1. Vultures aren't adorable and don't exactly have a great rep, but if we lose them, the impact on our ecosystems and OUR LIVES will be devastating.

Many vultures are critically endangered.

Look at what happened in India when they lost their vultures.

2. In Kenya, some farmers retaliate against lions who kill cows by sprinkling the carcasses with poison. The lions come back to feed and end up dying.

Kenya has just 2,500 lions left.

The vultures who feed on the carcass after also get poisoned and die.
3. In July 2012, 191 vultures died after feasting on an elephant that had been poached and then sprinkled with poison in a Zimbabwean national park. A year later roughly 500 vultures were killed after feeding on a poison-laced elephant in Namibia.

4. My friend Dr. @paulakahumbu has been doing a lot to help protect vultures in Kenya.

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4 Jan
1. This is horrible...

A South African woman named Emma Rogers went to an abusive, exploitative elephant park in SA called "Adventures with Elephants" and was allowed to do pull-ups on an elephant's tusks

Emma's IG: bit.ly/3b3Lzah
Adventures IG: bit.ly/3hFPJGK
2. Then, when Emma Rogers was called out on this abusive and exploitative behavior towards this elephant, she didn't apologize or back down.

She doubled down saying that anyone shaming her is uneducated.

Emma's IG: bit.ly/3b3Lzah
Adventures IG: bit.ly/3hFPJGK
3. Adventures with Elephants is one of those fake sanctuaries that pretends to care about the welfare of animals but actually exploits and abuses them for profit. There are many of them in South Africa and Southeast Asia.

Adventures IG: bit.ly/3hFPJGK
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3 Jan
1. One of the most incredible things in nature is the birth of an elephant. The herd gathers around, trumpeting in celebration & protecting the baby.

This herd was celebrating until they realized the baby was stillborn...and then they moved into a posture reserved for mourning.
2. The way in which elephants mourn their dead is a sight to behold. The elephant's herd will gather around quietly fanning their ears and touching the body of their dead family member. They will do this for extended periods of time, not just a minute or two.
3. What's really remarkable is that other herds visit dead elephants bodies & mourn. This herd was one of several which visited the body of a famous matriarch named Victoria after she died.

You can see secretions from their temporal glands indicating a high state of emotion.
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1 Jan
1. Some New Year's Eve gratitude...

Every time I have a GoFundMe or some other fundraising campaign, my followers always step up.

In March, when everyone was still bleary-eyed from the pandemic, you all donated $1,144,330 to my @gofundme to give grants to tipped/hourly workers.
2. You all did this simply in response to my thread on Twitter.

It's always like magic to me that I just get to tweet out a thread and people will donate to causes that I highlight.

It's such an honor.

3. But it's not just with @gofundme's...earlier this year I started sending Venmos and CashApps to people in need and I noticed that every single time my followers would go through the replies as well and give money...more than I could ever give.

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31 Dec 20

3 of the 4 women who have accused Danny Masterson of rape & Scientology of harassing them in a suit have been dealt a blow by a judge

The women, who were Scientology members, will have to resolve this in religious arbitration. Who will the arbitrator be? A Scientologist
2. You may be wondering, were three of the four women Scientology employees. Did they sign religious arbitration agreements as part of an employment contract?

Nope, welcome to Scientology, where you have to sign all your rights away just to be a member.
3. Keep in mind, this DOES NOT impact the criminal case against Danny Masterson. That is a separate matter. This is only involving the civil case.

But it shows how the long arm of Scientology can impact former members long after they've fled.
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30 Dec 20
1. Child labor in palm oil industry tied to @girlscouts cookies.

Our addiction to palm oil is destroying children's lives, our environment, and is leading to the mass killing of our cousins the Orangutans.

New report by @robinmcdowell @MargieMasonAP

2. In Indonesia, 32 million acres of forests (home to Orangutans, Sumatran tigers, and Sumatran rhinos) have been destroyed for palm oil. 14 million acres in Borneo. Over 14 million acres in Malaysia

The orphanages in Indonesia and Borneo are packed with palm oil orphans.
3. Some companies claim to use sustainable palm oil but there's no such thing as truly sustainable palm oil. But we are in such a bad position because palm oil is used in everything now and it is such a miracle oil, so cheap and so versatile that we're addicted to it.
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28 Dec 20
1. Always incredible to see a leopard take on a hyena. A hyena could snap a leopard's bones in half with one bite.

Very rare for wildlife to attack safari vehicles but because the photographer was moving around you can see the leopard consider it for a second.

2. I get asked all the time why wildlife doesn't go for people in safari vehicles more often.

First, they are so used to them they ignore them...they're habituated to them. Second, as long as there isn't a lot of movement, they see them as one big thing...not a bunch of people
3. The one species more than any other that engages with safari vehicles is the cheetah. They jump on them and jump into them. It's remarkable. Lions and leopards don't do it this way at all.

Btw almost every African country with safaris has a different vehicle configuration.
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