellsystem about abolishing silicon valley…
got to talk with @wideasleepnima and @adamjohnsonnyc on @CitationsPod about the Forbes 30 under 30 list and how these lists of successful/influential people are empty vessels for reaffirming and relegitimizing some of the worst elements of capitalism…
There's so many more podcasts & shows I went on this year but I do not want to just tag a million more people so I'm gonna close it out here with a plug for our podcast. Lots of reporting at work and podcasting at @machinekillspod planned for 2021!!…
oh wow how did i forget one of my favorite pieces i wrote this year, a reflection on Russian Cosmism (which, in part, wants to bring everyone who has ever lived back to life) as the American death cult began to activate this spring…
Also enjoyed writing this piece on how Obama's turgid memoir omitted his drone assassination program and the hundreds of civilians it killed…
I also loved this essay on Silicon Valley's unhinged politics manifest in this multi-thousand word rant by a Soylent co-founder. In response, he called me a terrorist LOL…
Also fuck Miles Taylor and the sycophants who praised him for cowardly opposing Trump only after his next paycheck was lined up…

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30 Dec 20
OK this will be a long ass thread of academic & journalistic work done this year on the gig economy, its labor & antitrust dimensions, and its financial elements. This list is not exhaustive. I avoided paywalled stuff & focused on overlooked/interesting things to consider in 2021
From @psskow and @piravilela a great story about the significance of a July 1 strike across Latin America, itself preceded by multiple strikes & years of deteriorating working conditions. We pay too little attention to the so-called gig economy overseas.…
Gig companies scrambled early in the pandemic to obscure the fact they were forcing workers to either risk starvation or infection. @darakerr spent months reporting on how sick paid leave policies were inadequate and often just bait-and-switch schemes…
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30 Dec 20
The Nashville terrorism debate is important but in all honesty I am more interested in figuring out when property damage is justified and to what extent (looting, sabotage, etc.) Don’t blow up a city block to hit a 5G database, ofc. But is it okay to steal/destroy Ring cameras?
If, for example, you want to unmake a city’s surveillance system there are legal & illegal ways to do so. You can regulate it but at what point is it justifiable for someone to just destroy cameras themselves? Or sabotage them somehow? And at what point should you?
Maybe I am missing it but I don’t see much talk of when it’s okay and in what ways is it okay for an individual or group to try & stop technological developments outside of legal forums. One consequence I think is that TO SOME the only option appears spectacular violence
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30 Dec 20
Was digging through stuff I’ve been hoarding and look what I found buried at the bottom
Remember when people tried to debate the merits of this dumb ass book
remember his absolutely absurd readings of marx to critique the left?
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30 Dec 20
what is the most boring show you've ever watched, not bad or poorly made cause those can be fun but mind-numbingly boring?
for me the first season of the wire was the most boring thing i ever watched and for years i never got past it, it was such an ungodly slog
lol i'm losing a lot of followers for this but that's just the price of speaking truth to power
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8 Dec 20
if uber sells all its unprofitable side projects, it will be left with its unprofitable core operations. yeah uber says it is selling units "to get more profitable" but you gotta ask...will it? has it? can it? is that claim realistic enough to be worth repeating?
there really is no evidence uber will ever be profitable. none. that is not hyperbolic, you simply need to sit down with its books for a night and crunch the numbers, reconcile EBITDA, and examine how margins have changed over years with what little info we have. and yet?
we KNOW the main sources of profit improvement have been wage cuts & fare hikes. no scale, no network, no operational efficiency, no customer loyalty at similar price points. massive subsidies, high burnout, low utilization, this is not a hard math problem, we can see the limits.
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7 Dec 20
this is how we reacting to the news that Uber is selling ATG, thus gutting the core narrative that justified burning over $24 billion in investor subsidies and running losses north of $10 billion since 2019 Image
can we stop pretending uber's business model is anything other than servant work and regulatory arbitrage?
i swear to GOD uber has abandoned every single PR narrative it has sold to journalists, regulators, the public, drivers, and investors over the past decade AND YET
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