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Trumpism is an American autocratic movement with Fascistic markers. There are seven specific parts that comprise its core 1. THE LEADER. Donald Trump is the unquestioned leader of this movement. It is a cult of personality and there are no serious challengers against his (1)
leadership. (2) Thugs. The Proud Boys are but one example in a toxic stew of heavily armed Militia’s, White Nationalists and other right wing extremists. As is always the case, their ranks are filled with people on the fringes of society; the lonely, dispossessed, aggrieved (2)
and resentful. Not so long ago, there would have been a near societal consensus around describing these people as losers. These people bring the menace of violence to politics and are kin to the same thuggish rabble that were wearing brown and black shirts 100 years ago. (3)
3. ELITES.All Autocratic movements fuse an unholy alliance between society’s elites and losers. It is a coalition of convenience between two groups who despise each other yet need each other. The boundless cynicism of the elites and the endless grievances of the losers become an
Unbreakable cement. @HawleyMO and @SenTedCruz are perfect examples. Hawley graduated from Stanford and Yale Law School. He taught at Oxford and clerked for the Chief Justice of the United States. @SenTedCruz graduated from Princeton and Harvard Law School. They have become (5)
Completely faithless to their oaths and American democracy in the name of their ambition. They have no convictions, only self interest. 4. PROPAGANDISTS. Autocratic movements are built on and sustained by lies. Political lying and Conspiracy theories have become billion dollar
businesses. Fox News, Newsmax, Oann, Social Media, Talk Radio dividers, Infowars ect. ect have poisoned the American polity and created the conditions for Trump to create an alternate reality that is now a lethal threat to American liberty. (7)
5. FINANCIERS. This autocratic movement is financed by donations from some of America’s largest and best known companies and brands in the form of millions of dollars of donations to the entities that fund the political careers of the men and women who will soon be rising on the
Floor of the United States Congress to betray American democracy. @ATT and @CharlesSchwab are two such companies. The list includes some of America’s wealthiest and most powerful individuals. Mostly they are disconnected from any interest or idea of the public good other than (9)
The selfishness of self interest. 6. RELIGIOUS EXTREMISTS. Trump has surrounded himself with a group of loony, corrupt, hateful, sacrilegious charlatans that make a mockery of decency and goodness with every public utterance. 7. SHEEP. None of what is happening could happen (10)
Without the silent complicity of a legion of men and women who lack the conviction, guts and integrity to stand up against Trumps mean tweets and thousands of indecent, corrupt, cruel and incompetent acts. These men and women are no different than all of their predecessors (11)
Who found collaboration with what they knew to be immoral or evil as more convenient than resisting it. They are the weaklings and appeasers. They are the fools and the naive. They are the blind for whom what is obvious and true is far less preferable to delusion and pretend. (12
In order to win the fight we must understand 1. Why are we fighting ? 2. Who are we fighting? We must be clear eyed about this. The stakes are too high 13#

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“What are the chances that Kevin McCarthy’s current supporters will become exhausted of voting for him as his vote count attrits ballot by ballot by ballot?  Answer: extremely high.”…
“How many of the 45 freshman Republican members are prepared to sit on the House floor waiting to be sworn in for days, weeks and months? Answer: not many.”…
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Nov 15, 2022
I understand the political point here but I think it’s time to take some extremists off the table forever politically. Trump is on the edge of indictment and charging uphill at DeSantis who may or may not be able to hold the top.
2/ The loony tunes in the Freedom Caucus know they won’t have the votes to elect Jim Jordan. They are just extorting @GOPLeader and his thug lobbyist @JeffMillerCA2TX who threatened the @USChamber and demanded the firing of CEO Suzanne Clark. They want concessions and control.
3/ @GOPLeader will give it to them and set up the conditions for more national vandalism. Kevin McCarthy is utterly unfit to hold a US Constitutional office and be in the line of immediate succession to the Presidency.
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Nov 14, 2022
@JeffMillerCA2TX is the 2020’s version of Manafort, Davis, Stone and Abramoff in Washington DC. He is protected by the DC access media like a white rhino on an African game preserve. @politico was celebrating him on election eve. This is how it works. Immunity for tips.
2/ @JeffMillerCA2TX was one of Trump’s biggest bundlers and is @GOPLeader best friend. When @GOPLeader’s speaker campaign was collapsing on the eve of the @SpeakerRyan era I was asked to meet @GOPLeader in a Denver hotel to help save his faltering bid. It was too late.
3/ @GOPLeader had a congressional relations problem that couldn’t go away. @JeffMillerCA2TX is McCarthy’s lobbyist thug who routinely tells Members how to vote. It’s an open secret that would have been front page news ten years ago. Today, he’s in business with the people who
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Nov 4, 2022
Questions for @MittRomney.

Why have you refused to endorse @MikeLeeforUtah. He is a colleague and fellow Republican?

The answer is:

@MittRomney is a man of principle. he knows Lee is unfit because Lee tried to overthrow the US Government. He will not support him. Good.
2/ How did @MittRomney arrive at his current position of neutrality between a seditious US Senator @MikeLeeforUtah and an American Hero and Patriot @EvanMcMullin?

How important is magic letter R to @MittRomney? Would he remain neutral if @HerschelWalker were the R Utah nominee?
3/ Assuming @MittRomney would not remain neutral in a contest between @EvanMcMullin and @HerschelWalker can Mitt explain the difference between Walker and Lee besides all of the abortions? What is it? Literacy? Can we know?
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Nov 4, 2022
This is LOL crazy fun. @jdvance1 looks like he is about to cry as he denounces the oligarchy to the prep school fascist.

@JDVance1 started a fake opioid charity.

@JDVance1 is a liar

@JDVance1 is saying @TimRyan is going to do sex change surgery on all the kids is weird
2/ Does Ohio want to elect a weirdo to be in the US Senate? It doesn’t

When a candidate like @JDVance1 is closing his campaign saying @TimRyan is going to steal the children and do sex changes on them it usually means the candidate like @JDVance1 is losing. JD=Fake Charity
3/ I wanted to personally vouch for @TimRyan who knows my kids. I just asked them if they are worried he is going to kidnap them and do sex change surgery on them like @JDVance1 said. They aren’t worried at all. They said @JDVance1 is a weirdo and asked if they would still call
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Nov 3, 2022
.@MichaelDell. This quote is from a TR speech given in Paris at the Sorbonne. It was titled Citizenship in a Republic. @elonmusk doesn’t measure up. At all.

This is the famous quote from a deep speech. You are applying it in a fortune cookie manner to a current event. Bad take
2/ Elon is in business with the Chinese and Saudi’s to undermine the American way of life. That is who owns this platform. This platform @Twitter can be used for the cause of democracy insurgency aimed at undermining the stability of its assaulters starting with @elonmusk
3/ @twitter isn’t the town square. It’s a cesspool. It is a platform of division and hate. It should be used to undermine the Saudi and Chinese regimes and expose their American agents. The platform is the weakness. The defense of democracy requires toughness and conviction.
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