🧵 This is for those fearing the violence that Republican leaders are threatening. None of this is new. I was born in 1971. I cannot remember a time when there was no white male violence or the threat of it. Those who are older than me would likely tell you the same.
2) In the 70’s, white men were mad at women because they demanded equal rights. My mother and those like her worked to pass the Equal Rights Amendment. White male leaders did everything they could to kill it. They were also mad about the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s.
3) They murdered our leaders, labeled us as terrorists, criminalized our actions. In the 80’s, I can remember them bombing our abortion clinics and shooting doctors. In the 90’s, they “went postal” when they lost their jobs and blamed it on immigrants and women.
4) So, you see little is new. They are still suppressing the vote, legislating women’s bodies, still fighting to separate the races, to deny POC and women education, health, civil rights. This is why we do not have equal access to education, to health. This is why we do not
5) have a healthcare system that can handle a pandemic, a vanity wall, militarized police and no universal mental healthcare access. What you are seeing is their panic, their frustration at losing all the advantages they’ve created for themselves. They will criminalize us.
6) They will continue to legislate our bodies, deny education and healthcare. They will shoot us and bomb our churches and schools. They will continue to be what they are...terrorists. None of this is new. It is scary, but we will get through this.
7) Recognize it for what it is. Make allies. Point it out. Say what it is out loud. They rely on creating fear, making you silent, pushing us back behind doors and into closets. You don’t have to put yourself or your family in danger. You do have to point it out.
8) You do have to call it what it is...white supremacy, racism, misogyny, extremism, terrorism. They are more afraid of your voice, if your demands. Remember that, and remember this is a completely American fight that those who came before you fought too. You are in good company.

• • •

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A covid story.
My wife & I have been extremely careful regarding covid. We believe we likely had it in February or March but obviously didn’t get tested back then. Still, we take all the precautions: masks, distancing, don’t go out to eat even though you can. Not only am I high
2) risk bc of my weight, but I also have asthma. Then there’s my wife’s mom. She’s 80 & in assisted living. We talk over and over with her about it. We make sure she has all the masks and hand sanitizer she needs. We even told her she could live here but she prefers living there.
3) She assured us that she is taking all the precautions, and though she has some memory issues, she is not having trouble with covid. Their facility has been covid free. Every week, they send us an email bragging about this. But then I noticed we hadn’t received one since
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25 Nov 20
Thread on accountability and forgiveness : I have a unique perspective on this. I used to be a Border Patrol agent. I used to enforce racist, brutal policies aimed at Black and brown migrants. It took me many years and a serious suicide attempt to come to terms with my actions.1)
2) My anger during those years was aimed at everyone but myself. It’s only when I took responsibility for my own actions, accepted what I had done and what it did to others than I could truly heal. You see, accountability isn’t just about the victims getting justice. It’s about
3) offenders seeing their wrongs. Admitting their failures and listening to those they’ve harmed. This brings me to forgiveness. I ask every person I meet who has been affected by our immigration policies for forgiveness. I ask this because my actions helped create this system.
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Thread about not going backwards: I was born in 1971. This means I was in high school in the 80s and college in the early 90s. I joined the Border Patrol in 1995. Back then, equality for me meant joining institutions that had previously shut me out bc I am a woman and gay.
2) Progress meant becoming a part of those institutions and the systems that run them. The hope was that we could make changes. The hope is that with more women, LGBTQ and people of color, we could change the systems. These systems and institutions were made by and for white men.
3) What you see today with the openness of white supremacy, police brutality, Trump...this is the result of us trying to change the system. It is the backlash. It’s their response. Every time we made changes, they corrupted those changes. A good example is how the
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8 Nov 20
After hearing about Joe winning, that feeling that you are getting, like you have more mental space to deal w/other things in your life? That‘s bc living under Trump is traumatic. He has traumatized Americans.
I have had a lot of trauma in my life. I’ve discovered this to be true: when you are being traumatized, it takes a lot out of you mentally. You got every day tasks, but if you add a traumatic event like being raped or losing a loved one, your mental space to deal w/everyday tasks
2) become more difficult and then you can’t deal w/that shitty neighbor. When the trauma is removed, and you start to recover from it, you suddenly don’t hate the neighbor as much and maybe feel bad for being mean.
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1) I want to talk to those of you who keep tweeting me this photo. I notice how many of you are male and young. As someone who worked in law enforcement in the 1990’s, allow me to enlighten you of what it was like.
2) This is me in 1995. To be a woman, white or of color, in those days meant you were repeatedly sexually harassed if not assaulted on a daily basis by men who controlled your career.
3) Maybe even you were raped by a fellow agent like I was and all the leadership covered it up. And when you finally passed all their stupid tests, they said you only passed because you probably fucked someone in leadership. And if you got promoted, they again accused you of
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30 Oct 20
I see these cops and think, this is border policing coming to your community. Every time agents kill someone, they claim that they were the actual victims. They were the ones assaulted. Every single time. 1)
2) They said this shooting was because a migrant viciously stabbed an agent. He was life flighted out after killing the man, but he was released from the hospital that night & returned to full duty the next week.
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