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2 Jan, 5 tweets, 1 min read
Ron DeSantis is too Trumpy for the DC Media Bubble because he doesn’t act like Mitt Romney.
Nikki Haley?

Too Trumpy for the DC smart set. She didn’t criticize Trump enough.
Kristi Noem?

Too Trumpy for the DC clowns. She had the temerity to say people in 90% rural state don’t actually have to be locked down in their houses.
Notice the pattern?

Everyone the DC Media bubble doesn’t like is Trumpian for some reason or another.

It boils down to them not being Democrats.
And you’re a fucking dupe if you consider yourself a conservative and buy into the is bullshit that there’s “Trumpism” that can be “cut out” of the GOP.

Trumpism is FICTION.

It’s like saying all white people are racist.

• • •

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3 Sep 20

I’m going to show you how we can tell that Kyle Rittenhouse shot in self-defense and didn’t just show up in Kenosha to kill “protesters” as the left wing nutjobs are suggesting. And you don’t even need video to prove it.
The first glaring proof is that in a typical “mass shooting” situation, national media would have blanketed the coverage from every angle.

Stories about the victims. Interviews with survivors. Tales of the heroes who tried to stop him. Etc.

We have none of that.
Second proof is that if it was a mass shooting with as much video of the events as the shooting in Kenosha, EVERYONE would have done a minute by minute breakdown of the video.

And it would be on national TV. On a loop.

We have none of that.
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15 Jul 20
You can pretend that the US is absolutely failing against a virus that no one knew about less than a year ago...

But it would still be pretending.
The available data suggests that the US, considering how massive and diverse the economy and society is, is doing a decent job managing the problem.

There is no country like the United States. Period.

There just isn't.
When all is said and done and there's a vaccine or herd immunity or whatever, the final analysis will be that it would have been better for you to live in the United States than pretty much anywhere else on the planet during this pandemic.

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6 Aug 19
We're in a post-truth media world now.

Everything is narrative. Everything is shaped to fit an agenda. Everything is geared towards demonizing anyone who isn't a liberal.

Even to the point where liberals who commit mass murder are whitewashed.

Media: "No, the Dayton shooter is different because he wasn't politically motivated!!"

As if that makes a difference to the dead people.

As if those very same "journalists" haven't drawn links to political motivation when none were there before.
You can see the "rule" in play:

If the shooter is non-liberal, media declares every action was politically motivated.

If the shooter is a liberal, media needs to have a sworn oath by the shooter that it was politically motivated before saying it.
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14 May 19
And the primary driver of "net neutrality" proponents who don't want to pay for the bandwidth they're hogging up.
*jumps up on his soap box*

If you disagree with my statement above you don't understand how bandwidth is delivered to your house and you don't understand how it's paid for.
The bandwidth you pay for is based on normal usage (as it relates to time, not MBPS or GBPS).

If you're pegging your downloads at full capacity for hours and hours, you're getting more than what you actually pay for. Because you're not a normal user.
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29 Sep 18
So, to show you how awful media is...

Sheldon Whitehouse irresponsibly floated the idea that the alleged party could have been the one listed by Kavanaugh for 7/1/1982.

1) Timmy’s house was a townhouse. Not the one described by Ford.
2) Ford dated “Squi.”
So it’s pretty obvious that’s not the same party. Ford would have surely said that “Squi” was there. She knew him. She dated him.
How do I know this?

One of BK’s friends was interviewed on an early morning CNN show and debunked the July 1 party theory.

But the rest of the media just keeps on giving Whitehouse’s grotesquely irresponsible theory a forum.
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23 Feb 18
I’ve never despised the media more than I do right now.
I’m so mad right now I can actually feel / hear the blood coursing through me.

I should probably go for a walk.
I feel like crying.

Those kids... waiting for someone to stop that monster.

And the motherfucker who was supposed to do it just stood there.
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