Can people just admit Diane di Prima is a fascist poet or nah. It's OK to be a fascist poet, lots of really good ones!
Come the fuck on
I'm told that I should clarify I am not literally saying she supported Mussolini
Yeah it's anarcho-primitivist poetry, but you can do anarcho-primitivist poetry without saying 'power' a billion times or fixating on the alignment of thought and desire to (re)production
It's cool how using 'fascism' in an extended philosophical sense is something I just made up, myself, for the first time, in that post
By 'fascist' I mean, more or less, calling to militantly reestablish the dominion of a lost order of (re)production as the organizing principle of thought and of desire
Bonus points for validating the true order of (re)production by the pre-reflective disposition of the uncorrupted body to comply
Amazing to see people talking themselves into dunking on the literally most vanilla Theory/continental definition of 'fascism'
Wait till you hear my take on Canto XLV! Yes, Pound's much- beloved critique of financial capitalism is not as innocent as it seems
Gonna go write some antifascist poetry about how when thought and desire got unmoored from their auxillary role in a natural (re)productive order they turned cancerous, have a great night
OK the materialism-knowers have logged on to remind me that fascism is a historically specific political force and not some vibe or way of thinking and so really there is no 'extended philosophical sense'
Guess I've been caught! Or maybe, God help us, concepts can apply to things in different degrees of concreteness, with different implications
Let me be painfully literal: what OP says is that key parts of di Prima's corpus are suffused with an ethics and metaphysics that is reminiscent of Völkisch ethics and metaphysics, and so treating that corpus as an ethical and metaphysical guiding light seems inauspicious
And personally I'm just so, so tired of encountering these vitalist manifestos everywhere as my mental health slowly collapses on itself
Maybe you think the aspects where di Prima's ethics/metaphysics and the Völkisch overlap are orthogonal to what makes fascist political movements actually bad
I don't like those odds, but who knows

• • •

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