@Josh731_ @ZGlives How a #austrian #Jesuit conspiracy (šŸ˜‰) against the liberties of the #USA in 1835Ā led to the Coudenhoven-Kalergi Plan(The Secret UN Agenda 21) & The Dark #Nazi Roots of the ā€œBrussels #EU. Bit of a read but mighty interesting šŸ¤“šŸ¤—

@Josh731_ @ZGlives The dark #EU-History - The covert European Revolution and how it was funded
#Bilderberg Group, Prince Bernhard, #Nazi, #Israel , #Jews, #Palestine
Dat is nog eens een #conspiracy om je vingers bij af te likken šŸ˜‚


@Josh731_ @ZGlives Re-published: OSS, CIA and European Unity - The American Committee on United Europe, 1948-60 (1977) by Richard J Aldrich


@Josh731_ @ZGlives Free Europe - Steps Toward UnityĀ (1958)
AĀ #US-#ARMYĀ film about integrating the nations inĀ #EuropeĀ during the cold war.
Min. 18.51 "1952 - the goal was a European Army"
Min. 31 "a strong ..USofEurope"šŸ¤”

The national veto was unlimited in those day's šŸ˜‰

@Josh731_ @ZGlives The European Union: Secret Weapon of Rome in Rebellion Against God
The superstate known as the #EuropeanUnion (EU) seems to have plans, this time backed up by the fourth beast, the #Vatican, and its soldiers, the #JesuitOrder.

johnnycirucci.com/the-european-uā€¦Ā Ā 
@Josh731_ @ZGlives Meanwhile the EU is funding Israel's war industry šŸ¤”
The European Union has channeledĀ more than $800 millionĀ to Israeli researchers, largely through itsĀ Horizon 2020Ā funding program.

@Josh731_ @ZGlives JĆ³zef Retinger
Retinger (Catholic), one of the most influential political figures, helped found both theĀ European Movement, theĀ Council of Europe, and initiated theĀ Bilderbergconferences in 1954.
@Josh731_ @ZGlives Vatican, Bilderberg and a ā€˜Migrationā€™ Crisis
The Bilderberg Meetings, founded in 1954, and the Vatican, and the role of both in heating up the current EU refugee instability. williamengdahl.com/englishNEO17Deā€¦
@Josh731_ @ZGlives Le Cercle and the struggle for the European continent
CIA/MI6/Opus Dei/Israeli's & NeoCons covert politics

@Josh731_ @ZGlives At this moment I take a pause at this subject. Everything I tweet is as far as I know šŸ˜‰
@Josh731_ @ZGlives @threadreaderapp pls unroll šŸ¤“

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2 Jan
Baden-WĆ¼rttemberg became the first #German state to appoint #Chabad #Rabbi Schneur Trebnik of Ulm to join its ranks and battle hate.
collive.com/to-face-extremā€¦ Image
Wurttemberg Rabbi Teaches German Education Minister Annette Schavan Hebrew(2011)
Rabbi Schneur Trebnik, Chabad-Lubavitch, joined her delegation on a trip toĀ Israel, where she received an honorary doctorate from the Hebrew University ofĀ Jerusalem.
chabad.org/news/article_cā€¦ ImageImage
Annette Schavan (CDU) was theĀ Federal Minister of Education and ResearchĀ in the government ofĀ Angela Merkel. Resigned due to plagiarism. Schavan led efforts to enlistĀ imamsĀ educated at German universities to improve the integration of young Muslims.
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1 Jan
Handbook on German Military Forces 1943 - "The purpose of this handbook, which is a revision of TM 30-450 (17 December 1941), is to give both officers and enlisted men of the US-Army a better understanding of their principal enemy in Europe".
archive.org/details/TM-E30ā€¦ ImageImageImageImage
German Winter Warfare WW II (1943)
"The Russian winter brings severe cold (up to -40 to -58 degrees C.) punctuated by short periods of thaw, snowfalls, storms, and fogs. During the cold months day-light often amounts to but a few hours a day."
archive.org/details/Germanā€¦ ImageImageImageImage
Ostfront Tagebuch eines PanzerschĆ¼tzen November 1942 - Teil 42
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1 Jan
P(L)ANDEMIC InDoctorNation
(Note: a video on #COVID19 #vaccination, #indoctrination, media lies and #BigPharma)
Disregard the censorship warning, just click on continuešŸ¤—
Credits Het Verzet on bitchute : with Dutch subtitles šŸ˜‰
U.S. military, #COVID19, bio-terrorism drill, pre-911 war games, media role and the Covid ā€˜crisisā€™. The scenario of this bio-terrorism drill in june 2001 was designed to simulate a bio-terrorism attack on the USA.
threadreaderapp.com/thread/1246192ā€¦ (a thread šŸ¤—)
#Snopes, #Facebook 'fact checker' who will arbitrate on 'fake news' is accused of defrauding website to pay for prostitutes - and its staff includes an escort-porn star and 'Vice Vixen domme'. (Factcheckers by #Gates & #Soros šŸ˜‰)

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30 Dec 20
The UC Global spying campaign against #Assange, #CIA, a Jewish guy named Zohar Lahav and Sheldon (the ultra zionist) Adelsonā€™s Las Vegas Sands as CIA front & #Trump involved in a special #Spanish investigation? šŸ¤“

History of Israeli Tech Domination
Billions of dollars are being sucked out of the #US economy through government contracts to #Israeli technology and cybersecurity companies. Essentially, Israel runs the national security state.
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30 Dec 20
Plan-FrederiksĀ was een plan uit deĀ Tweede WereldoorlogĀ van leidinggevenden van het Nederlandse onder deĀ Duitse bezetterĀ werkende bestuur om een groep in Nederland verblijvendeĀ #JodenĀ met medewerking van de Duitse bezetter te beschermen.
Theresienstadt: Ein Dokumentarfilm aus dem jĆ¼dischen Siedlungsgebiet
Een documentaire over het vestigingsgebied van de Joden is eenĀ DuitseĀ propagandafilm, geproduceerd tijdens deĀ Tweede WereldoorlogĀ in hetĀ concentratiekampĀ Theresienstadt.
This 20-minute post-WWII film was createdĀ  in an effort to "reveal" the breadth and depth of the Nazi plan to deceive the world about "the final solution."
Director German Jewish Kurt Gerron
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30 Dec 20
"Laat je vaccineren en help gelijk een ander" slogan Pfizer
Video CBG ā€œwij weten nog niet of gevaccineerden besmettelijk zijn voor anderenā€

(december 2020)
Coronakopstuk Van Els: ā€˜Tegen corona vaccineren doe je uit solidariteit'šŸ¤”
Hoogleraar Vaccinologie bij de faculteit Diergeneeskunde en immunoloog bij het RIVM CĆ©cile van Els (59) adviseert de overheid over vaccinaties en volgt de ontwikkelen op de voet.
Al die vee-artsen, viro-logen, vaccinfabrikanten, politici en bestuurders roeptoeteren maar wat over #vaccineren en noemen #vaccin kritische mensen "complotdenkers". Zelf "weten" ze eigenlijk niets over bijwerkingen & besmettelijkheid na #vaccinatie.
Soort Russische roulette šŸ™ˆ
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